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Taking Action: How to Intervene During an Overdose

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accident death in the United States. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 43,982 drug overdose deaths occurred in 2013 across the nation. That’s two times the amount of overdose deaths a decade ago. The Rise of an Overdose Epidemic Unfortunately, over the last four years,...

Medical News Today: Parkinson's disease may be result of 'brain cell burnout'

Scientists suggest Parkinson's disease may be the result of brain cells that require a high amount of energy to control movement exhausting themselves and dying prematurely.

MEXICO'S OPIUM BOOM: 'The cartels have a pretty good handle on the appetite in the US'

Cartels are well aware that America loves its opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control, heroin use has increased for men and women of all age groups and across all income levels in the US. Between 2007 and 2013, the number...Show More Summary

Increase in Opioid Abuse Linked to Surge in Heroin Use

An alarming 45 percent of Americans addicted to heroin are also addicted to prescription opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heroin use has increased a staggering 63 percent over the last 10 years. That increase is closely tied to the growing abuse of prescription opioids such as oxycodone (Percocet), hydrocodone (Vicodin) […]

Meth Lab Injuries On The Rise In The U.S.

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

By: Sara G. Miller, Staff Writer Published: 08/27/2015 04:55 PM EDT on LiveScience Meth lab injuries are on the rise in some parts of the U.S., according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unlike...Show More Summary

Nearly 1 In 5 Children And Teens Are Obese

4 days agoNews : Huffington Post

More than one-third of American adults are obese, and now, a new report shows that  children  and teens aren't far behind. The report, released today (Aug. 25) by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that 17.5 percent of children and adolescents ages 3 to 19 are now  obese. Show More Summary

Jeffrey Kluger: TIME to Be Less Condescending About Vaccine Safety

By Anne Dachel We all know vaccines are a controversial topic. The claim of a link to autism never goes away, no matter how many times the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plays with the numbers in their population...

HIV Testing Among Older Adults Is Declining, Despite CDC Recommendation

In 2006 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that most doctors should automatically screen all their patients, including older adults, for HIV even if they don't exhibit any symptoms. New research finds that despite this recommendation, testing among older adults has largely fallen over time.

First Case of Chikungunya Virus Confirmed in Spain - Disease Control Center

The first domestically contracted cases of the chikungunya virus have been reported in Spain.

E-health vital in battle against heart disease say cardiology leaders

E-health is vital to winning the battle against heart disease, cardiology leaders said. The novel paper outlines how the ESC will exploit e-health in education and research, while tackling issues of quality control and data security...

Hoope STD Testing Ring to Let You Check Partner Before Shagging

The birth control pill liberated sexuality in the western world, while sexually transmitted diseases rolled it back considerably. A new device, in the form of a ring, is being developed that may offer a new level of safety for couples wanting to hook up. Show More Summary

Some Alzheimer's Risk Factors May Be Controllable

Dementia affects about five to seven percent of the population, and Alzheimer's cases represent about 60 percent of that total. While estimates vary, roughly 5 million Americans are thought to have the disease, according to the National Institute on Aging. Show More Summary

Why women choose birth control — it’s not always about pregnancy

last weekNews : The Raw Story

The Reasons Women Choose Birth Control (Hint: Not Pregnancy) As of now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 62 percent of women who are of reproductive age use contraception, the most popular choice being oral contraceptives, which 28 percent of women use. While oral...

Investigation Over Into Outbreak Linked to Recalled Frozen Tuna

The investigation into a Salmonella outbreak which sickened at least 65 people from 11 states and hospitalized 11 of them is now over, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC noted, however, that the recalled frozen tuna linked to the outbreak has a long shelf life and may still be in freezers. “Restaurants and... Continue Reading

Autism has always been with us

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

One in sixty-eight children are now on the autism spectrum, according to the Centers for Disease Control. We argue over whether this is a diagnostic or epidemic phenomena, but either way, neurodiversity has always been with us, shaping history. Read the rest

First Slice 8/20/2015: Fulton health director blocked CDC's offer to resolve HIV/AIDS funding logjam

Fulton County Health Department Director Patrice Harris hindered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's effort to help the county make better use of its HIV/AIDS prevention funding. Beginning in January, current MARTA Breeze cards will be phased out of circulation to make room for the new cards that cost $1 more. Show More Summary

Documents Expose Animal Abuse, Mishandling of Bird Flu Virus at CDC Laboratories

Government documents revealing the gross mistreatment and torturous deaths of animals in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) laboratories have prompted PETA to call for a federal investigation.... The post Documents Expose Animal Abuse, Mishandling of Bird Flu Virus at CDC Laboratories appeared first on PETA.

Genome-wide annotation of primary miRNAs reveals novel mechanisms

MicroRNAs are short noncoding RNAs that play critical roles in regulating gene expression in normal physiology and disease. Despite having tightly controlled expression levels, little is known about how miRNAs themselves are regulated because their genes are poorly defined. Show More Summary

Abuse, Bird Flu, and Death: It’s Business as Usual at the CDC

Animals are suffering and dying in painful—and completely preventable—ways: It's business as usual at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The post Abuse, Bird Flu, and Death: It’s Business as Usual at the CDC appeared first on PETA.

To Fight Antibiotic Resistance, We Need Better Data on Antibiotic Use in Food-Animal Production

Scientists around the world, along with numerous organizations, including the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization, have said that if we do not significantly reduce antibiotic use in humans and animals, these wonder drugs will soon lose their effectiveness. Show More Summary

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