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The 19 most productive countries in the world

Productivity is one of the key drivers of economic success. The more productive a country's workers are, the more value they can bring to their employers and therefore their home nation's economy. New research from business-to-business marketplace Expert Market has shed some light on where in the world people are the most productive. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Strategy for Victory Is Clear, but Are Democrats Able to See It?

2 hours agoNews : Truthdig

If Hillary Clinton wants to beat the Republican nominee in November, she needs to start adopting Trump’s progressive-sounding economic proposals. In other words, she needs to embody Bernie Sanders, and fast.

China's Xi-Li Grudge Match Paralyzing Economy

Xi Jinping looks well along the way of taking over economic decision-making from Li Keqiang, but he’s seizing such power at just about the worst possible time.

Black Economic Empowerment In South Africa Unconstitutional And Discriminatory, Benefits Few

The South African government instituted new rules for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). The purpose of the regulations was to help black South Africans empower themselves in the workplace and economy. The problem with programs like BEE...Show More Summary

Leslie Jones and Twitter’s Troll Economics

Welcome to the Week in Business, a look at some of the biggest stories in business and economics.

Attention Encourages Terrorism

Now a study has attached numbers to what we’ve known for a long time: giving attention to terrorists encourages terrorism. A study by Michael Jetter, professor at the School of Economics and Finance at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín,Show More Summary

Social Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Surviving a Crisis

A look at how two Brazilian organizations are weathering the country’s economic storm.

Economic Singularity Review

The Economic Singularity: Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism.. This new book from best-selling AI writer Calum Chace argues that within a few decades, most humans will not be able to work for money. A strong claim! This … Continue reading ?

The Trans-Siberian Railway Turns 100

The Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) laid its final ties between Moscow and Vladivostok 100 years ago this month, concluding a 25-year project first set into motion by Tsar Alexander III. His original motivation was economic—how best to connect and develop remote Siberia?—but the ambitious project has since become a point of national pride.

The Day the GOP Stood Still

Rarely is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrong in his political or economic conclusions; the man makes an error about as infrequently as Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth. However, there was one tiny flaw in his July 18 post about the GOP’s march towards mania. Krugman correctly noted that he was one of... Read more »

Teachers unions mean better teachers, new study says

17 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

All that stuff you hear about how teachers unions protect bad teachers through the evils of due process and their general uniony badness? A new study for the National Bureau of Economic Research says nuh-uh. EduShyster interviews the...Show More Summary

Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Don’t Mess with Turkey

For the past decade, President Erdogan has championed Turkish economic renaissance, a powerful boom that has been fundamental to his popularity and ascending political power. Unfortunately, it morphed into a Credit-fueled Bubble. The post Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Don’t Mess with Turkey was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Study: top bank execs saw the crash coming and sold off shares in their own institutions

19 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

In a new working paper from the Center for Economic Policy Research, scholars look at the trading records of shareholders, directors and top executives of major financial institutions in the runup to the crash of 2007, and find thatShow More Summary

Next Week’s Fed, BOJ Action to Define World Economy Movements

Spillovers of the Neo-Keynesian monetary policies exercised by the world’s central banks have affected global economic growth, exacerbating disinvestment on Main Street and fueling gains in fixed-income value, thus normalizing monetary conditions in the US and Japan a desirable object for international manufacturers, traders and services providers.

Rates Could Be Lower, Lower For Longer, Longer

The current real estate supply in the U.S. is not keeping up with demand. The combination of the 2008 credit crisis and the subsequent liquidity crunch subdued global economic growth, and stringent banking regulations have sharply curtailed and inhibited new real estate development.

Weird things are happening in financial markets — here's an approach that might get investors through them (TSLA, MBLY)

It's a strange time in the financial markets, and that's a problem for investors. The solution may be to start focusing on big ideas. Here's the issue: Stocks are at record highs, but not because forecasts for earnings and economic growth...Show More Summary

Your Brain Makes You A Terrible Listener--Here's How To Fix It

When we hear a person's words, we also try to imagine why they're saying them. Most of us suck at this. Economics used to operate under the belief that people are rational actors. Behavioral economists came along and said that's crazy—there's no such thing as a rational actor. Show More Summary

America Needs A Good, Old-Fashioned Economic Depression

Submitted by Jay Kawatsky via The National Interest, Artificial measures to stave off a downturn will only make it much worse. Describing what he called the “crack-up boom”, Ludwig von Mises, the great Austrian economist, said: The boom cannot continue indefinitely. Show More Summary

Bitcoin, The Bell Tolls For Thee

If you think about it from a crypto economics perspective, what happened to Bitcoin this week with the inclusion of Ethereum on Coinbase is frankly devastating to Bitcoin's brand image - and utility. Coinbase, founded in 2012, sitting on a fat 4.1 million customer userbase, and backed by some of the deepest pockets in Silicon Valley... Show More Summary

Obama: Trump's economic plan is ‘crazy’

President Obama revealed what he really thinks of Donald Trump and his policies. Hillary Clinton also attacked Trump - calling him a “fraud”. Trump wasted no...

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