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Women are the next China

China has long been an investor's dream: a reliable economic juggernaut that made a 10% annual growth rate look easy. But now the Middle Kingdom is sputtering, and investors are looking for the next big source of growth. US Trust's Joseph Quinlan advances an unexpected idea: women. Show More Summary

Economic Statistics for 6 Oct 15

A drop in exports, combined with a surge of new iPhone imports, increased the US Trade Deficit to $-48.3 billion in August. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index dropped another point in September, to -14. Reebok reports that last week’s retail sales rose, but only to a weak 0.9% on a year-ago basis, from the previous […]

Joe Kernen on HuffPo: ‘They Have No Idea’

Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen lit into writers at The Huffington Post Tuesday morning for their poor understanding of basic economics.. While The Huffington Post celebrated a record low in global poverty, it also decried the Trans-Pacific Partnership, proving to CNBC’s Kernen that the site’s staff have no idea what they write about.

Compromises: For the first time, residential developers...

For the first time, residential developers will have to pay transit impact fees on new development thanks to a proposal that passed through the city's Land Use and Economic Development Committee yesterday. But the rates won't be nearly as high...

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 10/6/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 10/6/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Job growth dipped to 142,000 in September as unemployment rate remained...Show More Summary

Dr. Olivia Hooker, 100-Year-Old Survivor Of The “Black Wall Street” Massacre, Recounts Her Experience

Today, when Black people talk about economic disenfranchisement, the sentiment is often met with the argument that Blacks should pull themselves up by their bootstraps or stop “being lazy.” In reality though, there were many Blacks, after the abolition of

British Home Secretary Hardens Stance on Immigration

Theresa May said that economically there is "no case" for high immigration

What should the labor movement look like in the age of Uber?

Are we entering our first “Uber election”? A number of writers have speculated that the 2016 election may turn in part on the question of how we should adapt to the economic changes known as the “gig economy,” or the “on demand” economy, which are increasing flexibility for employers, employees, and consumers, but also threaten […]

Economists Chase Tails and Tales, Cut GDP Estimates Again

Tail ChaseIn the wake of recent economic data, economists at the IMF and Deutsche Bank lowered their growth estimates. IMF Cuts Forecast Again Like a dog running in futile circles hoping to catch its tail, the IMF does the same thing...Show More Summary

Is the U.S. Economy Bracing for a Killer Shopping Season AND a Manufacturing Slowdown?

We can view September’s Manufacturing ISM Report on Business as little more than a re-confirmation of what has been speculated, given the readings of the last several, but it’s hard to deny an overall downward economic trend, even if it’s ever so slight. The September PMI registered 50.2 percent, a decrease [...]

Silicon Valley broker Ken DeLeon is killing it with an agent employee model

Ken DeLeon is the founder of Silicon Valley firm DeLeon Realty. With a degree in mathematics and economics, he graduated from University of California-Berkeley Law School. He practiced law at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, one of the nation’s most prestigious law firms in the Silicon Valley. Show More Summary

Omaha Loses A 123-Year-Old Concert Series

4 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Founded in 1892, one year after Carnegie Hall opened and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert, the series has overcome economic ups and downs and the vicissitudes of public taste to become one of the oldest and most storied classical institutions in the country. But after 123 years, declining ticket sales and a […]

Where Teacher Recruitment, Education Programs and the Economic Achievement Gap Meet

I often say how lucky I was to have gone to Fordham University’s Undergraduate School of Education in New York City during the late 1960s. We were the 60’s “Boomer” generation, raised during the quietly prosperous 1950s that became the idealist generation looking to save the world from itself. Show More Summary

The Club for Growth, Equity, and Social Insurance

I have a new column: Economic Growth vs. Social Insurance—Why Can’t We Have Both?: Why do Republicans on the campaign trail tend to emphasize policies that are focused on enhancing long-run economic growth while Democrats tend to focus more on...

'Free' Trade as Outright War

TPP is a geostrategic deal between the US and Japan to contain China, attempting to shape an Asia-Pacific economic zone that might at least balance the second-largest economy on the planet.

The share buyback mirage

WHY don't equity investors get the full benefits of economic growth? Or to put it another way, why don't dividends grow as fast as GDP? We tend to assume that, over the course of the cycle, profits will grow in line with the economy....Show More Summary

Moscow Not Satisfied With EU's Kiev-Brussels Association Draft Project

Russian Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukaev said that a draft document of the Kiev-Brussels association does not satisfy Moscow.

Switzerland And Singapore Top U.S. In Global Competitiveness Ranking

Since 1979, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has annually published its Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), which, as you can probably guess, ranks the competitiveness of nations for which the group is able to gather sufficient data. This year, the WEF ranks 140 economies, from Switzerland to Guinea. This is a report I anticipate every year […]

IMF Cuts World Growth Outlook, Halts Wall Street Rally

IMF trimmed world economic growth again today, throwing cold water on a three day Wall Street rally. The warning comes two weeks after FOMC expressed its own concerns about world economic growth, halting another Wall Street rally back then. Major Equity ETFs Tuesday 10.30 AM Index 5-Day Change (%) SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) -0.26% SPDR Dow Jones [...]

It's Time for Impact Investors to Create Compound Impact

There is perhaps no more powerful dynamic in economics than compound interest. Albert Einstein called it "the eighth wonder of the world" and Warren Buffett has said "My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky...Show More Summary

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