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Labour Party's Andy Burnham Might Run for Manchester Mayor

Andy Burnham, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary and two-time candidate for the party leadership, is considering running for the role of Greater Manchester mayor. Burnham, who failed to beat Ed Miliband in 2010 and Jeremy Corbyn in 2015Show More Summary

Panama Papers Show Wealth Does Not Trickle Down

The Independent : Ed Miliband has said the revelations in the leaked Panama Papers provide evidence that wealth does not trickle down in society -- rather, it gets "stashed". Speaking two weeks after the huge cache of documents wereShow More Summary

Brexit Would Be ‘Political Self-Destruction,’ Says David Miliband

Former British foreign secretary David Miliband has warned that the U.K. would be contributing to the destruction of the international order if it votes to leave the European Union. Miliband, who was defeated by his brother Ed in the...Show More Summary

Ed Miliband keeps being filmed walking around London and it's hilarious

There's been a recent spate of teenagers filming Ed Miliband as he walks around residential areas of London and the footage is making lots of people happy. The former Labour leader's hopes of being Prime Minister may be long gone but...Show More Summary

Retro Collect Video Game Market, Doncaster

Doncaster. Famous for the race course, Ed Miliband, and, um, that's it. Not that I'm particularly bothered. It was the idea of tooling up on digital artifacts of a certain vintage that drew comrade @alexdawson1978 and I to the West Riding of Yorkshire this day for the Retro Collect Video Game Market. Show More Summary

Labour Own Goal

For five long years during the 2010-2015 Westminster Parliament, Ed Miliband spent much of his time telling voters that the last Labour Government was not responsible for almost wrecking the UK economy, following a near fatal collapse of the banks. Show More Summary

God Save the Queen

This one won’t do much to lift the Sunday spirits, but it’s an important read nonetheless. Here’s Ed Miliband’s thoughtful essay at the London Review of Books on the growing inequality problem in Britain, which should look very familiar to those of us stateside. Here are a couple of less depressing Britain-related links to bring you back around.

Why Labour lost in 2015

Not even pledges by menhir could help Ed Miliband win a general election — TSE (@TSEofPB) January 17, 2016 With Corbyn’s personal polling ranging from the calamitous to the cataclysmic it appears Labour are intent on repeating the mistakes of the 2015 general election This week sees two important reports published, firstly the BPC […]

Snooty Elite (26/11/14)

Jason Cowley, editor of the left wing New Statesman magazine, created something of a political 'shitstorm' the other week in publishing a less than flattering portrayal of Ed Miliband, as the leader of a badly out-of-touch Labour Party. Show More Summary

We spoke to a girl who got a tattoo of Ed Miliband on her leg — her parents aren't speaking to her

Hannah Stock just got a tattoo of former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband on her thigh. We caught up with the 18-year-old City University student to find out why she did it. So, you got a tattoo of Ed Miliband. Why? I like the guy a lot, think he's a decent bloke and a bit of a personal hero. I see. Show More Summary

Ed Miliband’s death stare sums up all your feelings about your daily commute

LONDON — Most of us don't enjoy commuting during rush hour and it seems that former Labour leader Ed Miliband is no exception. He was snapped looking unhappy on a recent journey by fellow passenger Rob Crego, who shared the image to Twitter Thursday morning with the caption: "This guy on my train won't stop staring at me. Show More Summary

We spoke to a guy who made awkward eye-contact with Ed Miliband on the Tube

Londoner Rob Crego was travelling home on the Tube last night when something amazing happened; former Labour leader Ed Miliband got into his carriage. We caught up with Rob to find out what it was like. Hi Rob, so you were on the tube...Show More Summary

Taking the 66 to 1 on Michael Fallon as next Tory Leader

National Security is going to feature heavily in 2020 and that’s not good news for Corbyn nor Labour but it might be good news for Michael Fallon The attack in the video above on Ed Miliband during the general election campaign was absolutely brutal and deeply personal but the most important thing for both the […]

New analysis finds current LAB voters reluctant to give Corbyn their full backing

Corbyn has got the Ed Miliband problem Looking back over GE2015 polls what should have raised questions about the voting intention findings was that in all the leader ratings of different forms Ed Miliband was always a long way behind Cameron. I made that mistake. People are voting for a Prime Minister and their view […]

The 2016 elections do not bode well for Labour

Corbyn is set to do worse than Ed Miliband in his first major electoral test. In the Sunday Times (££)  Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher have analysed the 60 local council elections since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. The best way to measure what is happening, however, is to look at the changes in those places where […]

Christmas Cracker

The best political joke of 2015 went to the former Labour leader Ed Miliband with this offering coming top in a poll got find the best gag in this year's Christmas crackers: "Why does Ed Miliband like advent calendars?"He gets to open...Show More Summary

Bleak Midwinter

Polly Toynbee has been a firm supporter of the Labour Party for many years, even as its fortunes declined and finally collapsed under the leadership of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband. But even Polly's patience has been stretched to breaking...Show More Summary

Union Democracy

A number of years ago the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) took a decision to dis-affiliate from the Labour Party, a decision which was never rescinded under either Gordon Brown's or Ed Miliband's leadership. The decision was not taken by individual...Show More Summary

Guido’s tweet could be right: George Osborne is a Tory version of Ed Miliband

Have said it before and I will say it again, he's the Tory version of Ed Miliband — Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) December 14, 2015 Like Ed his awkwardness is not going to go away Shortly after Ed Miliband was elected LAB leader in September 2010 some bright spark set up a website devoted to […]

A majority of voters now believe Corbyn should be forced out of Labour leadership

Just one day after a poll showed that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was attracting more votes than his predecessor Ed Miliband, a new poll from ComRes showed Labour with a lower share of potential votes than it gained at the last general election, which it lost in a spectacular pro-Conservative landslide. Show More Summary

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