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Physicians: Understand the the cash flow quadrant

I owe a lot to Robert Kiyosaki. His book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, actually helped start me on my path to financial freedom, and his other writings have all taught me very valuable lessons. While I don’t agree with everything, he says in every book, one thing that really cemented the idea of passive income in […]

Is Bitcoin Your Chance To Become A Millionaire?

Is Bitcoin your chance to become a millionaire? I'm here to tell you why this cryptocurrency is your ticket to financial freedom. Click here to learn more! The post Is Bitcoin Your Chance To Become A Millionaire? appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Most detained in Saudi purge agree to monetary settlement: statement

Most Saudi elites detained in a sweeping anti-corruption purge last month have agreed to a financial settlement in exchange for their freedom, the attorney general said on Tuesday. Dozens of high-profile figures including princes, ministers...Show More Summary

Greece Offers Bond Swap in a Charge Toward Financial Freedom

The proposed bond conversion could help ease a staggering debt burden that at one point threatened to push Greece out of the eurozone.

6 Simple Money Milestones Anyone Can Hit

Achieving financial freedom is really about setting big goals and going after them. But these goals can sometimes seem overwhelming. Saving enough for retirement, a new home, or a college degree is a big task. Eliminating debt can also feel impossible. That's why it helps to set smaller, more...

Another way to visualize your finances: Color-coded expenses

This morning, I talked briefly about visualizing your financial progress when digging out of debt and when building wealth. Zach from Four Pillar Freedom has an interesting way of doing this. He divides his expenses into three categories, which he has assigned arbitrary colors: Purple things are free (or cheap) and they bring him joy. Show More Summary

Money Management 101: How To Manage Your Money For Financial Freedom

I am here to teach you the basics of money management 101. Are you ready to learn how to manage your money for financial freedom? Click here to learn more! The post Money Management 101: How To Manage Your Money For Financial Freedom appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Here's how to prepare for you financial future if you work in the gig economy

The gig economy makes up 16% of all US workers. A lack of benefits is a downside of being part of the gig economy. People who work in the gig economy need to prepare for their financial futures. Gig workers have freedoms that most full-timers only dream of: setting their own hours, working from home, being their own bosses. Show More Summary

Your freedom shouldn’t be dependent on your bank account balance

No one should remain behind bars as they await trial solely because they lack the financial resources to get out of jail. It makes no sense for a person deemed eligible for release to remain jailed simply because they are poor, while a more fortunate individual facing the same or more serious charges can go […]

How To Build A $10,000,000 Online Brand On Amazon | Ryan Moran

Do you want to know how to make $10,000,000 on Amazon? An Amazon Millionaire reveals how you can achieve financial freedom. Click here to learn more! The post How To Build A $10,000,000 Online Brand On Amazon | Ryan Moran appeared first on Project Life Mastery.

Why Is Bill Browder Banned from America?

Vladimir Putin keeps putting William Browder on Interpol’s wanted list, or trying to. As far as I’m concerned, these attempts are the equivalent of medals of freedom. Remember who Browder is: He is the financier whose lawyer was Sergei Magnitsky, who became a prisoner of the Russian state and was tortured to death — real slow. Show More Summary

George Soros transfers $18 bn to his foundation

American financier George Soros, 87, has transferred $18 billion to his foundation, which works to promote democracy, human rights and freedom of the press. The figure "reflects an ongoing process of asset transfer that has been underway for several years," spokeswoman Laura Silber told AFP on Tuesday. Show More Summary

Prague hackers' congress to address 'financial freedom'

A hackers' congress launched in Prague on Friday will discuss new cryptocurrencies and other tools to combat the erosion of financial freedom around the world, organisers said.

"Freedom Insurance" Has Never Been More Crucial - How To Get A Second Passport

Authored by Nick Giambruno via, The biggest threat to your personal freedom and financial security is the government, hands down. Today, skyrocketing government debt is only making that threat worse. In the US, the...Show More Summary

6 Ways to Deal with Immediate Financial Crisis

If you find yourself in a financial crisis, you might be feeling a bit panicked. You might not know how you’re going to get of this mess and find your way back to financial freedom. However, you should know that there are plenty of ways for you to deal with a financial crisis and get you and your business back up and running again. Show More Summary

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat: Financial Freedom as a Team

Looking to get off the treadmill and finally dump your debt? Learn how you can set your money to win and reach your goals faster!  Have you ever been frustrated with […] The post Live. Save. Spend. Repeat: Financial Freedom as a Team appeared first on Couple Money.

How to Overcome These 4 Wealth Building Roadblocks

The successful understand that true financial freedom is achieved by building or accumulating money producing assets. These assets include: Investment real estate Stocks and bonds Intellectual property that you’ve created Your side hustles...Show More Summary

The key to financial freedom: Live and work like a resident

That first paycheck as a new attending means so much more than what is direct-deposited into the bank account. The emotions of finishing medical school and training to finally seeing the fruits of your labor positively affect the bank account is something to be proud of. As a medical student (like myself) and resident, it […]

The Emergence of Digital Currency paved the way for Coinsilium

3 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Luxuo

Thanks to the emergence of Digital Currency, Coinsilium has entered an age of financial freedom like never before, brought on by the ability to securely exchange value digitally, without the need for a trusted third-party

What Would You Do to Retire Early? Three Ways to Help Make It Happen

Most of us who read money blogs like the Simple Dollar do so because we have real-life financial goals. If you’re like me, your goals are fairly simple – you want to enjoy relative financial freedom, take care of your home and your family, and have a little fun along the way. Show More Summary

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