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Final Fantasy XIV's Sapporo snow sculpture is gorgeous

Final Fantasy XIV's Realm Reborn reboot has become one of the most famous stories in the gaming sphere. What originally started off as a failed lackluster MMO got a complete overhaul and is now one of the most quality subscription-based...Show More Summary

Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (Patch 4.2)

The Final Fantasy XIV team has one hell of a way of dropping a patch on its playerbase. The notes for 4.2 basically comprise a short story, detailing myriad quality-of-life improvements like more bag space, as well as ancillary content...Show More Summary

Final Fantasy XIV's 4.2 massive patch notes detail changes, classic boss fights

[Update: The full patch notes are out, and mostly complete -- we just need more information on the new crafting items.] As always, Final Fantasy XIV's new 4.2 patch is accompanied by a massive notes dump, and you can read the preliminary...Show More Summary

When The Final Fantasy XIV: Rise Of A New Sun Update Will Arrive

Square Enix's _Final Fantasy XIV _is still trucking on years later. The game is now eight years old and still receiving new updates and content. It's a real testament to a game receiving a quality overhaul and managing to maintain its audience. Well, Square isn't done yet and the company revealed...

Final Fantasy XIV: Rise of a New Sun Update Release Date Announced

Patch 4.2, "Rise of a New Sun" includes a host of updates for the popular online RPG, including new dungeons.

Patch 4.2 coming later this month for Final Fantasy XIV, will heavily focus on Final Fantasy VI

Square Enix dumped a ton of info on Patch 4.2 for Final Fantasy XIV in the early morning today, just 11 days before it's actually scheduled to arrive. It's called "Rise of a New Sun," and will see a number of alterations to the housing...Show More Summary

Noctis seems to fit in just fine with the rest of the iconic Dissidia Final Fantasy NT crew

When Noctis hit Final Fantasy XV and I really took to him and his entire crew, I was ready for him to hit other games. He's already confirmed for Dissidia NT, Final Fantasy XIV, and even Tekken, and after watching him chill out withShow More Summary

This short Grand Theft Auto Online community documentary shows how the game is still thriving

Noclip has been low key making some great documentaries recently, including my favorite, the redemption story of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The channel's latest centers around a tight-knit Grand Theft Auto Online community called...Show More Summary

Final Fantasy XIV is running a free login campaign until early January

Every so often, especially during lull spots like right now, the Final Fantasy XIV team re-ignites their free login campaign. You can take advantage of it starting this week through January 4, with some provisos attached. For one, once...Show More Summary

The Dragon Quest crossover event returns to Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV likes to keep players interested with three month major patch cycles, but in-between there's little events here and there that are the glue that holds it all together. They're not above re-using them though, and just like the Yo-Kai Watch event, the Dragon Quest crossover "Breaking Brick Mountains" is returning later this month. Show More Summary

Square-Enix still showing interest in bringing Final Fantasy XIV to Switch, having "positive discussions"

We've heard a few times now that Square-Enix has some interest in bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Switch. The opportunity came up once again to ask Square-Enix how that was going, and Final Fantasy XIV dev Naoki Yoshida had the following...Show More Summary

Bards can actually play instruments now in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV's patch 4.15 just dropped, and a lot of the bigger additions like the new mech-based PVP mode are being overshadowed by "performance actions," which allow Bards to play music for the first time. The whole thing is surprisingly...Show More Summary

Two weeks later, top groups are starting to clear Final Fantasy XIV's 'Ultimate' raid tier

In mid October, Final Fantasy XIV's new "Ultimate" raid, The Unending Coil of Bahamut, dropped. Meant for the top of the top (read: you have to beat a raid tier only 1-10% of any given server has cleared to even enter), this challenge...Show More Summary

Player reaches in-game currency cap in Final Fantasy XIV after four years, explains how they did it

After four years, a player named Shalice Icefrost on the Hyperion server finally reached the money (Gil) cap in Final Fantasy XIV. For those who are unaware, no, this isn't a mainline solo Final Fantasy, but rather an MMO, with a living breathing economy that changes on a whim after every update. Show More Summary

It's been nearly a week and no one has cleared Final Fantasy XIV's new raid tier

Last week the Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate/Super Savage) was released in Final Fantasy XIV. The idea, as per the developers, is to provide hardcore players something to do until the next major raid tier drops (4.2) -- and I think...Show More Summary

Final Fantasy XIV's Ultimate raid tier is the toughest challenge yet, and only hardcore players can see it

Square Enix just dropped a small update this week for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, adding a new difficulty tier into the mix. Well, the word "small" is relative, because for some people, they're going to be chipping away at its main event for weeks, if not months. Read more...

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