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Why Going Negative is No Big Deal to Ben Bernanke

Japan and the ECB have pushed interest rates into negative territory to force feed weak economies. The former Federal Reserve Chairman says the U.S. may have to as well.

Welcome to bizarro world, where Republicans are giving fuel to the economy while the Fed pulls back

A month before he finished his tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke gave a reflective speech at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. He used it to beat up on Congress. This was expected; Bernanke spent much of his second term as Fed chair lamenting the failures of fiscal policy, […]

The global element to the Fed’s rate moves

WATCH: Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke discusses interest rates ahead of tonight’s FOMC meeting.

There’s no magic interest rate

WATCH: Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke discusses the case for a rate cut ahead of tonight’s FOMC meeting.

How to Break the Wall Street to Washington Merry-Go-Round

The latest tour de porte came on Dec. 7, when the bond fund giant Pimco announced not one but three salient appointments of former leading government figures -- former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, ex-European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, and Gordon Brown, former U.K. Show More Summary

Recent Serious Unemployment as Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Sees Full Employment 'In Sight'

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's editorial in The Wall Street Journal on October 5, 2015 had headlines: "How the Fed Saved the Economy" and "Full employment without inflation is in sight. The central bank did its job".Show More Summary

The Exchange: Why Ben Bernanke, appointed by Bush, is no longer a Republican

Ben Bernanke, the former Federal Reserve chairman, is unapologetic about the central bank’s response to the great financial crisis.

Ben Bernanke Doesn’t Have Time For Rand Paul’s Kid’s Table Musings On The Fed

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve would not object to the Senator from Kentucky sitting down and shutting up.

Get Ready For The Fiscal Abyss

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke coined his most famous phrase – the fiscal cliff – to describe what at the time was the possibility of spending cuts and tax increase all happening at about the same time. Given the state of the economy, Bernanke said the fiscal cliff [...]

Bernanke: U.S. should have prosecuted individuals after collapse

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke knows Americans have not forgiven him for the Wall Street bailout that saw greed in financial company executive suites go unpunished while regular people lost their homes, jobs and nest eggs in the financial crisis of 2008. "I can understand why they...

Dr. Ben Bernanke On The Courage To Act

The Audio: 10-15hhs-bernanke-1 10-15hhs-bernanke-2 The transcript: HH: As promised, special couple of hours coming up here on the Hugh Hewitt Show. Dr. Ben Bernanke served as chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2006-2014. He was named Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2009, formerly a professor at Princeton and Stanford. Show More Summary

Mark Steyn Analyzes The Democratic Debate

The audio: 10-15hhs-steyn The transcript: HH: Coming up in hours two and three, I’m going to be joined by none other than Ben Bernanke, Ben, of course, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. He’s got what is actually a page-turning memoir, The Courage To Act: A Memoir Of A Crisis And Its Aftermath that I have spent the last three days glued to. Show More Summary

Dr. Ben Bernanke On “The Courage To Act”

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Dr. Ben Bernanke joined me today to discuss his new memoir “The Courage To Act,” which –hard to believe about a book by an economist– is actually a page-turner. It is almost certainly going to be assigned in history of economics classes for decades to come. Show More Summary

Ben Bernanke on why he was right about the economy

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke spent eight years as the leader of the world's most influential central bank during the most devastating global financial crisis in generations. He stepped down on Friday, Jan. 31 2014. The following Monday he was ensconced at the Brookings Institution as a distinguished fellow in residence, working on his book. […]

'The Courage to Act': What Bernanke saw at the global financial crisis

Ben Bernanke was a member of the US Federal Reserve Board in the tumultuous period from 2002 until 2014 and Chairman from 2006 to 2014. His version of this period is told in The Courage to Act, his 600-page meeting-by-meeting account. Show More Summary

Bernanke: Fed Critics Were ‘Mistaken’

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called politicians “mistaken” in their criticisms of how the central bank handled the financial crisis, particularly its role in helping arrange the rescues of several faltering financial firms.

Ben Bernanke’s ‘The Courage to Act’

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve writes about how government and financial institutions dealt with what has come to be known as the Great Recession.

Fed Establishment Lashes Back

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is out with his memoir on the 2008 financial crisis. Called Courage to Act, it is a lengthy defense of the Fed’s unprecedented intervention in the economy, an intervention that continues to this day in the form of zero  interest rates. Show More Summary

BERNANKE: I don't see any bubbles right now, but don't take my word for it (DIA, SPX, SPY, QQQ, IWM, TLT)

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke doesn't see any bubbles forming in global markets right right now. But he doesn't think you should take his word for it. And even if you did, that isn't the right question to ask anyway. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal event on Wednesday morning, Bernanke said, "I don't see any obvious major mispricings. Show More Summary

Bernanke: Jail the Banksters

President Obama should have thrown the banksters in jail. That’s more or less what former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said in an interview this weekend with USA Today.

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