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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has a stupid name, new trailer

Dibzboz is kind of fun to say, I guess. Battle of Z is probably a combination of an apology for the Dragon Ball Z Kinect game and a way to cash in on the fact that there is a new Dragon Ball Z movie that officially retcons GT, features...Show More Summary

Dragon Ball Looks Exhausting on Kinect [Video]

Dragon Ball Z is coming to Kinect as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. They really should've called it Dragon Ball Z: Total Body Workout. More »

TGS: How Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Misses the Point

We took on Vegeta and Raditz on Kinect and...didn't enjoy it. Learn why Dragon Ball Z is bad for Kinect as a whole.

Joystiq scores over 9,000 in Dragon Ball Z: Kinect

During Namco Bandai's TGS 2012 showcase event, I got a chance to try out Dragon Ball Z: Kinect. This might be a good time to admit that, yes, I was young once. Check out the video above for my experience with the Kinect-powered kamehameha simulator. Show More Summary

Dragon Ball Z Kinect Screenshots Get Fiesty At TGS 2012

Namco Bandai released a batch of brand new screenshots for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Dragon Ball Z Kinect. While the Xbox 360 gets a lot of shafting in Japan, I wonder how DBZ fans will react knowing that this Kinect exclusive will force gamers to either 360-up or miss out? Interesting times, indeed.

A second look at Dragon Ball Z For Kinect

I guess Dtoid Show host Max Scoville didn't want to believe me when I said how Dragon Ball Z For Kinect will want to make you cry. He decided to go hands-on with it back at E3, and it turns out he really liked it. Probably because he's a freakishly giant child who likes stupid things. I, on the other hand, still can't get over how not fun Dragon Ball Z For Kinect is.

Kamehame-hope nobody sees us playing Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

We knew Dragon Ball Z For Kinect (that's the official name!) was going to be a silly experience, since Dragon Ball Z is inherently silly, but we simply were not prepared for the reality of standing still in your living room punchingShow More Summary

Dragon Ball Z Kinect coming in October

Have you ever wanted to do a Kamehameha in front of yout TV? Thanks to Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, you'll be able to perform that and +100 other moves in October.

Look how much fun I had playing Dragon Ball Z For Kinect!

As promised, here's the video of me playing Dragon Ball Z For Kinect following-up on my hands-on impressions. Just look at me go! Flailing away like an idiot. Don't I look so happy?! For the record, I'm not faking anything here. I really felt this miserable during the entire experience.

Dragon Ball Z For Kinect will make you want to cry

Last week we told you Namco Bandai was working on a Dragon Ball Z game for Kinect. It basically sees you playing as one of 50 characters going through the storyline where you can perform hundreds of moves like the infamous Kamehameha. Show More Summary

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect announced, coming October

The Dragon Ball franchise has delivered so many wonderful memes, mostly centered around the characters' penchant for dramatic poses and shouting loudly at each other. That's why we're so excited about Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. Namco Bandai announced the project, which will be available on Xbox 360 this October. Show More Summary

Dragon Ball Z Kinect, One Piece: Pirate Warriors announced

Namco Bandai has just announced a new Kinect-friendly Dragon Ball title for Xbox 360 at an event in Las Vegas. Community manager Rich Fantegui broke the news via his Twitter feed. "Dragon Ball Z KINTECT Coming 2012 !! - FIREBALLS IN REAAAAL LIFE! - DBZ + Kinect = punch, kicks and kamehameha's!!!!," he wrote. Read more…

Namco Bandai announces Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

Finally, everyone can become a Super Saiyan. Namco Bandai has just announced Dragon Ball Z for Kinect on the Xbox 360. There will be over 50 playable characters with over 100 possible moves. Moves will range from punching, kicking, mimicking ki blasts, charging stances and so on. Show More Summary

Dragon Ball Z Kinect rated in Korea, start practicing your Fusion Dance

We're not even ashamed to admit we're excited about "DragonballZ Kinect," an unannounced game rated by Korea's Game Ratings Board. Usual Dragon Ball Z game publisher Bandai Namco is listed as the publisher for this game.It's not hard...Show More Summary

Diabolical Pitch: Grasshopper pitches Dragon Ball Z-style baseball for Kinect

Here's a preview trailer for Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming Kinect-enabled Xbox Live title. The game is a veritable checklist of hings that Japan and America have in common: despite a checkered mutual history and vastly different cultures, you won't find two nations more devoted o the game of baseball. Show More Summary

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