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Guest Contribution: “Analyzing Recent Trends in the U.S. Wealth Distribution”

Today we are fortunate to present a guest contribution written by Ricardo T. Fernholz, Assistant Professor of Economics at Claremont McKenna College. Recent trends in income and wealth inequality have drawn much attention from both academics and the general public. Atkinson, Piketty, and Saez (2011) and Saez and Zucman (2014), among others, document these trends […]

USDA- Economic Research Service- Food Price Outlook, 2015

On Tuesday, USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) updated its Food Price Outlook for 2015. ERS stated that, “The all-items Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of economy-wide inflation, fell 0.5 percent from December to January and is 0.1 percent below the January 2014 level.” More specifically, Tuesday’s update noted that, “Looking ahead to 2015, ERS […]

Aust dollar higher after GDP data

Australian dollar has pushed higher after official economic growth figures.

Aust stocks deeper in red at noon

Local market extends losses at midday, following subdued official economic data.

Carbon pricing and Aussie competitiveness: the full story

New data highlights that carbon pricing’s effect on trade competitiveness in Australia falls on a small number of industries. And the two or three that are materially affected are hardly national economic champions.

Economic Statistics for 3 Mar 15

Motor vehicle sales fell for the 3rd straight month in January, down -2.6 to a 16.2 million annual rate. Foreign vehicle sales fell -8.8% to a 3.1 million rate, while sales of vehicles made in North America fell 0.7% to a 13.5 million rate. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index fell -2 points to 1 in […]

CNBC's Kudlow And Other Economists: Why Is Restoring Economic Growth 'Controversial?'

Several conservative economic thinkers including CNBC's Larry Kudlow and media magnate Steve Forbes recently formed the Committee to Unleash American Prosperity in an effort to persuade aspiring presidents to focus on “the paramountShow More Summary

The Constitutionality of the Second Bank of the United States: Daily Economic History

Daily Economic History: From George Dangerfield: [The Era of Good Feelings]( More Summary

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 3/3/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 3/3/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: January pending home sales rose to highest level in 18 months Fourth...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Whether you're heterodox, orthodox or paradox, it's a good quote

“It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” Murray...

Only 17% Of Americans See The US As The World's Economic Superpower

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, Only hours ago, Gallup released a new poll showing that only a small minority (just 17%) of Americans still view the US as the world’s economic superpower. Echoing former US Treasury Secretary...Show More Summary

GDP Shocker: Atlanta Fed Calculates Q1 Growth Of Only 1.2%

While every other word from talking-heads and policy-makers relates various anecdotes (or simple lies) about US economic growth, The Atlanta Fed appears to have taken a 'data-dependent' perspective on the real economy (as opposed to smoke and mirrors). Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. The New Rambler, a new book review journal, edited by Eric Posner, Arian Vermeule, and Blakey Vermeule, looks very good plus I owe them a review. 2. Toulouse School of Economics magazine (pdf). 3. WaPo covers the best places to visit internationally, now that the dollar is stronger. 4. How much did ATMs displace […]

Reforming Payday Lending Practices Is One Important Way to Address Wealth Inequality

The economic recovery has not benefited Americans equally. We all know that. But few facts underscore that point more clearly than the startling number of consumers whose financial futures have been put on hold by subprime credit scores. A...Show More Summary

Efficiency in the Kitchen to Reduce Food Waste

Restaurants, home cooks and now a growing number of cities are embracing the belief that efficiency, composting and wasting less in the kitchen are just smart economics.

Green Industrial Revolution

Co-authored by Grant Cooke For three decades, I have been describing what is a major, perhaps a megatrend change in energy systems and their economics that impacts communities around the world. This emerging trend is what I call The Green Industrial Revolution (GIR). Show More Summary

Infants' Environments Play Key Role in Their Heights as Adults

Researchers have found that environmental elements during the first year of one's life (including nutrition and health status, family structure, and economic and emotional factors) play a key role in determining one's growth and final adult height.

Krugman's Priceless Economics

(March 3, 2015 03:53 PM, by David Henderson) As regular readers of my posts on Econlog know, although I am often critical of Paul Krugman, I defend him when he's doing good economics (here, for example). His New York Times column yesterday, though, "Walmart's Visible Hand," essentially throws... (4 COMMENTS)

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