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What You Don't See When I'm On My Phone Around My Children

There is so much talk, these days, about parents and their overuse of smartphones around their children. If I took the time to scroll through a day or two on my Facebook feed, it wouldn't take long to find that one of my "mom friends"...Show More Summary

Finding Time For Your Husband in a Busy World

Don’t sit in silence and expect your significant other to read your mind. __ I recently asked my Facebook friends to provide me with relationship topics that they would like to see discussed in my column. It was difficult to choose my...Show More Summary

My New Beauty Find: Folie Apothecary

I remember the minute I discovered Folie Apothecary. One of my good friends posted an interview with the creator on Facebook. I read the interview and everything about Nikisha Brunson and Folie spoke to me. I had recently decided to start making my own whipped shea butter and I watched Nikisha’s video on how to do. Show More Summary

Do People Feel Sorry for You Because of Divorce?

A little while back my friend "Maya" Facebooks me. Maya writes (and I paraphrase): "I hate when people find out that I am getting divorced and say, 'I am so sorry.'" I am not sorry. I don't want people feeling sorry for me. I see this as a good thing. Show More Summary

Acupuncturist Finds New Way to Separate Yuppies From Their Money

The other day, my Facebook News Feed was all abuzz about an NPR story titled, "Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain." Between the shares from my critical thinking friends and NPR, I figured this article must have merit and was worth my time to read. Show More Summary

How to Build a Profitable Social Media Sales Funnel [Free Webinar]

Create a Foolproof Facebook Marketing System, Find Your Best Customers, and Skyrocket Your Sales. I’d like to invite you to join me for a free, live Webinar with my friend, Amy Porterfield, on Tuesday, May 26, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (1:00 p.m. Show More Summary

The open tech of

On Friday, as you may know, I made public. It's a quick way to find a great podcast to listen to, now. Without subscribing. The list of feeds is curated, it comes from my Facebook friends. In that I think it's a prototype for how social networks can be used to create new flows that aren't complicated or hard to use or appreciate. Show More Summary

“Are teachers going the way of local bookstores?”

In my new situation of retired educator (or semi-retired educator. I can’t really decide), I find myself paying less attention to Twitter and more to friends and relatives on Facebook.  But this morning, when I started my computer and Twitteriffic flashed up, I scanned through the most recent tweets from my long-time and famous educator […]

Be like water, My Friend

Hirano was putting this lecture into a physical instead of verbal form when he devised and demonstrated Nanatsu no kata. Want to discuss this blog post?Come find me on Facebook at my Mokuren Dojo FB group____________________Patrick

The Big C

I don’t know what happens when people die Can’t seem to grasp it as hard as I try “For A Dancer” Jackson Browne My friend just died. You can Google him, search for him on Facebook, you won’t find much. Although he was addicted to Foursquare for a time. He loved being the mayor. I […] The post The Big C appeared first on Lefsetz Letter.

Facebook Brings Graph Search To Mobile And Lets You Find Feed Posts By Keyword

Facebook is finally getting serious about search. Today it’s challenging Google for finding answers and Twitter for checking real-time chatter with the launch of keyword search. Two years after launching semantic “My friends who…” search for people, places, and photos on the web, Graph Search is rolling out on iOS in the US along with the new keyword search option… Read More

Import Your Facebook Friends to Google+

The easiest thing you can do when trying to grow your following on a new social network is to find and connect with any existing friends or followers that you have already on other networks. Here's how I found my Facebook friends on Google+.

Regarding Grief and Regarding Marshall

The modern way of computer-assisted grief is surreal. Because so many of my brother's friends communicate by way of Facebook, I found (and still find) myself in a state of having to deal with something that is deeply personal and deeply complicated in a public way. Show More Summary

Thanks to my little sister you can find us on facebook

I stopped sending my posts to my facebook account (I'm sure some of my facebook friends get annoyed by them... some "friends", right?). The link for our blog site is here: I think all of our posts are arriving via RSS Graffiti (if anyone knows of a...

Bride Posts List Of Reasons Why You’re Not Invited To Her Wedding On Facebook

When I find out a friend or acquaintance is getting married, I’m happy for them, but I definitely don’t sit around waiting for my invitation to the wedding to arrive. I enjoy weddings, but the only ones I actually want to attend are the ones being held by people who I really love and know [...]

How do I find my friend’s birthdays on Facebook?

Used to be that a list of my friend's birthdays was found on the Events page. Now it's gone. Darn it! Where'd it go on Facebook? The post How do I find my friend’s birthdays on Facebook? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylor.

'We Negotiate with Terrorists Now': Social Media and Ideology

After a social media fast, I made a tentative return to Facebook. I returned mostly aware of what I would find. A complete archival record of every child of every Facebook friend. Images of food my digital confreres had just consumed or shortly would consume or perhaps simply hoped to, someday, consume. Show More Summary

Showcase happy doctors and find out what they’re doing right

Recently, a friend posted a story on my Facebook page: “How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession,” Oh no. “Another article on miserable doctors,” I thought. I’m an expert on miserable doctors. I used to be one. Why should I read this? What could I possibly learn? I decided to ignore it. Continue reading... Your [...]

Finding 2014 NFL draft prospects' musical equivalents is no easy task

This idea was birthed, naturally, from a Facebook post. My high-school friend Nathan Goldstein, avid fan of both the NBA and music, offered up a simple metaphor: “Derek Trucks is the Larry Bird of blues music.” It was a great line. I, like others I suspect, LOLed. It was also ground zero for an all-consuming thread that almost threatened my divorce. Show More Summary

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