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Today's Top Science Headline --"Stop Saying That Dinosaurs Went Extinct. They Didn't"

Everyone knows that about 65 million years ago, a massive asteroid hit the Earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs. Except, well, not so much. Most species of dinosaurs went extinct in the aftermath of the impact, but some survived....        

Stephen Hawking: Wake Up, Science Deniers! --"Earth is Morphing into Venus" (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

"Venus is like Earth in so many ways," explains Stephen Hawking. "A sort of kissing cousin. She's almost the same size as Earth, a touch closer to the Sun. And, she has an atmosphere that could crush a submarine." In...        

HKU geologist Zhao Guochun, first Hong Kong scholar to win TWAS Prize in Earth, Astronomy and Space Sciences

(The University of Hong Kong) Professor Zhao Guochun from the Department of Earth Sciences, the University of Hong Kong was awarded the 2018 TWAS Prize in Earth, Astronomy and Space Sciences.

Ice (Re)Cap: January 2018

From Antarctica to the Arctic; from polar caps, permafrost and glaciers to ocean-rafted sea ice; and from burly bears to cold-loving microbes, fascinating science is found in every nook and crevasse of Earth’s cryosphere, and new findings are announced often. Here are a few of the latest updates.

Climate Change: Earth’s giant game of Tetris [Science Video]

There’s a game of Tetris happening on a global scale: The playing space is planet Earth, and all those pesky, stacking blocks represent carbon dioxide — a greenhouse gas that is piling up ever more rapidly as we burn the fossil fuels that run our cars, factories and power plants. Show More Summary

Station cargo ship returning to Earth splashes into Pacific

5 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship returns to Earth with science samples, other gear

GeoCarb—a new view of carbon over the Americas

A new NASA Earth science mission in the early stages of design may achieve a transformational advance in our understanding of the global carbon cycle by mapping concentrations of key carbon gases from a new vantage point: geostationary orbit. Show More Summary

Today's Top Science Headline: Clue to the Mystery of Carbon’s Cosmic Origin Uncovered --"The Backbone of Life"

A chemical found in a distant gas cloud could help explain where planets like Earth get the seeds of life. Some 18 percent of the human body’s weight is carbon. The simple element is considered the backbone of life, and...        

Why did the passenger pigeon die out?

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) The passenger pigeon was once among the most numerous species on earth. The last passenger pigeon died in the Cinncinati Zoo just over 100 years ago. How did it all go so wrong?

NASA enlists help of skiers to measure snow depths

NASA's earth science arm is funding research that recruits citizen scientists on skis, snowshoes and snowmobiles to measure snow depth in backcountry spots in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Grocery store program improves farmers' adoption of environmental practices

(Stanford's School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences ) In one of the first analyses of a company-led sustainability program in the food and agriculture space, Stanford researchers found a major grocery chain fostered increased adoption of environmental practices at the farm level.

New Method for Determining Historical Earth Temperature Finds That Earth Warmed... Only 0.1 Degree Celsius Over Past 50 Years

Science, unsettled. Ocean temperatures have risen only 0.1 degree Celsius over the last five decades, according to a landmark study some scientists argue could change the way researchers measure the ocean's temperature levels. Each layer of water in the ocean...

What species is most fit for life? All have an equal chance, scientists say

(SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry) There are more than 8 million species of living things on Earth, but none of them -- from 100-foot blue whales to microscopic bacteria -- has an advantage over the others in the universal struggle for existence. Show More Summary

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Posts

"Strange Signals Have Been Detected" --China Aims to Be First to Discover an Alien Technological Civilization (A 2017 Most Viewed) "Planet Earth Report" --Mount Saint Helens is Acting Wacky, Earth is Being Observed, Tech Innovations in 2018 SETI Alien Sleuth...        

Boost needed for space-based Earth observation, say US academics

US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine plot course for next decade

Rapper B.o.B.: Bill Nye Needs To Read More Books To Understand the Flat Earth

Right. More books will somehow make Bill Nye the Science Guy abandon science.

Bill Nye just wants to smack some sense into Kyrie Irving and other flat-Earthers

2 weeks agoSports : The Early Lead

Earlier this year, Bill Nye didn’t sound very happy to have to rebut Kyrie Irving’s suggestions that the Earth is flat. In a recent interview, the artist formerly (and pretty much still) known as “The Science Guy” appeared ready to get physical with anyone still questioning our planet’s spherical shape. The 62-year-old Nye was speaking […]

President Trump claims East Coast freeze disproves global warming

2 weeks agoNews : NY Daily News

The earth is warming at an alarming rate, but President Trump still refuses to accept the science.

Here Is the Worst Anti-Science BS of 2017

On a rainy day in April, 100,000 demonstrators—led by some of the nation’s most prominent scientists—converged on the National Mall for the first ever March for Science. It was Earth Day, and many of them were there to protest the environmental policies of a president who once insisted that global warming was a Chinese hoax. […]

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