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East Coast Windsurfing Festival Dates Announced

Lord Burns has spoken: June 6th and 7th! "Pencil in the dates" he wrote in Facebook. Yeah well we'll write them in sharpie, and fix it later as kneed bee. "Cause the East Coast Windsurfing Festival is the bee's knees!

Matteo Iachino wins “Tenerife King of Downwind”

The Italian windsurfer Matteo Iachino wins the first edition of the "Tenerife King of Downwind", a 17 km downwind race on the east coast of Tenerife.

East Coast Windsurfing Festival Is This Weekend!

Here is the word from King Mike and MC Thom: The 2014 East Coast Windsurfing Festival (at Joe's Beach in Heckscher Park) is guaranteed to be a great weekend party for the East Coast Windsurf community! We got trophies. We...

East Coast Windsurfing Festival Dates. X2!

The festival so nice they're going to throw it twice! The seventh annual East Coast Windsurfing Festival will be a twofer, with events on Long Island and Cape Cod. Save the dates: Long Island: June 14-15 @ Joe's Beach, Heckscher...

East feat. West Coast

Frithjof Blaasch collected his best windsurfing clips from the North and Baltic Sea and edited a nice "highlight"clip.

Bag Hot Slampieces! Win at the East Coast Windsurfing Festival

It's on in Cape Cod, y'all. September 14-15! The East Coast Windsurfing Festival Cape Cod edition carries on the traditions of Long Island's East Coast Windsurfing Festival, which is to say that it will be a fun factory. Casual racing,...

East Coast Windsurfing Cape Cod!

When Sandy trashed Joe's Beach it shut down the East Coast Windsurfing Festival for a year...we thought. But now rising like a puffin from a pile of sand eels, the ECWF is happening...a Cape Cod version! We reached out to...

2013 East Coast Windsurfing Festival: Sandy'd.

Joe's Beach at Heckscher took too much damage for an event to be possible next month. Here's the word from Mike Burns: "Hello to all the East Coast Windsurfing Festival racers, freestylers, paddlers, tossers, spectators, formula guys, schloggers, crashers, splashers,...

We need a new spot for the East Coast Windsurfing Festival

Damage from Hurricane Sandy (and delays in getting Federal funding to repair Heckscher Park) rule out Field 7 (Joe's Beach) for the sixth annual East Coast Windsurfing Festival. The organizers need an idea for an alternate site, and right now...

ECWF Race Video

This post is part two of my account of last weekend's East Coast Windsurfing Festival. A more complete description with pictures and a list of winners is on The Peconic Puffin. The racing winners were riding round-bottomed "Division II" boards, but standard flat-bottomed raceboards were close behind. Show More Summary

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 90 Days and Counting!

For those participating in the upcoming American Windsurfing Tour's (AWT) Hatteras Wave Jam, we are now at 90 days until the only US East Coast stop on the Tour (Sept 12-15)! Three months of training remain to solidify your wave riding...Show More Summary

East Coast Windsurfing Festival V: To the believers went the spoils!

I can’t believe I didn’t go. The forecast looked nonexistent, the drive was long, so despite my having enjoyed great days at ECWF past when the winds were light, I decided not to go. This was the wrong answer. Plenty...

New Windsurfing Video + ECFW

I'm at the Holiday Inn in Ronkonkoma, NY, lying on the bed in my salty swimsuit and wondering if the sun I got today is going to turn to tan or burn. It was Day 1 of the East Coast Windsurfing Festival at Hecksher State Park. Despite...Show More Summary

East Coast Windsurfing Festival: New Heads Shall Wear a Crown

Multi-crowned king Mike Burns (who doubles as the event organizer) asks the following question: "Wouldn't it be nice to officially be the ultimate windsurf champion on the East Coast? Since we're not going to run an official freestyle "Pro Division"...

Countdown to the East Coast Windsurfing Festival...Race notes

Thus spake racing MC DJ Thommy Thom: We plan to again have Relay Races! We would also like to have SUP races, particularly if the wind is not honking. People: bring down All your boards, for sailing, for paddling, for...

East Coast Windsurfing Fest - BE THERE!

I just registered for the 2012 East Coast Windsurfing Festival at Hecksher State Park on Long Island. event centers around informal racing and freestyle competition,...Show More Summary

Notice of Fun: East Coast Windsurfing Festival V Coming in June!

We race. We freestyle. We SUP. The good times they do roll. The fifth annual East Coast Windsurfing Festival takes place June 9-10 at Joe's Beach in Heckscher State Park on Long Island. His Highness The King of the East...

Six Perceptions of Windsurfing

I saw this in an iWindsurf forum, posted by the mighty Jerry Evans (maker of both the Clew View and East Coast Windsurfing Festival trophies) who tells me he found it on Facebook. In any event I think there's a...

Roctober Racing on Long Island

Notice of a Scheme to Race: Given the popularity of the races at June’s East Coast Windsurfing Festival, and the great time that was had at the 2009 East Coast Fall Regatta, Pete Roesch (who always does well in these...

Racing and Freeriding Videos from the 2011 ECWF

Hey. I edited up some more footage from last weekend's East Coast Windsurfing Festival on Long Island. Watching myself make all kinds of mistakes in the races has me motivated to shore up my major weaknesses, like tacking. Here's a video of the races. Show More Summary

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