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A Look Back at a 2011 #LeanStartup Podcast with @EricRies and His Next Book, “The Startup Way”

In today's post, I look back at my 2011 interview with Eric Ries about his book "The Lean Startup." I share a new PDF summary of the discussion along with some excerpts from the book that cite W. Edwards Deming and Taiichi Ohno. I'll be speaking at the annual Lean Startup Week event this year (and this post contains a link that will save you 15%). Show More Summary

Just Finish It

An exec at a company I’m an investor in sent this to me this morning. Does this feel like your life at your company? I’m an enormous fan of Eric Ries and The Lean Startup. His, and Steve Blank’s, thinking and writing changed how we approach startups. However, the bright shiny object syndrome is alive and... Read more The post Just Finish It appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Eric Ries on 4 Common Misconceptions About Lean Startup

If you believe lean startup methods lead to "cheap" products and companies, or that lean startup companies don't think big, think again.

Marc Benioff, Eric Ries, Dave McClure back effort to fund coding academy in Gaza

7 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

A number of Silicon Valley leaders have banded together to support a crowdfunding effort to build the first coding academy in Gaza. The campaign, which started December 13, is called #PowerUpGazaGeeks and now has the backing of supporters such as Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff, author Eric Ries, 500 Startups partner Dave McClure, Y Combinator […]

Friday links: multiple time-frames

Two books, including The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, that are more valuable than reading the 15th book on Warren Buffett.  (value...

It's Not A Real Experiment If You Can't Fail

In the startup world a lot of noise has been made about the Lean Startup Movement, made popular by Eric Ries, first through his blog and, most recently, through his best-selling book. One of the tenets of a Lean Startup is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which he defines as [...]

Could LTSE Be The Answer For Large Companies That Want To Pursue Customer Centricity?

Could the establishment of LTSE (Long-Term Stock Exchange) by Eric Ries and his supporters offer some respite for CEOs looking to invest in innovation and, also, to transform their companies into being more customer centric?

'Lean Startup' author hatches Silicon Valley plan to reinvent Wall Street

SILICON VALLEY—Eric Ries has assembled a team of Silicon Valley engineers to reinvent Wall Street focused on long-term goals instead of quarterly reporting. Bloomberg reported on Monday that the author of "The Lean Startup" is working...Show More Summary

A Silicon Valley startup guru is building a new stock exchange designed to stop destructive short-term thinking from CEOs

Silicon Valley startup guru Eric Ries is building a new US stock exchange meant to stop “ self-destructive behavior ” tied to public markets. Ries is an entrepreneur most famous for his wildly popular book “The Lean Startup,” which serves as a guide for startup founders trying to survive while boosting innovation. Show More Summary

Why 138-Year-Old GE Is Embracing Lean Startup Principles

In a bid to be more innovative, the blue chip is trending away from old-school Six Sigma and toward Eric Ries' lean startup method.

How to Pivot: A 12-Step Guide to Pivoting Your Startup

In the startup world, pivoting is all the rage. As you probably know, a pivot happens when you realize that your first plan isn't working. So what do you do? You develop and act on a new plan. Eric Ries's textbook definition of pivot...Show More Summary

Pivotal Teams With Lean Startup Founder Eric Ries To Help Big Companies Get More Innovative

Pivotal, the company launched by EMC, VMware and GE to help companies in their quest for digital transformation, announced today that it was bringing in Eric Ries, the man behind the Lean Startup movement, as entrepreneur-in-residence. Show More Summary

Startups Squandering Millions On Advisory Boards

The Lean Advisory Board Eric Ries' Lean Startup is virtually the bible of the startup community. Despite the fact that many startups adhere to Ries’ principles, they break that adherence when it comes to advisory boards. This is particularly true in multi-faceted vertical markets such as healthcare. SAN FRANCISCO, CA - [...]

A Conversation With Eric Ries

Photo Credit: Nick Wilson At this year's Lean Startup conference in San Francisco, the entrepreneur and startup mentor talks about his mission, how he deals with obstacles and why startups fail. Eric Ries is the creator of the Lean Startup...Show More Summary

Lean Startup Guru Eric Ries: 3 Ways Big Companies Should Act More Like Startups

Firms that want to be more entrepreneurial have to reward employees who act like entrepreneurs, even if that means failing and acting like weirdos.

Maybe We Should Call it “The Many Whys” Instead of “The Five Whys” in #Lean & #LeanStartup

When you ask people about the Lean Startup methodology, one of the first things you’ll often hear is advocacy for a root cause problem solving method called “the 5 whys.” As I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently attending Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup Conference,” yesterday and today, so I hope you’ll say hi if you’re there. For a […]

Just Ask Why Five Times? Effective Problem Solving for #Lean or #LeanStartup Doesn’t Start or End There

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be attending the “Lean Startup Conference,” brought to us by Eric Ries and his team, so I hope you’ll say hi if you’re there. I hope you’ll read this post even if you’re involved in Lean outside of startups, such as manufacturing or healthcare (read my blog post about the connections). There’s […]

More Reflection. More Learning. More Impact.

In the startup world, Eric Ries has helped push forward the notion that the goal of a startup is to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. In fact, it's my very favorite definition of a startup. As a social entrepreneur, so too is your job to learn -- not just about your organization but also about yourself as a leader. Show More Summary

Wrecking Things is Justifiable to Get Ahead

Sometimes you need to build things with the intention of wrecking them. This ties very closed to the idea of an MVP in the Eric Ries Minimum Viable Product mentality. When you are building a new idea, a new business, a new thing … be ready to exert brutal candor. Show More Summary

Don’t Try to Fake The Language

The language of startups has become pervasive. It feels like it started with Eric Ries’ great book The Lean Startup when words like MVP and pivot started showing up in all conversations. Back then it was new, fresh, and focusing. Today,...Show More Summary

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