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Booby Trap

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

A young man just wants to finish his drawing, but something isn’t quite coming together. It’s the boobs. (YouTube link) You can see the ending coming a mile away; that doesn’t make it any less satisfying. Dylan Simpson made this short animated film for a local animation festival. Don't fret, it's SFW. -via reddit

Fan Creates Mashup of 'Perfect Strangers' and the Chicago Cubs

Major League Baseball and '90s sitcoms go together like peanut butter and jelly, or something like that. Presumably drawing inspiration from the San Francisco Giants' rendition of the Full House theme song and another compilation ofShow More Summary

HUGE Colouring Pages

These big colouring pages are something to keep in mind for the upcoming school holidays, as a novel gift idea coupled with drawing pens or to decorate a bedroom wall.  They would make a wonderful teacher gift too; all the children in the class could work on it, and get the poster laminated or framed for the […]

Less than perfect

I want to create something out of nothing but nothing isn’t a great place to draw from. Mitch Hedberg On February 21, 2006 a guy launches a video blog. The results, even by 2006 standards, were far less than perfect. The lighting is terrible. Show More Summary

'Mazecraft' Review - A Maze In Greece

Did anybody around here play DrawQuest? It was kind of like Draw Something [Free] but without the pesky game parts getting in the way. Each day you’d be tasked with a new quest (something like “Who crossed the road?” or “Publish a novel”), and you had to make a drawing based on it. You’d earn

Smash Bros. Can Be A Gateway Drug For eSports

Can’t get into eSports? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Many of the scene’s bigger draws are laden with technical jargon that can be off-putting to newcomers, so you might be better off starting with something like Smash Bros. Read more...

How Barbra Streisand Inspired the “Streisand Effect”

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

It’s common sense: If you make a big deal over something, it’s going to attract attention. And if you’re an international superstar, like, say, Barbra Streisand, the tantrum is going to draw even more attention.

Draw Something On Sale for $0.99

Remember Draw Something? It’s back! In sale form! The online Pictionary-style game is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $2.99 USD. The post Draw Something On Sale for $0.99 appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Draw Something » The post Draw Something On Sale for $0.99 is from Slide To Play.

How to prepare for the loss of a pet

No one likes to think about death. But it’s something all pet owners have to face. It helps to know what to expect, so as end of life draws near, you’ll be (at least somewhat) prepared.

Bernie Sanders Is Not Howard Dean, Or Any Other Previous Candidate

It is always tempting to draw comparisons to something we know, and in politics we often see comparisons to past elections. Sometimes there is some truth to this, but we must consider how few contested nomination battles and elections we have actually had in modern times. Events of one election do not dictate what will [...]Show More Summary

Mike Campagna's Day In The Sunshine

Proof that CMPD directives were often just something that was made up on the fly, CMPD Captain Mike Campagna told the jury that Officer Kerrick's decision to draw his service weapon when Officer Little drew his taser was against training. Campagna...Show More Summary

How We Allow Routine To Affect Our Mental Health

I am sure this is something we have all experienced. We become inspired by something that fascinates us and draws our attention. We hear someone play the piano, and it inspires us to cultivate the talent for ourselves. Our passion begins with an idea and in pursuing this idea, we realise that we are not progressing as fast as […]

"Here in this corner of the Iberian Peninsula, the business of selling abandoned villages has even become something of a policy tool."

"One mayor is trying to give away an abandoned village in his district for free, so long as 'buyers' promise to restore it and add back value – ideally drawing young people while they do so."If Galicia cannot turn back its demographic...Show More Summary

Artist Uses Transparencies to Show OH MY GOD THERE’S SOMETHING ON THE WING!

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Calm down, Mr. Shatner. That’s just a drawing on a transparency taped over an airplane window. Claire Harvey, an artist from the UK, calls her series Postcards. They show solitary travelers standing on the wings of airliners, sometimes longingly gazing at the abyss below. Show More Summary

Dad-To-Be Illustrates Pregnancy News With Captivating Time-Lapse

This time-lapse video first features the drawing of a couple -- then turns into something more. Excited announcers: Parents-to-be Nick and Ari-Ann Rollins Due date: March 2016 Announcement method of choice: The duo spread the word on YouTube with a time-lapse drawing. Show More Summary

Artist Draws All 100,000 Objects in Grandpa’s Shed

As we all know, a well-stocked workshop is a beautiful thing. It’s the place that keeps and collects all the tools and hardware you may someday need to fix something you love or make something new. When Lee John Phillips’ grandfather...Show More Summary

Golden Age of Bronze

When a museum exhibition is referred to as a blockbuster, one expects its major draw to be something along the lines of Mona Lisa, or Girl with a Pearl Earring. However, the exhibition that just opened at The Getty Center has nothing of the sort, and still, it is a bona fide blockbuster. Show More Summary

For 3 months in 2015, Tesla did something we've almost never seen before (tsla)

Even if you have no opinions about Tesla, you can take two simple steps to understand what one aspect of the company is all about. Take a look at its stock chart. Then draw a line at about March 11, 2013: Tesla's 2010 IPO price was $17. Show More Summary

One chart shows how much of your life you’ve spent binge-watching TV

There's something so satisfying about binge watching a television show. Maybe it's experiencing the plot unfold quickly, which draws you into the story that much more. Or maybe it's the sinful indulgence of spending so many hours with your feet up when there are other, more productive things you could be doing. Whatever the reason for […]

Drawing From the Shoulder vs. Drawing From the Wrist: Pros and Cons

The manual side of drawing seems to be a pretty simple thing. You just hold a pencil, push it onto the paper, and some marks are created. How to make these marks resemble something is another story, but it doesn't take a genius to at...Show More Summary

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