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When ‘Busy’ is a 4-Letter Word for Leaders

When I first started my career in the late-1990s, I remember being really impressed by people who said they were “slammed”, “buried” or “completely maxed out”. “They must be so important,” I thought, as I chugged my third Diet Coke … [Read more...] The post When ‘Busy’ is a 4-Letter Word for Leaders appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

America Has a New No. 2 Soda, and It's Not Diet

One small slide for Diet Coke, one giant leap for Pepsi? While Coke has retained its crown, Pepsi has replaced Diet Coke as the second-most consumed soda in the US by volume. According to 2014 industry data via Beverage Digest, both actually saw volume fall, but Pepsi's 1.8% dip...

Americans Replace Diet Coke With Even More Unhealthy Soda Preference

Americans, who fancy themselves sophisticated nutrition experts even as they consumer a diet increasingly made up of petroleum byproducts, are no longer content to drink just any swill. They now prefer to drink swill that is worse than the previous swill of choice. Read more...

Friday Morning Stir

-Dulux launched a new campaign featuring an Old English Sheepdog puppy (video above). -YouTube is experimenting with ultra HD video. -Digiday lists “9 brands to watch out for on the Apple Watch.” -Pepsi overtook Diet Coke in the number...Show More Summary

MoneyWatch: Diet soda sales slumping; Auto dealers under federal investigation

Peps overtook Diet Coke as the number two soda brand in the U.S. last year. Also, the federal government is investigation auto dealers for false advertising and deceptive loan practices. Jill Wagner reports on the day's top MoneyWatch stories.

America has fallen out of love with diet sodas—and possibly for good

Towards the end of the 1990s, more than a decade and a half after Diet Coke was first introduced, Coca-Cola found itself in a rut. The soda maker's best-selling low calorie drink, popular as it had become, appeared to be topping out in reach. The same was true of cola's archrival Diet Pepsi, as well as the rest […]

Need to Justify Your Diet Coke Addiction? Two Words: Lipstick Experiment. Enjoy!

I have two major addictions: Diet Coke and lipstick. I drink at least one of the former daily; I own an inconceivable number of the latter. In some ways my addictions are fairly easy to justify (i.e., at least it isn't crack cocaine), but really the amount of lipstick I own and Diet Coke I drink is my not-so-secret shame. Show More Summary

The Soda-Cancer Connection

Drinking Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, or any dark-colored soda may raise your cancer risk.

In the Air

I ask for a Diet Coke. It will dissolve a nail and here you are fueling your tank. She offers me the entire can. Just drink half. Do it. I slug it back, all of it, like a thirsty sailor. There are no napkins, those cost extra, so I wipe the spillage with my shirt sleeve. Class. And, it’s choppy. Read the rest of a memorable post by David Kanigan, seasoned traveler.

On-Demand Shopping via Text: It's Magic

Summary: Have you ever found yourself stuck at home and in desperate need of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Diet Coke, but have no motivation to leave whatever marathon is playing on your Netflix account at the time? Or have three kids who play three different sports and grocery shopping is out of the question?

Review: Technology Will Save Us’s super-simple DIY Thirsty Plant Kit

This is my desk plant, Ivy: (Get it? Holly and the Ivy? I’m a genius). She sits on my desk at Shiny Towers, and occasionally I remember to douse her with a bit of drinking water, some leftover tea, or even Diet Coke. Despite this flagrant mistreatment, she actually seems to be doing quite well. Show More Summary

Coke Experiments With New Universal Branding

As global sales dwindle, Coca-Cola may soon release every type of Coke under its iconic red branding. Coca-Cola Spain is launching a new look that unites Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero Zero (caffeine-free Coke Zero) under one unifying design based upon Coca-Cola's iconic red packaging. Show More Summary

A Brave Man Covers Himself With Mentos Before Entering a Bathtub Full of Coke Zero

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

A brave man named Hajime covered himself with Mentos before getting into a bathtub full of Coke Zero in a recent video. The candies are known to have an extreme reaction with the diet soda, and Hajime’s experiment does not disappoint. Combining Mentos and Coke in interesting ways has become a popular trend online in the […]

Diet Coke-and-Mentos trick gets a bathtub twist

This guy taped Mentos to his naked body and jumped into a bath of Coke. It had to happen eventually.

Five Cokes A Day: Warren Buffett Reveals Unusual Diet Designed To Keep Him Young

Warren Buffett, the world’s third richest man, has revealed that he regularly drinks five Cokes a day, as part of a diet geared toward prolonging his life by eating like a six-year-old. The 84-year-old Berkshire Hathaway CEO recently...Show More Summary

Billionaire Warren Buffett's Secret to Success: Five Cokes a Day

Also, bowls of ice cream for breakfast. It's no secret that billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett likes sugar, but could it be the secret to his success?  According to Fortune, he believes that his diet — which he compares to that of a six-year-old — is what gives him his youthful energy. Show More Summary

Spiral-Sliced Blam

last monthHumor / odd : Snopes

Rumor: Substituting Diet Coke for Coca-Cola in a popular ham recipe can cause an explosion.

Speaker of the House – Seein’ Stars (Original Mix)

The title of Philly-based producer Speaker of the House’s latest single reminds me of that Diet Coke commercial featuring the track by Paul Oakenfold, if only by name. “Seein’ Stars” is a total 180 from that track and is a sexy, dark, deep house blend that is truly hypnotizing from start to finish.

Vegan January was full of good food and wise lessons

2 months agoSports / Baseball : Dodgers Now

A man in The Times cafeteria the other day bought sliced turkey, white rice, a slice of white bread with butter and a Diet Coke. I realize it wasn't a vegan lunch, but it provides a lesson in how to create a healthful meal: color.

Taylor Swift's Twitter Hacked and She's on Vacation Oh My God I'm Crying

2 months agoEntertainment : Defamer

Weee—ooo-weee-ooo ALERT: I t appears that the Twitter feed of Diet Coke fiend Taylor Swift, who is currently on vacation in Hawaii with the band Haim, has been compromised. Tayla, if you are reading this, please keep reading because we have important information for you: Read more...

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