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The Price of Republican Extremism

Ezra Klein: “Starting around the 2010 Tea Party surge, Republican voters have repeatedly chosen the most extreme candidates during primaries, and have paid a real electoral price, particularly in the Senate.” “If Republicans held all these seats today, and if [...]

"A political party that builds itself atop a foundation made of fantasies will soon collapse."

“A political party that builds itself atop a foundation made of fantasies will soon collapse.” - | Ezra Klein, The Republican Party’s reality problem – and ours Let’s hope so.

Ezra Klein: Why we should "normalize" impeachment

Ezra Klein explains why impeaching Donald Trump doesn't require him having committed a crime. Lawrence O’Donnell says ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ means...

Even Conservatives Don’t Like the GOP Tax Bill

Ezra Klein: “Over the past week, I’ve been speaking with conservative tax experts to try to better understand their case for the Senate’s tax bill, which Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rushing to pass this week. What I’ve found is [...]

Even On Tax Cuts For Rich, GOP CANNOT Get Its Act Together

Ezra Klein and David Frum believe that Republicans in Congress are overwhelmed by paralysis and cowardice in the face of a dangerous Donald Trump presidency, and that they'll regret their failure to act as a check on Trump. Frum addresses the following to a "run-of-the-mill senator": If you keep quiet today, you are putting yourself in jeopardy. Show More Summary

Should yes, and only yes, mean yes?

Ezra Klein: "Sex is too powerful, too primal, too uncertain to be chained to legalistic consent rules. What if she’s your wife? What if he’s your longtime boyfriend? What if you’re both so turned on that you can barely think, can barely talk, but everyone’s every movement is a yes unto itself?"

Trump Will Never Pivot

Ezra Klein explains that Donald Trump is beloved by the Republican base because he is one of them on It’s become a joke on politics Twitter that Trump’s pivot is always around the corner, that the media can’t stop announcing that this is the moment Trump finally became president. But there will be no [...]

Single-Payer and Generational Expectations

Yesterday saw an interesting parallel in the realm of health care politics, as at the same time that Hillary Clinton was giving an interview with Ezra Klein where she explained why she thought that single payer, and especially Bernie Sanders’ version of single payer, wouldn’t work, sixteen Democratic Senators endorsed said bill. Hillary Clinton doesn’t […]

Hillary Clinton Understood the Prose, But Never Got the Poetry

Over at Vox, Ezra Klein has an interview with Hillary Clinton about the 2016 election. Here’s his nickel summary: Clinton is not a radical or a revolutionary, a disruptor or a socialist, and she’s proud of that fact. She’s a pragmatist who believes in working within the system, in promising roughly what you believe you […]

Clinton the Pragmatist

Ezra Klein: “What Happened has been sold as Clinton’s apologia for her 2016 campaign, and it is that. But it’s more remarkable for Clinton’s extended defense of a political style that has become unfashionable in both the Republican and Democratic [...]

Hillary Clinton has serious doubts about Bernie Sander's latest single-payer healthcare plan

In a new sign of lingering tensions from the 2016 Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton dismissed Sen. Bernie Sanders' call for a single-payer healthcare system in an interview with Vox published Wednesday. Vox's Ezra Klein asked Clinton,...Show More Summary

Ten Years and 29 Days Ago at Grasping Reality: Hoisted from the Archives for August 2, 2007

Four Links for 2007-08-03 : "John Holbo... 'what... could Netflix ask customers, such that genuinely interesting (and predictive) data would potentially result?' Jon Chait on Rudy Giuliani's anti-health plan Ezra Klein on Rudy Giuliani...Show More Summary

Vox: Top FBI officials could testify against Trump

Vox's Ezra Klein breaks down the latest developments in the Special Counsel.

Klein: Donald Trump's Shocking Disloyalty

Ezra Klein, Vo: There are few traits Donald Trump claims to value the way he values loyalty. In a remarkable passage in The Art of the Deal, Trump praises his mentor Roy Cohn for placing loyalty above all else -- even integrity... For Trump, though, loyalty is a one-way street. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Steadily Firing Everyone Who Helped Him Win

Ezra Klein notes this morning that President Trump has turned on some of the people who were among his earliest and staunchest supporters: Attorney General Sessions was one of Trump’s earliest, staunchest supporters. On the night Trump won the election, he singled out Sessions for special praise. He thanked Sessions for being “the first man, […]

Ten Years and Four Days Ago at Grasping Reality: July 22-25, 2017

Worth Hoisting and Highlighting: Paul Krugman is wise; Ezra Klein points out that those who claim having health insurance is not important (a) have health insurance, and (b) are not telling the truth; Robert Samuelson of the execrable...Show More Summary

GOP Health Care Train Wreck

Ezra Klein details the cynicism and dishonesty revealed by the Republican health care debate on The health care debate has revealed a political system unmoored and in crisis. Part of it is the recklessness of the legislation under consideration. Putting all policy arguments aside, no one — including congressional Republicans — believes these bills to [...]Show More Summary

EZRA KLEIN: Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care. As…

EZRA KLEIN: Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care. As Andrew Breitbart pointed out years ago, liberals portray conservatives as either evil or dumb. I see we’ve moved on to dumb.

Why Trump Can’t Convince Anyone on Health Care

Ezra Klein: “The core problem is Trump has no idea what he’s talking about on health care and never bothered to learn. ‘Nobody knew health care could be so complicated,’ he famously, and absurdly, said. His inability to navigate its [...]


HOT AIR’S JOHN SEXTON IS REMEMBERING THE JOURNOLIST IN 2008 AND THE “PROGRESSIVE” MEDIA’S BAG OF TRICKS: For those who don’t remember it, Journolist was just a listserv created by Ezra Klein. The list was invitation only and was mostly made up of progressive journalists. In theory, the list was a kind of digital water […]

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