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Dong Ding finesse

Winter 2017 Top Hung Shui Oolong from Dong Ding It's difficult to brew tea perfectly. I confess that it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. It's a constant challenge and I'm the first to notice when I merely brewed a good rather than a great cup of tea. Show More Summary

Qu'y a-t-il de mieux qu'un Dong Ding Oolong?

Plantation à Feng Huang, Dong Ding en hiver Top Hung Shui Jinxuan Mieux qu'un Dong Ding? La réponse est simple: 2 Dong Ding!! Et comme j'adore les Hung Shui Oolong, qui le nom technique des Oolongs torréfiés de Dong Ding, je suis particulièrement...Show More Summary

Un thé d'exception pour un voyage aux pays des arômes

Dong Ding Oolong du printemps 1980 Je risque de passer une fois de plus pour un élitiste du thé si je ne fais pas ce petit rappel qu'on peut trouver beaucoup de plaisir quotidien dans des thés simples et bon marché comme un Jinxuan Oolong frais, un SiJiChun traditionnel, un Baozhong printanier, un thé vert parfumé avec des vraies fleurs de jasmin... Show More Summary

The Dong Ding Oolong and WuYi Yan Cha Connections

After their visit to the Dong Ding Oolong competition, it was interesting to let the 3 Penn State Tea Institute directors taste the connection between Dong Ding Oolong and Wu Yi Yan Cha. This was also an opportunity to let them brew and give them advice to improve their technique. Show More Summary

Winter 2016 Dong Ding Oolong competition

Almost half the 6561 competing lots were rejected from this winter's competition (46.3%)! The roasting of this season's Oolong was also much more intense than in the spring. Most of the dry leaves we saw were very dark, almost black.I served as guide for these 3 Tea Institute (@Penn State) students. Show More Summary

Traditional (Dong Ding) Concubine Oolong

The world of tea is constantly copying what is successful elsewhere. And sometimes the copy acquires its own character and becomes an innovation. Concubine (guei fei) Oolong started as some kind of Oriental Beauty imitation when organic plantations started to become more popular and farmers wanted to find a market for their summer harvests. Show More Summary

Tasting the Spring 2016 Dong Ding Oolong Competition Winner

Dong Ding tea plantation Last weekend was the big party at Lugu's Farmer Association. The winners of the world's biggest tea competition came to receive their prizes. Let me give you a quick update of this year's event. First, let's note that 6441 lots were presented to the competition. Show More Summary

Thursday scent of the day 4/21

It's Almost-Friday! Plus, National Tea Day. What fragrance are you wearing? I'm wearing Aftelier Vanilla Smoke. Tea at the moment is a Dong Ding oolong from Tea Trekker. Reminder: on 4/22 we're doing What's in a name, part 2...

Winter 2015 Dong Ding competition Hung Shui Oolong

What's my favorite tea? It's a question I'm often asked and I like to answer that it's the next tea I'm going to brew! There are so many different teas out there. Listening to oneself to find out which is the best fit for a particular season, day, hour, mood... Show More Summary

Advent Day 19, 2003 aged Oolong

We're already the 19th day of Advent and I still haven't tasted one of my favorite type of teas. Let's remedy this situation with a session with my spring 2003 Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Long (Dong Ding).Aged Oolongs are becoming highly popular in China right now, especially those from the Dong Ding competition that come in their original packaging. Show More Summary

Dong Ding Oolong du printemps 1980

La fête de Thanksgiving et une chute soudaine des températures me donnent envie de déguster un Hung Shui Oolong en ma possession depuis 2009! Il s'agit de ces feuilles du printemps 1980. Elles proviennent du village de Feng Huang, celui dont les plantations sont les plus élevées dans la région de Dong Ding. Show More Summary

Dong Ding de compétition 2015, 2 vidéos

J'ai eu envie de préparer le même Oolong de compétition de Dong Ding que dans l'article précédent, mais avec une autre théière et un nouveau Chaxi. Chaque lieu de préparation a ses particularités. Dans un jardin, sur une montagne ou à la plage, on est en contact direct avec la nature. Show More Summary

2015 Spring Competition Oolong from Dong Ding

Cultivar: Qingxin OolongOrigin: Dong Ding area, central Taiwan Harvested by hand on April 16th, 2015Process: Low to medium oxidation, rolled leaves, rather strong roasting. Few stems.This tea comes from a surplus of Dong Ding competition Oolong from this spring. Show More Summary

What is Hung Shui Oolong?

Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung village, Dong Ding area It's one of the most popular Oolong category in my selection and a style I often write about. So, I was a little bit surprised to receive a question from a longtime reader to clarify what Hung Shui Oolong is, especially its relationship to Dong Ding Oolong. Show More Summary

2014 Hiver Concubine Oolong organique de Feng Huang (Dong Ding)

Cultivar: qingxin (ruanzhi) OolongOrigine: Feng Huang (Dong Ding), Taiwan Elevation: 700 mètres Récolté à la main le 14 novembre 2014 Processus : plantation bio, oxydation élevée, roulé et torréfaction moyenne. Odeurs sèches: caramel au beurre, pain grillé, fruits rouges bien murs.Infusion longue de test en porcelaine. Show More Summary

Spring 1999 Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung (Dong Ding)

This 15 years old Dong Ding Oolong is made from qingxin Oolong cultivar leaves. It's a Hung Shui Oolong that hasn't been roasted frequently, but that was left to age by itself. I'm using a gaiwan to test it. The appearance of the leaves is interesting, especially when compared to a Hung Shui Oolong from this spring from the location: 1999 vs. Show More Summary

2014 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung (Dong Ding)

Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) OolongHarvested by hand in spring 2014Origin: Yong Lung village, Dong Ding area, Nantou countyProcess: Rolled, low to medium oxidation, then slow and long roast.The autumn season has begun and I'm very glad...Show More Summary

Sharing a tea experience

This week, one of my tea highlights was brewing this 1979 Hung Shui Oolong from Dong Ding (available here). Tasting an aged Oolong is always a special moment, but it's also a challenge to brew it well. Hungshui Oolongs need more attention and practice than other teas.Oolong leaves that have patiently waited for 35 years have a lot to tell. Show More Summary

Hung Shui Oolong innovation: High Mountain

Hung Shui Oolong is traditionally associated with Dong Ding Oolong and lower elevation Oolongs from Mingjian. In the 1990s, when High Mountain Oolong became more and more popular, these teas would distinguish themselves from Dong Ding Oolongs by having very light oxidation and no roasting. Show More Summary

Special industry: dong ding oolong

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Recently I attended an event that I believe was a first of its kind here in Taiwan. The Nantou County Government sponsored the Lugu Farmers’ Association to host a public forum on the local specialized industry of Dong Ding Oolong Tea. Continue reading ? The post Special industry: dong ding oolong appeared first on T Ching.

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