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Outer Wilds releases an alpha to drum up crowdfunding

Outer Wilds, the first game to seek crowdfunding on new platform Fig, has released an alpha. Last month, former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey founded Fig, a crowdfunding site for games that will be overseen by several studio heads, all of whom have been involved in successful crowdfunding campaigns in the past. The site’s first […]

You're a Disembodied Head in Double Fine's Next Game

See that head with the jetflame coming out of it? Yep, that’s you. Aptly enough, the game is called Headlander. Read more...

Double Fine reveals Headlander, a body-swapping Metroidvania

Broken Age and Massive Chalice developer Double Fine has announced Headlander, a retro-futuristic 2D Metroidvania. Rather than pick up items or extra abilities, it looks like you will be picking up other bodies. You play as your character's head, which can fly around and attach on to other humans and animals - each of which has their own abilities. Read more…

'Divinity: Original Sin 2' Funded In Less Than A Day

Kickstarter has seen a whole lot of video games come through it since Double Fine blew the doors off of. Some have gotten funded and some have been left to flounder. some that have gotten funded have turned out to be disasters nonetheless, and a few gems have emerged [...]

Double Fine reveals 'retro-futuristic' metroidvania Headlander

Double Fine Productions rarely retreads ground with its games, so it comes as no surprise that its next big title is not Psychonauts 2 (like it should be) but is instead a 2D adventure about a disembodied head who can attach to and control various robot bodies. Show More Summary

You are the last human head on earth in Double Fine’s new game Headlander

Double Fine Productions has announced its new game, which puts players in control of the “last human head” on earth. Adult Swim games is the publisher of Headlander, which is rather fitting considering its penchant for zany. The setting for the side-scrolling, action-adventure game is based on 70’s science fiction. At some point in earth’s […]

Double Fine teams up with Adult Swim Games for Headlander

Double Fine and Adult Swim Games have announced a new 2D-side-scrolling sci-fi adventure game called Headlander, which is expected to release in 2016. In Headlander, players take control of a character who doesn’t remember a time where it had a body. Show More Summary

Headlander: Double Fine's New Decapitation-Centric Sci-Fi Adventure

'70s sci-fi meets robot dogs, lasers, and popping off your own head to solve puzzles in Double Fine's new game.

Trump Joins Kasich as the Anti–Anti–Gay-Marriage Candidate

Even as the Phillips family is struggling for financial existence against punishing government fines for refusing to bake a gay-wedding cake, Donald Trump is doubling down (along with Kasich ) on his position as an anti–anti–gay-marriage...Show More Summary

Invest in the development of your favorite video games with 'Fig'

When Double Fine launched a Kickstarter campaign for an unnamed adventure game in 2012, it changed the gaming industry in a huge way. The project asked for $400,000 but raised more than $3 million in about a month, setting records at the time and jump-starting the video game crowdfunding craze. Show More Summary

Former Double Fine COO launches games-only crowdfunding platform where backers can make money

Former Double Fine COO has just launched Fig, a curated, games-only alternative to sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. It's only for games and only for games approved by the advisory board, which consists of the like of Double Fine's Tim Schafer, inXile's Brian Fargo, and Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart. Show More Summary

Double Fine's former COO launches crowdfunding platform offering return on investment

Double Fine's former COO Justin Bailey has launched a new video game centric crowdfunding platform where backers can actually see a return from their investment, i.e. recoup their pledges when the game starts making money. Entitled Fig,...Show More Summary

Double Fine’s former COO launches new crowdfunding platform with investor option for fans

A new crowdfunding initiative has waltzed onto the scene, and it’s called Fig. It’s got some big names behind it as well. Formed by former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey, unlike Kickstarter, Fig focuses exclusively on games and will only include projects which have been reviewed by the firm’s “board of experts,” according to Wired. […]

New platform Fig adds investing to video game crowdfunding

Spearheaded by Double Fine alum Justin Bailey, with input from Tim Schafer, Feargus Urquhart, and Brian Fargo, its first campaign is IGF winner Outer Wilds....

Double Jeopardy For Banks Snared in Foreign Exchange Rigging Scandal

Already fined $5.6 billion by the regulators, banks now face hefty civil charges

Fig is a new crowdfunding site from the heads of Double Fine, Obsidian, and inXile

Crowdfunding has been a major trend in video games over the past several years. It has yielded positive results, some less-than-stellar stories, and even some major industry-changers. But crowdfunding is not perfect, especially when it comes to video games. Show More Summary

Grim Fandango Remastered On Sale for $6.99

What’s better than a classic game? A classic game remastered for new hardware. Grim Fandango is an excellent adventure game from Double Fine that normally sells for $9.99. Download it now to get $3 off. The post Grim Fandango Remastered...Show More Summary

Cook & Becker Next-Gen Art Dealers: Double Fine Art

There are hundreds if not thousands of stores and galleries that host fan art. But if you’re looking for prints of official video game art and concept art Cook & Becker should be on your list…

Double Fine Adventure is the best video game documentary to date

Do you remember the New Yankee Workshop? It was a TV series hosted by Norm Abram, and each episode Norm would make something out of wood. A table, perhaps, or a chest of drawers, or maybe even some serving trays. When I first got Sky...Show More Summary

Massive Chalice Review – 99% Chance To Hit And She Still Misses

Platforms: PC, Xbox One Reviewed On: PC Developer: Double Fine Publisher: Double Fine Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Turn-based combat where every attack is dictated by a percentage chance of success and a world overview where you must construct new buildings and conduct research in order to continuously improve […]

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