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Great Job, Internet!: A Finnish band teaches kids about heavy metal while dressed as dinosaurs

Musical groups targeted at kids tend to be pretty safe and silly, with lighthearted pop music and matching t-shirts, but a band from Finland called Hevisaurus has found a way to appeal to children and be totally badass at the same time by playing heavy metal while dressed as dinosaurs. Show More Summary

Our Ancestors Evolved Much Faster After Dinosaur Extinction

The extinction of the dinosaurs was undoubtedly a horrendous event for the non-flying members of the ‘terrible lizard’ family, along with about three quarters of all plant and animal species on Earth. But new research shows the mass extinction event worked out remarkably well for our ancestors,...

Dinosaur Workshop in the Land of Dragons

Forden Church in Wales School Dinosaur Workshop A trip into Wales for Everything Dinosaur this morning as one of the team members had been invited to visit Forden Church in Wales School to conduct dinosaur themed workshops with the Foundation children and a mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2.  The children had prepared […]

GUEST BLOG: Turning it on Like a Faucet by Victor Milán (The Dinosaur Knights Blog Tour Stop)

Victor Milán's novel The Dinosaur Lords, which was released last year, was well received by readers. It was being talked about as a combination of Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones. Now, on July 5, 2016 The Dinosaur Knights, the sequel to The Dinosaur Lords, is set to be released by Tor Publishing. Show More Summary

The Trailer for Terrence Malick’s New Movie Sure Is the Trailer for a Terrence Malick Movie

Hello there, moviegoer! Did you love Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, but come away thinking, Man, all that father and son stuff was great, but if only there had been more of those dinosaurs and stars and suns and stuff? Well, boy do I have the movie for you. Malick has reportedly spent something […]

Wings Found from 99 Million Years Ago Are a Lot Like Those on Birds Today

(Photo: Nature) Recently, scientists found some very old wings. Ninety-nine million years old, to be exact—a time when dinosaurs were still earth's dominant vertebrates. Scientists frequently find wing, bone, and other fragments encased...Show More Summary

15 Times Steven Spielberg Helped Make Your Childhood Awesome

From aliens to dinosaurs, is there anything Steven Spielberg can't do? Noooope. Growing up, large chunks of our lives were taken up by his movies. So if you grew up with a local video store nearby, or with parents who didn't mind cable...Show More Summary

This Gay Erotica Is Helping J.K. Rowling Laugh About Brexit's 'Terrible Mess'

A new digital novella is taking on the recent Brexit vote in an unexpectedly sexy -- and very gay -- way. From the mind of author Chuck Tingle, who previously brought us Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Ass and Feeling The Bern In My Butt,...Show More Summary

Our ancestors evolved faster after dinosaur extinction

Our ancestors evolved three times faster in the 10 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs than in the previous 80 million years, according to UCL researchers. The team found the speed of evolution of placental mammals --...Show More Summary

Rebor Acrocanthosaurus Replica Rave Reviews

Collectors Praise the Rebor Replicas Acrocanthosaurus “Hercules” Dinosaur fans and model collectors have been praising the Rebor range of 1:35 scale replicas ever since their introduction more than two years ago.  At Everything Dinosaur, we regularly receive emails from collectors who have written to say how much they admire a particular model.  Take for example, […]

99-million-year-old wings found frozen in amber - CNET

A recent discovery reveals that prehistoric plumage was remarkably similar to the feathers found on modern birds. Dinosaurs? More like six-foot turkeys.

Developer Claims Activision Nuked His Game From Steam Over Call Of Duty Guns

Yesterday, Steam dinosaur game The Orion Project got yanked from Steam. Trek Industries’ David Prassel posted an update to Steam claiming that his game was the victim of a DMCA claim from Activision. And then the real fun began. Read more...

Early bird wings preserved in Burmese amber

Thousands of remarkable fossil birds from the time of the dinosaurs have been uncovered in China. However, most of these fossils are flattened in the rock, even though they commonly preserve fossils.

Votes, Boats, Football and Dinosaurs: When Online Petitions Backfire

Petitions seem to be all the rage in the UK at the moment following calls to hold a second referendum on EU membership. The craze was extended after England’s shock loss to Iceland in the European football championships, with Sputnik taking a look at some of the most bizarre online petitions.

Beautifully preserved feathers belonged to tiny flying dinosaurs

Detailed amber fossils of wings from dinosaurs just 3.5 centimetres long suggest they flew like today’s birds. Such finds let us probe how flight evolved

The evolution of Pixar's animation from 1984 to now

3 days agoHumor / odd :

Watch how far Pixar's skill in animation has come over the past 30+ years, from their initial shorts to the nearly photorealistic animation in last year's The Good Dinosaur to Finding Dory. It's incredible how dated the original Toy Story looks now. Show More Summary

Welcome to Australia, Where Even Money Can Kill You

3 days agoSports : Deadspin

Australia has an earned reputation for being dangerous and inhospitable. It’s home to dickhead lizards hat look like Jurassic Park dinosaurs, jellyfish that swallow regular fish whole, gangs of murderous sharks, herpes-infested carp, and snakes that are so sick of living there that they try to suffocate themselves in their own skin. Show More Summary

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