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"Kill The Quants..." Before They Kill You

Authored by Doug Kass via, Friday was likely the day the short volatility trade died A massive regulatory overhaul is needed to counter the destabilizing influence of strategies and exchange traded products...Show More Summary

Doug Kass' 15 Surprises For 2018: FANG Crackdown, Gold All-Time-Highs, Stocks Slump

Authored Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners Management, "The missing step in the standard Keynesian theory [is] the explicit consideration of capitalist finance within a cyclical and speculative context... finance sets the pace for the economy. Show More Summary

Kass Warns: "The Probability Of A Flash Crash Grows Exponentially"

Submitted via Doug Kass, "We seem to be living in the riskiest moment of our lives, and yet the stock market seems to be napping. I admit to not understanding it.' --Dr. Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize winner In an interview with Bloomberg...Show More Summary

Kass: "Sell The FANGs"

Authored by Doug Kass via, I expect comparisons between the FANG stocks and Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers film series to be an ongoing investment storyline over the next year given these digital gatekeepers’ increased dominance over the U.S. Show More Summary

Howard Marks Unveils The 6 Options For Investing In Today's "Low-Return World"

Via Seabreeze Partners' Doug Kass, In late July, Oaktree Capital Management co-chairman Howard Marks issued several market warnings in "There They Go Again... Again," which I extensively highlighted in my Diary. "There is plenty more food for thought in this must-read 22 pages of observations. Show More Summary

Doug Kass: Not Even The Algo Creators Know What Is Going On

Authored by Seabreeze Partners Management's Doug Kass, If you haven't read my opening missive, please do, as it's important. This column extends the conversation about the problem with advanced market technologies and strategies a step...Show More Summary

If Nothing Goes Wrong, Is Everything Alright?

Doug Kass remarked that things go wrong during periods of investor complacency. He will be right, but who can say when? SPY with a closing high and nothing 'wrong'. The trade universe with an impressive number of NR7 setups (IBB, WMT, XIV, MET, IWM, EWZ, and BIIB) Good trading and great risk management to all. Educational use only. Never intended as investment advice.

Why Bonds Aren't Overvalued

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Doug Kass wrote a very interesting piece this week on the bond market: “As overvalued as I believe the U.S. stock market may be, fixed-income instruments may be even more overvalued. Yesterday the 10-year note was yielding 2.21% — the lowest yield since last Nov. Show More Summary

Doug Kass Tweeted About A Gnome And Twitter Spiked

"My Little Gnome" is today's market-moving force in Twitter-world.

Opening Bell: 3.22.17

JPMorgan still top dog; Doug Kass says short banks; fake strongmen "Chop" and "Steele" pump up morning TV; and more.

Doug Kass Explains Why He Is Aggressively Buying Gold

Submitted by Doug Kass via Seabreeze Partners, The broad consensus is to own stocks and to sell gold. But, as I have discussed since 2003 in my annual Surprise Lists, the broad consensus of investors is often wrong. Indeed, it is often...Show More Summary

Asshat of the Year Award: Doug Kass

It was a year replete with Asshats, men and women making complete fools of themselves -- as mankind tends to do on a continuous basis. But, just like in the book Animal Farm, some fools are more equal than others. Enter Doug Kass. During the height of Hillary Clinton's campaign, buoyed by a biased media and rigged polls, Mr. Show More Summary

Bankrupt Sears, Brexit Becomes Bremain, & Bye-Bye 'Peak Auto' - Doug Kass' 15 Surprises For 2017

The core thread of next year's relatively downbeat "surprises" from Seabreeze Partners' Doug Kass is that the crowd is wearing Trump-colored glasses and that the single-biggest surprise is how quickly the bloom comes off the Trump flower. In...Show More Summary

If I Had a Hammer...

Doug Kass tweeted something to the effect 'beware the fundamentalist who talks technicals or the technician espousing fundamentals.' On the Trade Universe, the stochastics oversold column is almost full. That and two dollahs will get you a coffee around here. Show More Summary

"2016 Will Be No Fun" - Doug Kass Unveils 15 Surprises For The Year Ahead

Via Seabreeze Partners' Doug Kass, "I begin every day by asking three important questions. One among them is this: 'In a paperless and "cloudy" world, are we as investors and citizens as safe as the markets assume? I've posed this question in my diary on at least 10 occasions in the past year, as it's been a frequent concern of mine. Show More Summary

Apple is now a no-growth 'value trap': Doug Kass

Apple has a lower P/E ratio than do slow-growth companies like Microsoft, Intel, or IBM, but Doug Kass says it's still not cheap.

Doug Kass Shorting Tesla Makes Sense But Not Apple

I agree with Doug Kass that Tesla's stock is overvalued but differ with him on Apple.

Kass: The Return of Price Discovery

I like to read Doug Kass, who gives me great arguments from the other side of the trade. Here are his factors that could affect markets and the economy into 2016:   12 key “big picture” factors Multiple and unpredictable outcomes: There have likely never been in history more numerous market and economic outcomes some...Read More

3 Things: Kass, Rosie and Short

Submitted by Lance Roberts via STA Wealth Management, Doug Kass - 12 Big Picture Factors Doug Kass recently wrote a piece for identifying "12 Big Picture Factors" that may weigh on the markets and the economy. First, a little background for clarity. Show More Summary

10 Tuesday AM Reads

Markets were upbeat yesterday on news from Europe. As my pal Doug Kass noted, the Dow rose 140 last Monday, was down 330 on Tuesday, +260 on Thursday, -250 on Friday (before finishing -145), while yesterday +228. And today? We have your morning train reads: • Mutual Funds Pick Year When S&P 500 Is Up 1% to Beat the...Read More

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