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Mom Kicked Daughter While Drunk On Hand Sanitizer: Cops

A mother in West Des Moines, Iowa, is facing child endangerment charges after allegedly kicking her daughter while drunk on hand sanitizer. Jennife... Read more: Bad Parenting, Mug Shots, Jennifer Jane Olney, Too Much to Drink, Jennifer Jane Olney Hand Sanitizer, Dumb Crime, Iowa Crime, Jennifer Jane Olney Kicked Daughter, Crime News

Man Arrested After Inventing the Strangest Mixed Drink Idea Ever

Post by Adriana Velez. Want to get blotto on on screwdrivers but don’t want to shell out for vodka? Here’s an elegant solution: Hand sanitizer. A Pennsylvania man was arrested for stealing hand sanitizer from a hospital -- 12 bottles which he intended to mix with orange juice for cocktails, as you do. Show More Summary

Va. middle school students allegedly poisoned teacher with hand sanitizer, police say

2 years agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Police say two Virginia 13-year-old boys were arrested for allegedly spiking a 66-year-old teacher's drinks with hand sanitizer


They are only 13-years-old. But cops in Newport Beach, Virginia say the kids tried over a three month period to poison their teacher by putting hand sanitizer into their teacher’s drinks.

Jennifer Wilcox - Charged With DUI After Drinking Large Amount Of Hand Sanitizer

2 years agoNews / Crime : The Weekly Vice

Jennifer Wilcox MySpace 1 Jennifer Wilcox MySpace 2 Middletown, CT (The Weekly Vice) - Jennifer Wilcox, a 36-year-old Connecticut woman was jailed for drunk driving Monday after she allegedly drank a half-bottle of hand sanitizer. According...Show More Summary

Early Addition: Sexiest Woman Alive May Star In 50 Shades Movie

Because you return boxes of used enemas to the store, check out today's mid-day links: drinking hand sanitizer, gesticulations of Biden, iPad Mini, 50 Shades Of Mila Kunis, sex addiction, and puppy chases its leash. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

We’ve already shown you quite a few Humorous Mints that you can use to have fun with friends. Now you have another opportunity to be funny with Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer. Next time you sit down for food or drinks with friends you can offer them a squirt of this hand sanitizer, [...]

Buying Alcohol Online Is, Like, Totally Easy For Minors

Remember when everyone was freaking out about the "new trend" of teens drinking hand sanitizer, which is not even remotely new? Those were fun times--but, it turns out, there's something way worse to be worried about: Teens buying alcohol online and having it delivered to them. Show More Summary

Video Interlude: Colbert on Teens Getting Sanitipsy Off Hand Sanitizer

What's the latest threat to America's youth? Drinking...hand sanitizer? If news shows are freaking out about it, it must be true, and so Stephen Colbert takes on this new threat that's so widespread it's "all across one part of...

Buzzed: What It Means When Drinking Hand Sanitizer Goes Viral

Social media has made crazy teen behaviors more visible to adults outside the schoolyard.

Drinking hand sanitizer and 9 other unsettling teen substance-abuse trends

A half dozen teens in California have ended up in emergency rooms after drinking alcohol that had been extracted from hand sanitizer. Through a distillation process, the kids were able to create a moonshine with a whopping 60 percent alcohol content. If that seems dumb and dangerous, here are 9 other surprising ways teens are making the legal illicit: More

Surge In Alcohol Poisoning Cases Tied To Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer

3 years agoNews : The Coming Crisis

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Health officials on Tuesday reported the rise of a troubling new trend in Southland emergency rooms: teenagers being treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer. KNX 1070?s John Brooks reports teens are using a “relatively new” method of gleaning alcohol from the popular over-the-counter product. Read More

The Latest Dangerous Teen Trend!!!

3 years agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Teenagers are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk!!! Or so this article proclaims: Teenagers are showing up in Los Angeles emergency rooms after drinking inexpensive liquid hand sanitizers to get drunk. Cheap and easily accessible hand...Show More Summary

More hand sanitizer drinking cases reported in dangerous trend

The California Poison Control System has received 60 reports of teenagers drinking hand sanitizer since 2010, showing the dangerous trend is not unique to Los Angeles. Hand sanitizer, which has 62% ethyl alcohol, produces a potent drink that can cause...

Please, please don’t try this at home: Jimmy Kimmel and John Cusack drink hand sanitizer — VIDEO

Dumb teenagers will do anything to get a quick buzz. (Or, alternately: The media will seize on any story about

Drinking Hand Sanitizer & 5 Other Stupid Ways To Get Drunk Or High

Kids these days! They’re just not getting drunk like they used to. When I was a young sprite, someone with a car had to drive into the nearest city and buy booze from the one dodgy liquor store known to sell to under-21s. But modern youth have taken to drinking liquid hand sanitizer. Could their [...]

Listage: Burger King to Quit Caged Pigs, Hens; Kimchi: Trendy

District, Oakland, California. [Photo: Aubrie Pick / Eater SF] · Burger King Pledges to End Use of Caged Pigs, Hens [Reuters] · Kimchi Gains Popularity in the U.S. [NRN] · Teenagers Drinking Hand Sanitizer to Get Drunk [USAT] ·...

Really? Teens Trying to Get Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

3 years agoHealth : Healthland

Here’s a new one. Some Los Angeles teens are going to great lengths to get buzzed by drinking hand sanitizer. Six teens were admitted for alcohol poisoning in two San Fernando Valley hospitals over the last few months after consuming cheap liquid hand sanitizers. The easily accessible cleansers contain 62% ethyl alcohol and can make a [...]

Teens Getting Drunk On Liquid Hand Sanitizers

Los Angeles emergency rooms are reporting a growing number of teenagers coming in drunk after drinking cheap liquid hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizers, which contain over 60% ethyl alcohol and can make a 120-proof liquid, are becoming an increasingly popular route for getting drunk. Show More Summary

Comment of the Day: The Real Culprit Behind the Hand Sanitizer Drinking Trend [Reader Roundup]

Today we learned that some very teens have started getting stupid wasted on hand sanitizer, and BearDownCBears has figured out who the real culprit is behind this dangerous trend: More »

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