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French soccer club thinks Frank McCourt led Dodgers to 'tremendous economic success'

Olympic de Marseille made some big news Monday regarding former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. Not so much that McCourt is in exclusive discussions to purchase the French Ligue 1 soccer club — billionaires have to do something with their money, don’t they? The big news, at least to folks around here,...

5 Tips To Break Into The Boys’ Club Of Entrepreneurism

Guest blogger Charu Sharma is the editor of Go Against the Flow: Women, Entrepreneurship, and Success. She grew up in Mumbai and went on to study Economics and Physics at Mount Holyoke College in USA on a scholarship; she holds business...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Tried To Pivot With A Serious Speech. Then He Went Right Back To Being Himself.

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

This past Monday was supposed to be a turning point for Donald Trump. That was the day many Republicans hoped their presidential nominee, who was giving a speech at the Detroit Economic Club, would make his long-awaited pivot to the general election. Show More Summary

Matt Taibbi: Trump's All White Male Economic Team Includes 'Financial Crisis Villain' John Paulson

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke at the prestigious Detroit Economic Club Monday, where he laid out his economic vision. In his economic policy speech Monday, Donald Trump vowed to slash corporate taxes and end the estate tax. Show More Summary

Amid Donald Trump’s Stumbles, an America-First Rebellion That Is Just Beginning

In the midst of his historic presidential fizzle, Donald Trump gave a speech to the Detroit Economic Club. It’s always fun to watch Trump deliver a prepared text. He appears to be discovering it with the rest of us, offering a running commentary on what he’s reading, seemingly amazed that the ideas appearing on the…

Those ‘old, tired ideas’

Reacting to Donald Trump’s speech Monday to the Detroit Economic Club, Hillary Clinton said her Republican opponent tried to “make his old, tired ideas sound new.” As opposed to her

The Motor City of Today Shouldn’t Yearn for a Horse-and-Buggy of Tomorrow

With both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton selecting the Detroit Economic Club as the venue for their “big” campaign economic speeches, the Motor City is receiving a lot of attention

Why Trump’s new club of economic advisers won’t improve his policies

ECONOMISTS love to debunk the analogy that is often drawn between the government’s budget and that of a household.

Trump’s big speech only hurt him

Donald Trump’s speech at the Detroit Economic Club, if anything, only hurt him at a time he’s plunging in the polls. Here are seven reasons: 1. To put it bluntly, wonkish and intellectually honest Republicans of the type who would pay attention to an economic speech long ago figured out Trump is a fraud. They […]

What Ever Could Trump Have Meant With This Joke About “Second Amendment People” and Clinton?

Last we heard from Donald Trump, the GOP nominee was sticking to his prepared script even as he was interrupted more than a dozen times by protesters during his policy speech at Detroit Economic Club on Monday. Let’s see how Trump’sShow More Summary

CV LOOP: Trump outlines economic agenda in Detroit

2016 // At a major economic speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Donald Trump called the recently bankrupt City of Detroit a “living, breathing example” of Clinton’s economic plans. Trump announced that his priorities would be renegotiating...Show More Summary

Fact checking Donald Trump’s speech to the Detroit Economic Club

In an effort to reset his troubled presidential campaign, Donald Trump gave a prepared speech to the Detroit Economic Club, an important venue for major economic addresses. Here’s a guide to 16 of the more fact-challenged assertions made by the GOP nominee. As is our practice, we do not award Pinocchios in speech round-ups. “Hillary Clinton […]

Trump Offers Huge Favors to Billionaires, and Calls It a Big Economic Speech

GOP presidential pick's policy paves way for Wall Street looting of economy. If it came out of the mouth of any other politician, the speech delivered Monday by the Republican presidential candidate at the Detroit Economic Club would have been stunning in its mendacity. Show More Summary

Into titties like right here in Detroit?

Matthew Cooper, "Full text of Donald Trump's prepared remarks to the Detroit Economic Club", Newsweek 8/8/2016: Addressing the Detroit Economic Club is a mainstay for presidential candidates, and Donald Trump put a unique stamp on the event Monday. No Republican nominee in decades has given such a blistering critique of free trade and none has […]

Full Text of Donald Trump’s Prepared Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club

3 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

Addressing the Detroit Economic Club is a mainstay for presidential candidates, and Donald Trump put a unique stamp on the event Monday. No Republican nominee in decades has given such a blistering critique of free trade and none has been met by so many protesters. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Revises His Tax Plan

Earlier today, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced several major changes to his tax plan, originally released in September 2015. In a speech at the Detroit Economic Club, Trump called for a top individual tax rate...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Offers Stimulus for America’s Hardest Workers

Donald Trump’s decidedly laid-back speech to the Detroit Economic Club was meant to provide a vision of the economic future we would all be blessed with during a Trump administration. Ostensibly about cutting taxes and slashing regulation—the...Show More Summary

Charlie McCarthy Gave a Speech Today to the Detroit Economic Club

Today Donald Trump gave a speech in Detroit describing some economic policies he’d like to pursue if he became president, and like with his other periodic “policy” speeches, he sounded as if he was encountering the speech, and the substance therein, for the first time as he sleepily read it off a teleprompter. But that doesn’t mean that […]

Trump's Economic Plan: Light on Details, Heavy on Tax Breaks for the Rich

Donald Trump tried to reset his campaign yet again with a Monday visit to Detroit and a promise of an economic agenda. His speech at the Detroit Economic Club was light on details and full of assurances that his campaign website would soon feature specifics on how he'd tackle the economy. Show More Summary

Trump is going to call for a freeze on new financial regulations in a major speech about the economy

Donald Trump in a major speech about the economy on Monday will call for a temporary halt on new financial regulations, Bloomberg reported. Trump will address the Detroit Economic Club and use the city's woes to rail against President...Show More Summary

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