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Oakland is Living Up to California’s High Bar on Energy Efficiency, and Then Some

Local governments of all sizes can invest days, months, and years into advancing energy efficiency programs and policies. Yet many go unrecognized for their efforts. Because the City Energy Efficiency Scorecard only covers 51 large cities, ACEEE created the Local Energy Efficiency Self-Scoring Tool so that any community can evaluate itself.

How to determine if energy efficiency upgrades are right for your home (and budget)

The upfront cost of making energy efficient upgrades may deter some homeowners interested in home performance improvements. Cost is always something to consider, but these upgrades are more about the Return on Investment (ROI) for homeowners who choose to take the plunge. Show More Summary

Exactly How Much Do Energy Efficiency Measures Cost? New Studies Provides The Answer

Energy efficiency measures are often touted as an effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, of lessening new project investment needs, and of reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels, but to what degree are these assertions...Show More Summary

Colorado Should Boost Energy Efficiency Policies, Investments

Efficiency is cheapest, fastest way to protect Colorado from climate danger while lowering utility bills and promoting economic growth. Colorado has made strides in reducing energy waste, but the state can invest in more energy efficiency to lower utility bills, drive economic growth and fight climate change. read more

Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania: Cutting Energy Costs, Combating Climate Change, and Creating Jobs

An unusual coalition of businesses and efficiency-minded groups has written to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf urging him to take steps to ramp up efficiency investments to cut pollution and continue to plan for implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) to limit power plant emissions. read more

It's Time to Implement Good Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs in Your State

The industrial sector represents a big opportunity for low-cost energy savings from utility energy efficiency programs. In general, investments in energy efficiency lower operating costs for manufacturers, which increases their productivity and improves competitiveness. read more

Global Energy Efficiency Investment Will = $5.8 Trillion By 2030

Originally published on Sustainnovate. By Henry Lindon Global energy efficiency investment will reach the $5.8 trillion mark by the year 2030, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Authority (IRENA). By that point, yearly energy efficiency investment will total around $385 billion, according to the report. Show More Summary

World is embracing clean energy, says expert

An expert argues that investment in renewable electricity now outstrips that in fossil fuels, and that increasing numbers of policies to improve the efficiency of energy use and to make energy systems more flexible are pointing to a global momentum in the adoption of sustainable energy systems.

Sustainable Self-Employment: A Guide to Implementation

According to the World Economic Forum, “Organizations that set public energy or carbon reduction goals were twice as likely to have invested in energy efficiency or renewable energy in the past year and were three times more likely to increase investment in clean energy technologies in the next year.”

Center Comments on the Clean Energy Incentive Program

We applaud the effort in the Clean Energy Incentive Program to reinforce the critical role of renewable energy in the Clean Power Plan and in our communities, especially by prioritizing low-income energy efficiency investments. The program incentivizes early investments and puts the wellbeing of people and communities first. Show More Summary

Are the Benefits to the Weatherization Assistance Program's Energy Efficiency Investments Four Times the Costs?

The urgency of climate change demands solutions that work. So, a clear-eyed assessment of how well policies and programs perform is critical, no matter the results. Using rigorous evidence to inform policy design and implementation is the only way to ensure that we effectively confront climate change. read more

Follow the money: energy efficiency is the new black

Billions of euro of public finance are being committed to energy efficiency. According to the International Energy Agency, private investors and lenders are also ‘increasingly interested’ in investing in energy efficiency. Key drivers...Show More Summary

California’s 40 Years Of Energy Efficiency Efforts Have Saved $90B In Utility Costs

Over the last 40 years, the state of California has been investing in energy efficiency initiatives, to the tune of about $1 billion per year, and these efforts have saved its residents some $90 billion in utility costs, created “hundreds...Show More Summary

Economists Ask If Energy Efficiency Is A Good Investment

Too many customers view utility pricing (and its regulation) as skewed toward the utility. And too many customers have invested in energy efficiency without seeing the anticipated savings as utilities raise rates and change rate designs.

Companies Pledge Climate Action

Thirteen companies took a public stand for climate action at the White House recently, pledging to reduce heat-trapping emissions, increase clean energy investments, improve efficiency, and support efforts to reach a global climate agreement this year in Paris. read more

Do Residential Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver?

We recently released a paper presenting the findings of a first-of-its kind, randomized controlled evaluation of the returns to some common residential energy efficiency investments. The study’s context is the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency program, the Weatherization Assistance Program. read more

Study urges 10 climate actions to curb warming, lift GDP

OSLO (Reuters) - More efficient energy use and investments in greener cities are among 10 measures that can help the world to slow global warming while also spurring economic growth, an international report said on Tuesday.

Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver Huge Benefits

Decades prove energy efficiency programs deliver benefits to consumers and the environment - and these benefits far exceed the costs. A new working paper about a single federal efficiency program for low-income residents in Michigan is generating a lot of hype, but does nothing to contradict these basic facts. read more

Costs of residential energy efficiency investments are double the benefits

Through a randomized controlled trial of more than 30,000 households in Michigan -- where one-quarter of the households were encouraged to make residential energy efficiency investments and received assistance -- economists find that the costs to deploy the efficiency upgrades were about double the energy savings.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why solar panels are an affordable and smart investment

Want to save some green while going green? You may want to start with solar: a source of renewable energy that’s more affordable now than ever. As one of the most energy efficient resources in the country, solar is one of the best long term and that a

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