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Brain activity buffers against worsening anxiety

(Duke University) Boosting activity in brain areas related to thinking and problem-solving may also protect against worsening anxiety, suggests a new study by Duke University scientists. Using noninvasive brain imaging, the researchers...Show More Summary

CRISPR patent wars highlight problem of granting broad intellectual property rights for tech that offers public benefits

(—Duke University Law professor Arti Rai and bio-technology professor Robert Cook-Deegan with Arizona State University have stepped into the gene editing patent war with an Intellectual Property Policy Forum paper they have had published in the journal Science. Show More Summary

Nancy MacLean’s Deceitful Democracy in Chains Fails to Win National Book Award

It is with great relief that I announce that Duke University professor Nancy MacLean did not win the National Book Award for Nonfiction, for which her book Democracy in Chains was a finalist. MacLean casts the Nobel Prize–winning economist...Show More Summary

Brain cancer treatment previously featured on 60 Minutes now available to children

(Solving Kids' Cancer) A Phase 1 clinical trial leveraging the re-engineered polio virus is now open for enrollment to children 12 years and older at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center, Duke University Medical Center. AfterShow More Summary

Aging tests yield varying results

(Duke University) A lot of people seem willing to spend hundreds to find out whether they're aging faster or slower than their chronological age would suggest. Unfortunately, they're just going to have to wait and see. A head-to-head...Show More Summary

NC: Duke to Redirect Funding From the Bull City Connector for University Shuttle Downtown

With the University pulling its funding from the service and GoTriangle, the transit provider that controls the route, and conducting a study to consider changes to its routes, the future of the BCC is unclear.

NY Times: Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Stanford, Texas & USC Are Among Colleges Using 'Blocker Corporations' To Avoid Taxes On Endowment Income

New York Times, Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas: American Universities Are Using Offshore Strategies to Swell Their Coffers, Skirt Taxes and Obscure Investments That Could Spark Campus Protests: A trove of millions of leaked documents from a Bermuda-based law firm, Appleby, reflects some of the tax wizardry used...

Some Chinese coal ash too radioactive for reuse

(Duke University) Many manufacturers use coal ash from power plants as a low-cost binding agent in concrete and other building materials. But a new study finds that coal ash from high-uranium deposits in China is too radioactive for this use. Show More Summary

Water Cooler 11/09/17 Open Thread; Queer Students Only; Tyranny Of The Trees ?; Not a Nothing Burger This Time

Not Equal Rights Special Rights You will be made to submit is replacing being made to care.  Duke University now has a scholarship explicitly for queer students Ben Decatur – University of Michigan •November 8, 2017  204  72 Share3  7...Show More Summary

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Duke University offers scholarship that excludes heterosexual stude…

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Duke University offers scholarship that excludes heterosexual students.

Bonobos are kind to strangers, but why?

Are human beings the only animals that will help other members of their species out, even if they don't know them? Not according to Jingzhi Tan, a postdoctoral associate in evolutionary anthropology at Duke University. Working with associate...Show More Summary

Bonobos help strangers without being asked

(Duke University) The impulse to be kind to strangers was long thought to be unique to humans, but research on bonobos suggests our species is not as exceptional in this regard as we like to think. Famously friendly apes from Africa's...Show More Summary

Tax Profs Among The Top 15 Faculty In Leiter's '24 Law Schools That Might Be In The Top 20'

In Top 20 Law Faculties in Terms of Scholarly Excellence, Brian Leiter lists the Top 15 professors by citations at the "24 Law Schools That Might Be In The Top 20": Boston University, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Emory, George Washington, Georgetown, Harvard, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, NYU, Pennsylvania, Stanford, Texas, UC-Berkeley,...

Man creates 3D body scanning device after being inspired by Wiimote

Joshua Broder, an ER physician at Duke University, found handheld ultrasound machines to be quite lacking in a key feature. They can only scan in 2D, but wouldn't it be great if they could do 3D body scan? Broder realized this was actually possible after watching his some play with a Wiimote. Show More Summary

Christian nurse sues U.S. university hospital for requiring her to assist with abortions

The lawsuit says Duke violated state and federal laws by discriminating against a nurse who wouldn't do abortions.

National study by CU & Duke identifies best method for achieving a healthy IVF birth

Research presented today at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) by scientists from the University of Colorado and Duke University concludes that fresh donor eggs during in vitro fertilization (IVF) provide a higher chance of implantation when compared with donor eggs that have been cryopreserved. Show More Summary

Molybdenum in Wisconsin wells not from coal ash

(Duke University) Natural causes, not leaching coal ash, are to blame for high levels of molybdenum in drinking water wells in southeastern Wisconsin, a study by Duke and Ohio State researchers finds. The scientists used isotopic fingerprinting...Show More Summary

Duke University Discriminates Against Catholic Nurse Who Refused to Assist Abortions

The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit last Friday on behalf of Sara T. Pedro, a Catholic nurse in the Emergency Department of Duke University Hospital, who was discriminated and retaliated against after her employer learned of her pro-life religious beliefs.  Named […]

Humans don't use as much brainpower as we like to think

(Duke University) When it comes to brainpower, humans aren't as exceptional as we like to think. For years, scientists assumed that humans devote a larger share of calories to their brains than other animals. Although the human brain makes up only 2 percent of body weight, it consumes more than 25 percent of the body's energy budget. Show More Summary

How a $10 microchip turns 2-D ultrasound machines to 3-D imaging devices

(Duke University Medical Center) Technology that keeps track of how your smartphone is oriented can now give $50,000 ultrasound machines many of the 3-D imaging abilities of their $250,000 counterparts -- for the cost of a $10 microchip.

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