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Weekend 2 Cents: Dinosaur...or Modern Cryptid? -- 'They are still here' -- Man Bursts Into Flames on London Street

Dinosaur...or Modern Cryptid?Scientists have been left mystified after the body of a creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered with flesh still on its bones.The partially-preserved corpse was discovered by an electrician cleaning...Show More Summary

Mini Metro confirmed for Switch, releasing early 2018

We’ve been huge fans of the minimalist aesthetic and design of Mini Metro since it was first revealed to the world, and we are honoured to be teaming up with our friends at Dinosaur Polo Club to bring the experience to the Nintendo Switch platform. Show More Summary

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The best music-related video of the week was obviously the 10-minute Black Thought freestyle that realigned the planets of the solar system and brought the dinosaurs back to life. But there were some actual music videos this week, too, and some of them were good. This week's picks are below.

Digging in the Front Yard

When I was a kid growing up in Los Altos, California, I dug holes in my front yard looking for a lost civilization or a new dinosaur. My friends’ mothers wouldn’t let them play with me after school because they came home with their pockets full of dirt. Show More Summary

How much can late Permian ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot.

A whopping two hundred and fifty-two million years ago, Earth was crawling with bizarre animals, including dinosaur cousins resembling Komodo dragons and bulky early mammal-relatives, millions of years before dinosaurs even existed.Show More Summary

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jurassic Park

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

We have four Jurassic Park movies now, and another on the way in 2018. It won't be the last one. That's a testament to the huge popularity of the first film back in 1993. Anyone could have predicted it -bringing dinosaurs into the modern age with state-of-the-art graphics was a win-win formula. Show More Summary

Children’s Books: In Armand Baltazar’s ‘Timeless,’ People, Dinosaurs and Robots Co-Exist

A cosmic event has reshuffled epochs. It’s up to a 13-year-old with “mixed” parents — from different eras — to keep the world on course.

But Enough About Me… Not!

Perfume PosseBut Enough About Me… Not! So, one of the things you all might not know is that my last boyfriend back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth was a hairstylist. A very good one in fact and an excellent colorist. He had my… Continue Reading ? Perfume PosseBut Enough About Me… Not!

Destiny 2 is getting a free comic written by Ryan North

There aren't a whole lot of names in comics that will get me to turn my head, but Ryan North is one of them. He's been making Dinosaur Comics for almost fifteen years, he's released a few Choose Your Own Adventure-style Shakespeare retellings, and he's recently been absolutely killing it with Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Show More Summary

Prehistoric Ticks Once Drank Dinosaur Blood, Fossil Evidence Shows

2 days agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

This is the first direct evidence that the pesky arachnids once dined on feathered dinosaurs.

Repetition in Tolstoy II.

Back in 2008 I wrote what is still one of my favorite LH posts, Repetition in Tolstoy; now, thanks to the latest Russian Dinosaur post, we can revisit the issue. The Dinosaur writes about the competing translations of Anna Karenina that appeared in 2014, Rosamund Bartlett’s (Oxford UP) and Marian Schwartz’s (Yale UP), mentioning the […]

The brain benefits of your child's dinosaur obsession

Studies show that intense interests make better learners and smarter kids.

This is the oldest fossil of a plesiosaur from the dinosaur era

A nearly complete skeleton of an early long-necked plesiosaur has been found in a clay pit in Germany, and reveals they survived a mass extinction

The 100-million-year itch: Scientists find ticks that fed on dinosaur blood

Scientists have made a skin-crawling discovery: Ancient ticks, trapped in amber, that fed on the blood of feathered dinosaurs nearly 100 million years ago. The specimens, described in the journal Nature Communications, include the oldest dinosaur parasite to be found together with remains from...

Amber Fossil Shows Blood-Sucking Ticks Terrorizing Feathered Dinosaurs

3 days agoNews : The Daily Beast

The new species, called 'Dracula's Terrible Tick,' changes what we know about dinosaur predators.

Turns out blood-sucking ticks really did plague the dinosaurs

Scientists have found the first solid evidence that prehistoric ticks consumed dinosaur blood. The discovery of a 99-million year old piece of amber in Myanmar offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Cretaceous animals, large and small. Show More Summary

A 99-million-year-old fossil shows even dinosaurs got bitten by ticks

A new study of a fossil from Burma reveals a tick grasping a dinosaur feather, providing our first evidence that ticks preyed on dinosaurs. Scientists also found a new species of tick — Deinocroton draculi, or "Dracula's terrible tick"...Show More Summary

Ticked off: Tiny 'dracula' with a taste for dino blood

Dinosaurs, the most fearsome creatures ever to walk the Earth, were bugged already 100 million years ago by a paltry pest that still plagues animals today: the bloodsucking tick, scientists have discovered. Preserved for eternity inShow More Summary

Ancient amber seals away first direct evidence of dinosaur blood-sucking ticks

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Scientists have long suspected that ticks feasted on the blood of dinosaurs, and now they've uncovered the first direct evidence. Preserved in a 99 million-year-old chunk of amber lies a hard tick grasping the feather of a dinosaur,Show More Summary

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