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TED Radio Hour: Everything is Connected

Take a step back and consider the exquisite network of systems that sustain life on Planet Earth. The air we breathe, the food we eat and the ground we walk on are all carefully regulated by natural systems in an intertwined dance — which means that any change we make in our environment can set [ … ]

Designers use Everyday Things to promote Earth Hour 2015

To promote Earth Hour 2015 - a global lights-out event to raise awareness of climate change - WWF and environmental charity Do the Green Thing have commissioned designers and artists to create a series of products using everyday objects. Inventions include a functioning paper record player and some charming robot toys made out of stencils...

Earth Hour Set for March 28 with Focus on Climate Change

Prepare to turn out the lights at the end of the month, as the globe’s biggest grassroots conversation initiative is set to return. This year, Earth Hour will be taking Read More The post Earth Hour Set for March 28 with Focus on Climate Change appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Bajibot Issues Earth Hour Anthem for Timex

Bajibot is launching a causevertising campaign aligning Timex with Earth Hour in a new anthem ad. Earth Hour, organized by the World Wildlife Fund is set for 8:30 PM on March 28th, at which time those participating will shut off all lights for one hour to conserve energy. Show More Summary

Disneyland Surveillance Catches Ghost Hanging Around After Hours... Because Who Wouldn't?

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Because who wouldn't want to spend their afterlife at the Happiest Place on Earth? A 2009 YouTube video -- presumably of Disneyland surveillance footage -- shows a grim grinning ghost cruising around Diseyland's Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America areas after hours. Show More Summary

Fine, Let's Talk About The Dress (And Your Unreliable Eyesight)

Did you spend your waning hours on planet earth being driven mad by #TheDress last night, when you could have been making precious memories with loved ones or volunteering in a soup kitchen? Yeah, don't worry, everyone was right there with you. If you don't know about The Dress, the best thing you can do is just walk away right now. [ more › ]

The First People On Mars Could Have One Hell Of A Case Of Jet Lag

A day on Mars—or a "sol"—is 24 hours and 40 minutes long, close enough to Earth's that for a long time NASA didn't think much of it. But those 40 minutes a day add up, and sleep scientists now worry that our Earthly circadian rhythms could be one more major headache for the first humans on Mars. Read more...

The 4/5/6 Line Had Some Issues This Morning

The worst place on earth in the history of our species was on the 4, 5, and 6 line this morning, as subway commuters endured "massive" delays during rush hour, making them late for work, important doctor's appointments, and the "early bird" screening of Focus at AMC Loews Kips Bay. Show More Summary

please prepare the cabin for arrival

As I write this, I am 34,998 feet above the skin of the Earth, traveling East at 527 miles per hour. The captain just announced that we’re about to land, and I have about five minutes of Internet left before I have to buy more. Looks like I picked a really bad time to write … Continue reading please prepare the cabin for arrival ?

Throw Your Grandma Under The Bus

Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, Before we get news in a few hours on the new proposals Greece is required to hand to its slavemasters today, Monday Feb 23, it seems relevant to point out one more time that what is happening to Greece is the result of political, not economic, decisions and points of view. Show More Summary

Inventions – “Peregrine”

3 weeks agoMusic / Indie Music : Stereogum

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth, a bird that can reach speeds of 200 miles per hour in flight. “Peregrine,” on the other hand, is a slow and pretty instrumental song from Inventions, the side project of Eluvium’s Matthew T. Cooper and Explosions In The Sky’s Mark T. Smith. The duo will [...]

Hello, Pluto! New Horizons sends its first pictures of the dwarf planet

Three billion miles from Earth, the New Horizons space probe sent back its first images of Pluto and its largest moon Charon. Moving at 31,000 miles per hour, New Horizons is set to snap more photos in the coming months, revealing the mystery planet in clear detail for the first time. Show More Summary

Citizens of Earth - Wii U review

This comes from a NLife review for Citizens of Earth... Citizens of Earth runs for about 15 hours if you tackle a decent amount of side-quests and level up your team, which is pretty short by RPG standards. However, it's 15 hours that are absolutely stuffed with content, and the kind of wacky humour that the genre hasn't seen in years. Show More Summary

WWF Earth Hour City Challenge 2015 Now Has Its 44 Finalist Cities

This year’s WWF Earth Hour City Challenge now has its finalists, as revealed in a recent press release from the organization. These 44 finalist cities, selected from all around the world, have been chosen due to their actions in building...Show More Summary

UFO Trails Giant Asteroid In NASA Photo During Near-Miss Of Earth — That’s No Moon, UFOlogists Say

A UFO appears clearly in a series of NASA photos taken Monday of a giant asteroid that zoomed past Earth at a speed of 35,000 miles per hour, missing our home planet by what in cosmic terms was a hair’s breadth — 745,000 miles. In fact,...Show More Summary

Asteroid swings very near Earth: Grab binoculars, see it Monday

An asteroid five football fields wide will make a near-Earth flyby Monday, and you may be able to see it at the witching hour with a pair of strong binoculars.

Around Town - Earth Hour 2015

Sat 28 Mar For one hour each year, lights around the world are switched off to make a statement for energy conservation and to acknowledge climate change. Founded...

All The World's Cows On Treadmills Could Power 6% Of Earth

When roaming open pastures, cattle can walk up to eight hours a day while grazing but they can’t always get as much exercise when confined to a barnyard. One enterprising farmer, however, has invented an ingenious means of getting his herd moving — and generate a bit of free electricity on the side. More »      

NASA and ESA celebrate 10 years since Huygens probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan

Ten years ago, an explorer from Earth parachuted into the haze of an alien moon toward an uncertain fate. After a gentle descent lasting more than two hours, it landed with a thud on a frigid floodplain, surrounded by icy cobblestones. Show More Summary

Cows on Treadmills Could Power Six Percent of Earth

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

When roaming open pastures, cattle can walk up to eight hours a day while grazing but they can't always get as much exercise when confined to a barnyard. One enterprising farmer, however, has invented an ingenious means of getting his herd travelling without moving—and generate a bit of free electricity on the side. Read more...

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