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Rockridge residents angered by Ford GoBike station placed near Oakland firestorm memorial

Oakland residents have mixed feelings about the installation of a bike share docking station near an Oakland firestorm memorial at the Rockridge BART station. In response to outcry, city officials say the station will be temporary while they determine a different location nearby.

'Ford GoBike' adding 250 docking e-bikes

Days after Scoot announced a new e-bike fleet, the local operator of Ford GoBikes is sharing plans to launch a pedal assisted e-bike pilot program.

FordGoBike Goes Electric: Ford Motor Company’s GoBike “Bikeshare” Rental Scheme to Expand with Battery-Assist Bicycles in April 2018

TweetPretty soon it won’t be so hard to pedal up our 48 hills on a heavy, clunky GoBike rental See all the deets in this just-released press release:  “Motivate will launch a pilot program adding 250 Ford GoBike-branded GenZe electric bicycles to its bikeshare fleet in San Francisco, beginning April 2018. (Photo: Business Wire) January […]

How to Get Rid of a Ford Motor Company GoBike Rental Station: Create a Boycott Webpage Then Wait a Few Days

TweetSay you don’t cotton to a Ford rental station right in front of your residence, like this: All you have to do is start a website called something like GoBike Boycott and then, well, you’ll have mighty Ford Motor Company / Motivate, International calling you up to say, “It’s gone, baby,” in so many words. It’s […]

Either Ford Rejected Palo Alto or Vice Versa – GoBike Rental Service Cancelled in PA – City is on “a New and Better Path”

TweetOuch. This is how it was supposed to be, down StanFORD way: Palo Alto expands bike share system with Ford’s help But TWTATIN, see? Here’s the reason why Ford Motor Company ads won’t be rolling all over PA: So, not only will Palo Alto’s “bikeshare” rentals not have giant FORD logos on them, Palo Altons […]

Ford GoBike Announces Innovative Miles-for-Miles Partnership with Alaska Airlines, Celebrates Expansion in San Jose

Ford GoBike and Alaska Airlines, joined by San Jose Mayor and MTC Commissioner Sam Liccardo, regional officials and community members, announced the launch of their founding partnership with an innovative new miles-for-miles program...

Ford Motor Gets Five Yards for ENCROACHMENT – Now Marketing GoBike Rentals as “Just $3 for Each Additional 15 Minutes”

TweetIf you see the mom and pop owners of Frisco’s legacy bike rental businesses with their hands on their hips today… …it’s due to this further ENCROACHMENT on their biz from wealthy Ford Motor Company / non-wealthy Motivate, International. I’ll tell you, I’ve seen it all summer – tourists on GoBikes far far away from […]

Apparently, Some of Our Tourists Have NO PROBLEM Paying MORE THAN $12 Per Hour to Rent Ford Motor Company GoBikes

TweetOf course, there are still some tourists who misunderstand that they have to check their rental bike back in every 30 minutes and end up getting billed more than $100, after paying $10 or so for a “Daypass.” So yeah, that still happens. But what also happens is other tourists do the math and say […]

The Economics of Ford Motor Company GoBike Rental Theft – And Who’s Been Charged $1200 for Stolen Rentals?

TweetMan, a lot of Ford’s GoBike rentals have been stolen already, huh? (Sometimes you gotta wonder why somebody’d check out a bike rental only to push it around. That wasn’t a hill or anything. And this is going away from the nearest station.) Anyway, wouldn’t you rather have a regular stolen bike instead of a […]

Mystery Rental Bikes on the Streets of San Francisco: “Beyond” – Electric-Powered, Real Gears, Better than a Ford GoBike?

TweetWell, obvs. this is better than the likes of a clunky, 40-pound, Ford Motor Company GoBike “bikeshare” rental bike. For one thing, it’s got an electric motor: But I don’t know where this rental bike is from. Hence the mystery…

Can You Ride MUNI Without Consenting to the Use of Your Image for Any Purpose? YES – Now, What About When You Ride a Ford Motor GoBike?

TweetHey, seems like you’re investigating Michigan-based Ford Motor Company’s / New Yawk-based Motivate, International’s Privacy Policy? So I’ll point you here: But nope, no luck, just a blank...Show More Summary

This Harmless Rental Bike Locked Up on Market is Seen as a HUGE THREAT by Ford Motor Company – A Dubious Public Private Partnership

TweetA JUMP bike seen a few days back: So, let’s say you want to compete with Ford Motor Company’s high cost GoBike service. You could offer to buy up some parking spaces from the SFMTA and you know, plan out how big your concomitant billboards will be, but uh oh, FoMoCo occupies the field with […]

FORD, INTERRUPTED: Residents of This Building Simply VOTED DOWN a FoMoCo GoBike Rental Station, No Vandalism Required

TweetMichigan-based Ford Motor Company and/or its “partner,” New York-based Motivate, International (FKA Alta Bicycle Share), decided to put an 80 foot long “bikeshare” station/ Ford ad on the street right here: Here’s your StreetView: Those four parking spaces on the left there are where FoMoCo was highly motivated to take over. I think it would […]

How does the cost of Ford GoBikes compare to other U.S. bike share programs?

SFGATE compared the costs of bike share programs in 14 U.S. cities, and the Ford GoBike rental fees are commensurate with the rest.

FGBOTD – Your Ford Motor Company GoBike Of The Day: #11472, a Bicycle Built for Two

TweetMarket Street outbound: (And this way, this ride is cheaper than paying the MUNI fare, so that’s something.) (And what a lazy stoker, not even trying…) This behavior of course violates your TOS, but then again, Ford Motor Company tracks you more than, say, Citibank does in New Yawk, so maybe this all balances out. […]

Ford GoBike set afire in latest bike-share vandalism

Vandals keep coming up with new ways to kill and maim Ford GoBikes, those urban bike-share cruisers that have become a symbol of gentrification in the Bay Area.

FGBOTD: Your Ford GoBike of the Day – Impression, Sunrise – Submerged in the Briny Deep of Lake Merritt

TweetVia Ruth Miller, no filter: La mise-en-scene: Hey, why don’t we try taking off the FORD logo from all these bikes if this is how the reaction is? Question: Does Citibank track GoBike “bikeshare” rental users in New Yawk the way Ford is now in the Bay Area? Non. Non non non! ‘Cause Ford is getting […]

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