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How to overcome voter apathy in the run up to the general election? Sacking Ed Miliband as leader of the opposition would be a start. He's the biggest liability the Labour Party has ever suffered. Not a day goes by that the nasal twerp doesn't make another fatuous promise he can't keep. Show More Summary

Marf on the debates

Latest @LadPolitics odds on whether a debate involving at least Dave & Ed will take place — TSE (@TSEofPB) March 5, 2015 Ed Miliband is prepared to take part in a head to head debate on his own says @LucyMPowell #wato — norman smith (@BBCNormanS) March 5, 2015 TSE

Cameron may have chickened out, but the broadcasters cocked up the TV debates

So David Cameron won’t debate anyone unless the broadcasters agree to his exact specifications, Ed Miliband won’t debate Clegg in Cameron’s place and has instead offered Harriet Harman, and the… Continue reading The post Cameron may have chickened out, but the broadcasters cocked up the TV debates appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

The PM knows the TV debates won’t happen

The broadcasters have now said they could be willing to host a TV debate between David Cameron and Ed Miliband on another date if that means the programmes will actually… Continue reading The post The PM knows the TV debates won’t happen appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s ducking and diving

Dodge and shimmy. Duck and weave. Cameron was at it again today. Ed Miliband asked if he’d care to join him for a spot of cut and thrust on TV.… Continue reading The post PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s ducking and diving appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

PMQs: The TV debates row rumbles on

There are only a couple more sessions of PMQs left before the election and there was a slightly end of term feeling to today’s session. Ed Miliband started by mocking… Continue reading The post PMQs: The TV debates row rumbles on appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

What will be Ed Miliband’s First Question in this week’s PMQs?

Betfair have a market up on What will be Ed Miliband’s First Question in this week’s PMQs. These were the odds at 11pm last night. Including today’s PMQs, there are four PMQs left before the general election, the one in a fortnight’s time will be drowned out by the budget that follows on from that, and […]

PMQs: Second jobs, lobbying and ‘obsessive crackpots’

Ed Miliband boxed cleverer than David Cameron at PMQs today and came out with a comprehensive points victory. Miliband went, predictably, on the whole issue of second jobs for MPs.… Continue reading The post PMQs: Second jobs, lobbying and ‘obsessive crackpots’ appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Why Miliband is right

Ed Miliband is right. MPs should be banned from having paid directorships and consultancies. However, I don't say this for the conventional reasons. It's not because such jobs distract MPs from their duties to voters and the country. The way...

The MPs second job issue could have salience

YouGov finds strong support for stopping MPs have 2nd jobs — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) February 25, 2015 Cameron’s right but it’s a hard sell Ed Miliband, inevitably given what’s happened this week, made MPs outside interests his primary focus at PMQs. The Labour approach is to control second jobs and there is a vote […]

Best of Friends

The two biggest beasts in the Labour Party, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, have fallen out according to this Guardian report over tax and public spending, and the extent to which markets can or should be controlled by national governments. Show More Summary

Moonlighting MPs

Ed Miliband's has tried to divert attention from Jack Straw and Labour's involvement in the latest 'cash for access' scandal at Westminster by declaring that after the general election new rules should be introduced to restrict MPs' earnings from outside interests. Show More Summary

Dangerous Drinks

Anne Treneman, sketch writer for The Times, paints a picture of the Labour leader Ed Miliband as a crème de menthe which is surely one of the world's worst drinks. Billy Connolly once told a joke about two Scotsmen visiting Rome who ask in a bar, "What does the Pope drink?" And by the magic of the internet here is the Big Yin strutting his stuff. Show More Summary

Is Ed Miliband the Next Margaret Thatcher?

When you're involved in politics you grow accustomed to hearing some very silly things. This is doubly so in the rarefied world of political comment. I don't get paid for my pearls (some people spot trains in their free time, I do this), yet the pressure to have something unique and interesting to say is inescapable. Show More Summary

Yesterday's Man

The news that Lord John Prescott is to be handed a front line role in Ed Miliband's general election campaign must have been music to the ears of Labour's political opponents because there's no doubt that old Two Jags is 'Yesterday's Man'. Show More Summary

Lord Help Us

If Lord John Prescott is the answer, then heaven knows what question Ed Miliband is trying to answer by giving this discredited, washed-up politician a front line role in Labour's general election campaign. I suspect old Two Jags will...Show More Summary

Who Will Deliver The First Budget After The May 2015 General Election?

Front page of tomorrow's @thesundaytimes, Is Ed Balls deep in trouble? — TSE (@TSEofPB) February 21, 2015 The Sunday Times are reporting (££) that Ed Miliband has been urged to demote Ed Balls after the general election, amid simmering tensions in the Labour leadership over how to pay for a cut in university tuition […]

Will Ed Miliband succeed in his promised EU renegotiation?

While David Cameron's plans for an EU renegotiation are well known Ed Miliband has himself notched up a sizeable list of his own renegotiation demands. Open Europe's Christopher Howarth looks at what he has said he wants to achieve and his chances of success. The post Will Ed Miliband succeed in his promised EU renegotiation? appeared first on Open Europe.

Cutting the Mustard

Ant and Dec showcase the hit TV programme 'Britain's Got Talent, but according to this piece in The Telegraph these two cheeky chappies seem to have decided that Ed Miliband hasn't got what it takes to run the country. Now these boys...Show More Summary

Rank Hypocrisy

Dan Hodges writing in The Telegraph takes the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, to task over his rank hypocrisy on task avoidance by using a device known as a 'deed of variation' which was once described by Gordon Brown as a form of 'tax abuse'. Show More Summary

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