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Is the New Brand of Body Positivity Actually Hurting Us?

Trigger warning: disordered eating and body issues M y body and I have a complicated history. My earliest memory of my learned “fear of fatness” was in third grade, at a local ice-skating rink. There was a girl in a very sparkly outfit...Show More Summary

Running from PPD: Trying to Heal While Battling an Eating Disorder

This story starts with a tub of vanilla ice cream and a Costco-sized jar of Nutella but I don’t know where it ends. What I do know is that I was at my wits end after starting yet another round of dieting and intense exercise, only to...Show More Summary

The Disturbing Truth About Mercy Multiplied, a Christian Counseling Center

Jennifer Miller has a frightening story at Slate about Mercy Ministries (now known as Mercy Multiplied), a free-to-attend, faith-based organization dedicated to helping women deal with problems including eating disorders, addictions, and sexual abuse.That sounds great, and you can see why it's a multi-million dollar organization. Show More Summary

Eating Disorder Treatment Is Sadly Scarce in Japan

Women around the world struggle with insecurities about weight and their appearance daily. Many suffer in silence, but in America, there is at least an abundance of access to recovery programs and rehabilitation centers. Women in Japan are not as lucky. Show More Summary

Demi Lovato Posts Bikini Pic, Thinks She's Fat??

For the last couple years, Demi Lovato has been a beacon of body positivity, and fans love her for it. She has spoken publicly many times about overcoming her eating disorder.  She embraces her curves and has slammed the ridiculous thigh...Show More Summary

Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes a Disorder

Some people suffer from an unhealthy obsession with healthy food. Healthy eating can lead to major improvements in health and well-being. However, for some people, the focus on healthy eating can become obsessive and morph into an eating disorder known as orthorexia. Show More Summary

Tale of Tales

The Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone does not sit still. His movies have confronted an unusual variety of topics and themes, from eating disorders to reality television. The 2008 film that introduced him to international audiences, “Gomorrah,”...Show More Summary

Destigmatizing Eating Disorders in Men and Boys

Why men aren't the focus of our conversation about eating disorders, but should be. The post Destigmatizing Eating Disorders in Men and Boys appeared first on The Good Men Project.

School affects girls' chances of being diagnosed with an eating disorder

After allowing for other factors, a joint UK-Swedish team finds that the school a girl attends can affect her chance of being diagnosed with an eating disorder. More eating disorders occur in those schools with higher proportions of female students and those where more parents are university educated.

School affects girls' chances of being diagnosed with an eating disorder

The school a girl attends can affect her chance of being diagnosed with an eating disorder. That's the conclusion of research carried out by a joint UK-Swedish team. The results were published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology. read more

How One Entrepreneur Turned His Personal Struggle Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Alejandro Chaban used his own battle with an eating disorder as the key driver in his entrepreneurial success.

Court Orders La Scala To Rehire Ballerina Fired In Anorexia Controversy

“Mariafrancesca Garritano was sacked unfairly in 2012, the Court of Cassation concluded in a definitive ruling on a case that turned the spotlight on eating disorders in the high-pressure world of professional ballet.”

No One Told Me Obesity Was A Symptom Of My Eating Disorder

No one would know I am among the 10 million men suffering from a clinically significant eating disorder. The post No One Told Me Obesity Was A Symptom Of My Eating Disorder appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Photoshop Wiz Tells Girl With Eating Disorder That Nothing Can Make Her Prettier Than She Already Is

Post by Caroline Olney. If you've ever looked at a photo of yourself and wished your eyebrows were bushier or your legs were longer, then you understand why thousands of people send pictures of themselves to Photoshop pro James Fridman and hope for an edit back. Show More Summary

The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by a big thumbs-up.Recommended Reading:Janet and Jeffrey: [Content Note: Fat hatred; body and health policing; disordered eating] Body Mass Index Is Not a Good Measure of Your HealthNina: [CN: Misogyny;...Show More Summary

What Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Want You to Know

Post by Wendy Robinson. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, over 20 million women will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their life. Whether it is anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder, it can be enormously challenging to recover from an eating disorder. Show More Summary

When is “Healthy” Harmful?

Many people do not realize it, but a preoccupation with healthy eating can actually be a form of disordered eating.

International Conference on Eating Disorders Is Building Bridges Across the World

Reston, VA. April 13, 2016. Eating disorders know no boundaries. They affect people of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, body shapes and weights, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. To assist the professional community...Show More Summary

I'm in Eating Disorder Recovery, And My Therapist Just Asked Me For Weight Loss Advice

2 weeks agoLifestyle : xoJane

As my phone lights up, I realize that it must be my therapist's secretary. Instantly, I am annoyed.With her slight Southern accent, mall bangs, constant smile, and the plastic dusty pink flowers dangling about her desk, my therapist's secretary is a hammy Christian chain email incarnate and,... Continue reading

Medical News Today: Anorexia: genetic and environmental risk factors uncovered

A new mouse model demonstrates how a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors can trigger the eating disorder. Researchers hope to find therapeutic targets.

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