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After reducing news in feeds, Facebook plans to emphasize “high quality” news with user survey. What does that mean for sports?

Facebook has been rolling out plenty of changes to its algorithms for what its users see in their news feed recently, penalizing “engagement bait” posts and reducing the amount of posts users will see from publishers and brands to emphasize what friends and family share. Show More Summary

The Ethics Of Baiting And Switching In Law Review Submissions

Ryan Scoville (Marquette), The Ethics of Baiting and Switching in Law Review Submissions, 101 Marq. L. Rev. ___ (2018): Sometimes the authors of law review articles engage in a bait-and-switch: they insert exaggerated claims of novelty or significance into their submission to student editors, and then, after securing a satisfactory...

'You should not focus on engagement baiting': Here's how Facebook is explaining its sweeping News Feed change to advertisers

Facebook is set to start playing up status updates from friends and family in the News Feed, effectively deprioritizing content from media publishers and brands. It explained the changes to its partners including ad agencies throughShow More Summary

Click bait ads are tied to teen smoking

2 months agoHealth : Reuters: Health

(Reuters Health) - - Teens who engage with online tobacco ads are more likely to start smoking than their peers who aren’t lured by digital marketing campaigns, a U.S. study suggests.

Next Up for Demotion in Facebook’s News Feed: Engagement Bait

Facebook already took on clickbait, and the social network now has engagement bait in its crosshairs. Operations integrity specialist Henry Silverman and engineer Lin Huang announced in a Newsroom post that the most recent update to Facebook's News Feed algorithm will demote posts from people and pages that attempt to boost interaction by coaxing users...

Facebook Demotes Posts That Beg for Likes

Having already tackled the problem of fake news, Facebook is ramping up its efforts to curb engagement bait. This being posts that ask for likes, shares, or comments. Just like clickbait, engagement bait is designed to turn users from passive observers to active participants. Show More Summary

Facebook Fighting Engagement Bait in News Feed

by Robert Clough Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook In an effort to reduce the spread of spammy posts, Facebook is taking steps to demote engagement bait which takes advantage of their system by encouraging people to engage with a post in an unauthentic way. Show More Summary

Facebook is taking action against what it calls "engagement bait."

"For example, 'LIKE this if you’re an Aries!'... starting this week, we will begin demoting individual posts... that use engagement bait."To help us foster more authentic engagement, teams at Facebook have reviewed and categorized hundreds of thousands of posts to inform a machine learning model that can detect different types of engagement bait. Show More Summary

Facebook To Punish 'Engagement Bait' Posts

Ask for a "like" or "share" on Facebook and the company said it will downgrade, rather than increase, the post's reach. Facebook is on a roll to reduce the amount of spam and fake news running in its News Feed, similar to the way that Google will address the problems. But rather than reduce the reach of the post, Google said it could delist the publisher's sites.

Facebook wants to rid of engagement bait with machine learning

Facebook wants people to stop posting content that encourages users to interact with likes, shares and comments.

Facebook Demoting Engagement Bait by @martinibuster

Facebook will demote posts and pages that encourage users to like, post a specific word, or share with friends. The post Facebook Demoting Engagement Bait by @martinibuster appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Facebook To Punish Posts That Beg For Likes, Comments and Shares

Facebook has announced that they will be demoting posts known as "engagement bait" that encourage fans to like, share, comment and take other actions. The move is a blow to the many artists who ask their fans to help boost engagement. _____________________________ From music marketers to Amanda Palmer's wonderful Ted...

Facebook to fight ‘engagement baiting’ spam in your News Feed

2 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

Facebook has announced yet another initiative to clamp down on the number of spammy posts appearing in your News Feed. The social networking giant has identified what is calls “engagement bait,” which are posts that specifically solicit actions on the part of the users, such as asking them to like the post if they agree […]

Facebook’s crackdown on “engagement bait” is long overdue

Facebook is cracking down on “engagement bait.” Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term (it’s nowhere near as ubiquitous as the now-meaningless “clickbait”), you’ve probably seen an “engagement bait-y” post in your timeline. They use...Show More Summary

Facebook will now downrank those annoying posts that ask you to tag your friends

And it’s about time. Those spammy posts are officially known as “engagement bait” and they are designed to implore people to tag their friends in comments on the posts in order to game Facebook’s News Feed algorithms in an attempt to get greater reach. Show More Summary

Facebook demotes spammy posts begging for likes and comments

Facebook Inc. announced today that it will crack down on “engagement bait” content that begs users for likes and other interactions. Facebook divides engagement bait into a few different categories depending on the type of interaction posts are trying to get from users. Show More Summary

Giants Insider: Vernon 'didn't pay attention' to Trump tweets

3 months agoNews : NY Daily News

Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon didn't take the bait and engage in a war of words with the President of the United States.

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