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World's Greatest Economic Expert, "No One," Appears in Robert Samuelson Column

We all have come to appreciate the economic wisdom of no one. After all, no one saw the housing bubble and no one expected the recovery to be so weak. So when no one talks, people listen. That's why people were impressed to see no one make an appearance in Robert Samuelson's column. Show More Summary

Taxation, corruption, and growth

The relationship between taxation and economic growth is complex, and relies in large part on the efficiency with which taxes are used. This column examines the impact of corruption on this relationship. The boost to welfare from reducing corruption is substantially larger than the marginal gains from optimising the tax rate for an existing level of government efficiency.

Spain in the wake of the crisis: Reforms versus adjustment

Spain implemented a host of structural reforms following the Global Crisis. But questions remain about whether the current economic condition is due to the reforms or to ‘automatic’ adjustment in public and private sectors. This column...Show More Summary

One Striking Chart Shows Why, According to MS, The Next Global Recession Begins In China

Much has been said about China in the past year. Now, courtesy of Morgan Stanley's Chetan Ahya, here is one additional data point revealing why China will be ground zero for the next global economic slowdown. As Ahya notes in his Sunday...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Loves The Uneducated: Now He Might Lose The Election With Only The Willfully Uneducated

Donald Trump and his 2016 political campaign has been under fire from the outset of his presidential run because of his blatant currying to ignorant and uneducated white voters by stoking the fears of globalization, economic ruin, unlawfulness, racial tensions, election fraud, and a number of other topics sure to get a reaction from his... Show More Summary

What to Expect from China’s G20 Leadership

Wang Wen Economics, Asia Here is the rundown.  The G20 has become the key vehicle for implementing and promoting global economic governance. China is set to host this year’s G20 summit in Hangzhou on 4–5 September. What can we expect...Show More Summary

Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Others Condemn ‘Coup’ in Brazil

2 hours agoNews : Truthdig

By Nika Knight / Common Dreams “Brazil has only emerged from dictatorship some 30 years ago and these events could set back the country’s progress towards social and economic inclusion by decades.”

Size Matters: Comparing the U.S. to the Rest of the World

Sometimes it helps to employ unconventional perspectives when thinking about the size of things. So here's an interesting map from the American Enterprise Institute that shows how massive and productive America's $18 trillion economy is on a global scale. The...

Where Stiglitz errs

Contrary to what American Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz claims, the Euro was, and is, no mistake but rather an indispensable part of one of the world's biggest economic power, the European Union. Let’s recall why the single currency was introduced in the first place. Show More Summary

A New Opportunity for Economic Integration in South America

The comeback of center-right administrations in South America could lead the region towards new integration opportunities, yet the road ahead remains challenging. By Alvaro Zapatel Sixteen years ago, U.S. President George W. Bush began exploring deeper integration opportunities with Latin America. Show More Summary

TTIP Has ‘De Facto Failed,’ Says German Economic Minister

5 hours agoNews : Truthdig

“Everything has stalled,” German Vice Chancellor and Economic Minister Sigmar Gabriel said. (Garry Knight / Flickr) Germany’s Vice Chancellor and Economic Minister said that the controversial Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has “de facto failed,” admitting that negotiations between the U.S. Show More Summary

Iran Arrests Person Linked to Negotiations on Nuclear Deal

6 hours agoNews : NYTimes: News

The disclosure appeared to be the latest sign of the Iranian leadership’s frustration over the deal, which has failed to yield significant economic benefits.

Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 2

by Mike Kimel Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 2 A few weeks I wrote a post looking at the correlation between the top marginal tax rate in a given year and the growth in real GDP per capita over subsequent years. This post is the first of several follow-ups. It will […]

Latinos hold the key to pot legalization, but will people of color share in its economic riches?

The town hall meeting, in a cavernous garage on an industrial side street in Gardena, was billed as an opportunity to learn about cannabis from some of the industry’s experts. I assumed there would be strong arguments made in favor of Proposition 64, the November ballot initiative to legalize marijuana...

Why Do Some States Have More Employee-Owned Companies Than Others?

New research released this week lends even more objective evidence that employee-owned companies are key economic contributors across the country. The research, which was conducted by the tag-team partners of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and ESCA, Employee-owned S-Corporations of America, reports that the U.S. is now home to [...]

"A Penny Saved." Ben Franklin Would Be Proud Of Gen Z

Each generation has overcome its own set of economic challenges, which have directed the financial habits of that generation. With all the talk surrounding the $40 trillion wealth transfer from the Baby Boomers and the focus on the Millennials, Generation Z has been overlooked; however, a closer look proves that we might have much to learn from this financially astute group.

UNLOCKING GOLD'S TRUE VALUE: The Economic Code - Finally Revealed

By the SRSrocco Report, The true value of gold is much higher than the spot price quoted in the market. This is due to several factors, but the most important reason is misunderstood by just about every economist and monetary scientist in the world today. Show More Summary

Oil booms leave the poor in the dark

One of the biggest challenges in fighting poverty is to know where it is. This column describes a new way to measure poverty by using satellites to count people who live in darkness at night. This shows that the economic benefits of oil booms don’t trickle down to the very poor.

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