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Massive LeBron James Tattoo Proves You Are Not His Biggest Fan

So you got a little basketball jones there, pal? You love the NBA, huh? Big LeBron James fan, eh? Oh, what's that? You're LeBron's biggest fan? Well, it's time for a news flash, chief: You don't love LeBron James like this fan lovesShow More Summary

Title Back to "Eh? What? Huh?"

I changed the title of this blog back to Eh? What? Huh?, the original title. I think I will stick with it from now on. Welcome back Eh? What? Huh? ! (e

On-Air Blooper of the Day

3 years agoHumor : The Daily What

On-Air Blooper of the Day: So, Super Tuesday, eh? Long night, huh? Doug knows what I’m talking about, right Doug? Doug? Hello Doug. Hi Doug. I guess not. [guyism.] Tagged: doug, On-Air Blooper

I Will Be Changing the Title of My Blog

I have decided to change the title of my blog, (e  Eh? What? Huh? to (e  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Blog.  I will be focusing more on deaf education. It seems as if I am writing more and more about this topic these days. It makes sense to change the title to simply describe the purpose of this blog. Show More Summary

Liebster Blog Award

I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by two people, Sarah of Speak Up Librarian and Eh? What? Huh? Thank you both very much! This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve more recognition. Here are the rules: Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. Show More Summary

Poll: How Did You First Find Out About 'Eh? What? Huh?'

Just curious.   Online Surveys & Market Research  You will also see the poll over in the left side of this blog. Thanks. (e

Eh? What? Huh? What's That? Come Again? Wait--What?

Done with listening today. EhWhat? Huh? What's that?  Come again? Wait-what?  Did not catch that, tell me again.  Um, can you please repeat that?   Geez, do you happen to know any signs? How about finger spelling? And finally: Oh, yeah, uh huh. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I will give up and resort to bluffing (pretend to hear what is being said). I know, I know. I am

(e Was Here: Roanoke Star and Natural Bridge of VA

Roanoke Star, Virgina The Natural Bridge, Virginia (e If you find my business cards (Eh? What? Huh?), let me know, especially if you found them at these two places!

Showcasing a Post by Audicus: Why Do Humans Get a Kick Out of Loud Music?

Audicus wrote an informative and interesting article, which he would like to share here on Eh? What? Huh? I included only a portion of the article. You can read the entire article here. For more articles from Audicus, visit Why do humans get a kick out of loud music? Posted on June 3, 2011 by audicus As the prevalence of hearing loss among the

The Case of the Eh? What? Huhs?

There have been times where I am talking to someone and everything is going well; conversation is flowing and I understand everything being said. Then, suddenly, a constant loud background noise interferes or the air conditioner comes...Show More Summary

Best of Eh? What? Huh? 2010

Here are some of the best posts from 2010 in my opinion: Rear Window Captioning at the Movies. Part One. & Rear Window Captioning at the Movies. Part Two.  Can Hearing Aids Electrocute You?  Wack it Up, My Faded! (Misinterpreting Music Lyrics) What Not To Do With Your Hearing Aids Yes, I Know. Show More Summary

Posh Mom Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

4 years agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

So this post starts my posh mom style icon profile series, starting with the oh so stylish Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham. What a fitting person to start the series huh? Enjoy... he fierceness of it all, eh? Share |

Let It Slide Right Under The Bar

I really enjoy reading Eh? What? Huh?. Her perspective is very honest and insightful. Her recent blog about about a student who was allowed to retake tests even though he didn't study brought up some issues I have with mainstream education. Show More Summary

Did You Really Just Say That?

I saw a post on Eh? What? Huh? that got me to thinking about some recent conversations and how I react. The first took place at a church where I teach. I am not a member of the church I just use the space for my class. The church is kind enough to not charge me. Show More Summary

New York City Installs Hearing Loops on its Subways

Empty subway in NYC I just read on the blog Eh? What? Huh? that New York City is installing hearing loops on its subways. Subway riders who have a telecoil or T-switch on their hearing aids will be able to switch to it and hear announcements...Show More Summary

Am I Deaf? Hard of Hearing? Hearing? Eh? What? Huh?

I am always interested in identity issues especially in relation to deaf and hard of hearing people. I have students who claim they are hearing with their hearing aids or cochlear implants on, but feel as if or know that they are deaf without them. Show More Summary

The Way I Hear (My Audiogram)

Last month E from Eh? What? Huh? posted her audiogram and ever since then I have been planning to post mine. I stopped in to visit my audiologist today for some more hearing aid batteries and some Dry-Briks for my Dry and Store, so I...Show More Summary

Guttmacher: Ob-Gyn residents who intend to provide abortion services often don’t

Huh. Not what I’d have expected. How do we address this? Is it, as the piece suggests, with training on contract negotiation and conflict management? I don’t dislike the idea, I’m sure it’s helpful, but it leaves me… eh. When you’re the new hire, the applicant, the one just out of school breaking into an [...]

30 Stickers + Hearing Aid = Happy Birthday To Me!

(e a2a_linkname="Eh? What? Huh?";a2a_linkurl=""; Link to this post: ...

Cute Skull & Bones Stickers + Hearing Aid

a2a_linkname="Eh? What? Huh?";a2a_linkurl=""; ...

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