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4 Common Signs of Celiac Disease

Originally believed to be a "rare childhood syndrome," celiac disease - an immune reaction to eating gluten - is now known to be a common genetic disorder affecting people all over the world, including more than 2 million people in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Show More Summary

Yoga and Eating Disorders

Shed light on disordered eating habits, what to watch for and how to create a supportive, accepting environment encouraging all to become more body positive. ...

Eating Disorders an Endemic Problem on College Campuses

3 days agoHealth / Addiction : The Fix

A quarter of college women use binging and purging as a weight-management technique.

Intuitive Eating: Breaking Up With My Eating Disorder

When I turned 40, I decided to end a dysfunctional relationship I'd stayed in for almost 30 years. As abusive and emotionally draining as it was, I stayed. I didn't know any other way to live. What would happen to me if I were alone,...Show More Summary

The Academy for Eating Disorders Opposes Mandatory Employee Participation in Workplace Wellness Programs

The Academy for Eating Disorders has joined with significant national and international medical associations opposing a proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) policy interpretation that would allow employers to inquire about employees' private genetic or medical data. Show More Summary

Upsetting a fragile alliance triggers a deadly childhood disease

SMA is a devastating neuromuscular disorder that robs children of their ability to walk, eat, or breathe. Mostly caused by an inherited flaw in the Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) gene, SMA is presently without a cure. Scientists have shown that fruit flies and brewer's yeast can reveal clues about this disorder.

Why Eating Disorders Are About So Much More Than Food

Bella, 15, admits she is obsessed with food, hoards it in her bedroom, and binges and says she purges 30 to 40 times a day. The teen says her behavior started when she was a child and is now out of control. “Your focus on food was because [your parents] made it taboo,” Dr. Show More Summary

Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society

How we talk and think about weight isn't just toxic to people who have or have had eating disorders — it’s toxic to everyone. The post Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society appeared first on The Good Men Project.

A New Therapy Helps Those With Anorexia

last weekHealth / Addiction : The Fix

Progress is being made in the notoriously difficult to treat eating disorder.

Quote of the Day

[Content Note: White supremacy; racism; misogynoir; eliminationist violence; sexual trauma; disordered eating; disablism.]I told her that loving white supremacists in the face of white supremacy is a hallmark of American evil, and aShow More Summary

Anxiety and Eating Disorders

Close to 50 percent of people with eating disorders are known to be victims of depression (1). Many victims of anorexia nervosa, bulimia or binge eating disorder go through their daily tasks feeling like they’re never good enough — like they don’t deserve happiness. As […]

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder: More than just picky eating

A new commentary by experts reflects on the clinical impact of the diagnosis of Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, and the work that remains in terms of treatments and improved outcomes.

Miley Cyrus Is Not Suffering From An Eating Disorder, But She Is Gender Fluid

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines for posing nude and for talking about her sexuality. Now rumors are swirling about the former Disney star’s skinny appearance. A new report is claiming that Miley Cyrus is suffering from an eating disorder that’s making her waste away. Show More Summary

Melody Moore: Healing Yoga, Eating Disorders & Self-Acceptance

2 weeks agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

Learn more about the personal journey and vision of Melody Moore, PhD, RYT, who founded the Embody Love Movement in 2012 to use yoga as a transformational tool for embracing inner beauty. The post Melody Moore: Healing Yoga, Eating Disorders & Self-Acceptance appeared first on Yoga Journal.

The Growing Link Between Nutrition and Mental Health — and the Best Foods for It

From depression to bipolar disorder, there's mounting evidence that a better diet can stabilize your mood. Here's what to eat.

10 Things Only People With Orthorexia (Eating Disorder) Would Understand

Orthorexia nervosa is a disorder characterised by an obsession with being healthy. People who suffer from this fixate on establishing... The post 10 Things Only People With Orthorexia (Eating Disorder) Would Understand appeared first on Lifehack.

Miley Cyrus Rumor: Does She Have an Eating Disorder?

Miley Cyrus is putting her body on full display these days. The artist recently strutted her sexy, svelte stuff in a revealing bikini photo on Instagram; only to later put that image to PG-rated shame by going many steps further on the...Show More Summary

A Letter About Food and Judgment

[Content Note: Food, fat, body, and choice policing; disordered eating; privilege.]Dear You:I will not judge you for what you eat.I won't judge you for the things you choose to eat—or the things you eat because you have no choice—orShow More Summary

How Surviving An Eating Disorder Changed My Life

I didn't want to call it an eating disorder for a really, really long time. Even now, the phrase feels so foreign...

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