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Report: Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies To Cut Carbon Emissions

A new method of gauging the impact of fossil fuel subsidies on country-scale carbon emissions was recently examined in a report from The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. The report’s author Radek Stefanski utilized the method to create 30-year-long database incorporating figures from 170 different countries. Show More Summary

The Myth About Renewable Energy Subsidies

Originally published on RenewEconomy. Ever hear the story about why renewable energy can’t compete without a subsidy? You hear it all the time from the fossil fuel industry. And the response from renewables? Take away fossil fuel subsidies, and they’d be glad to compete on level terms. Show More Summary

Nuclear Industry Subsidies Part IV: Conclusions on Koplow

Update : I am reposting this 4 part series on Nuclear subsidies which critiques inaccurate claims about subsidies to the nuclear power industry, made by lobbiests for thev fossil fuel and the socalled renewable power industries. These...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders' Favorite Fossil Fuel Subsidy

Why do fossil fuel subsidies persist? Because everyone, even Bernie Sanders, supports them.

Canada Gives ~$46 Billion Per Year In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Originally published on EV Obsession. The Canadian government subsidizes the fossil fuel industry in the country to the tune of around $46.4 billion a year, according to a report from the IMF last year — with $1.4 billion of this referring...Show More Summary

The Coal Industry Is Off To a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama reiterated his call to eliminate federal subsidies for fossil fuels in an effort to speed up the transition to cleaner energy sources. It's something he's asked for nearly every year of his presidency, and it hasn't happened yet. Show More Summary

We Spend $775 Billion on Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies

COP21 is over. Now, the world's leaders have to figure out how to both reduce their carbon emissions and make a smooth transition to renewable energies. If you live in the U.S., you're probably going to hear Republicans complain that this will be expensive, difficult and downright un-American. Show More Summary

$436B in Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies!

As the scheduled talks at COP21 near their completion, parties, activists and press are packing into the Le Bourget conference center to lobby for their key issues to make it into the final draft of the declaration that will be coming out of the convention. Show More Summary

Giving With One Hand and Taking With the Other: How Fossil Fuel Subsidies Undermine "Climate Finance" Fund Donations Pledged in Run-up to Paris UN Negotiation

Subsidies of fossil fuels by national governments - for exploration and production - are undermining pledges by developed nations to help finance climate change mitigation by developing nations. In fact, even as the rich countries have...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders’s Climate Plan Takes Aim at the 1 Percent

Bernie Sanders rolled out a 16-page climate change plan on Monday that combines many of his long-held environmental positions, like dropping fossil fuel subsidies and banning offshore drilling, with a couple of new ideas. Those new proposals include a pledge to cut carbon pollution 40 percent by 2030, primarily by instituting a carbon tax. Show More Summary

On Tether to Fossil Fuels, Nations Speak With Money

5 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

Government subsidies for conventional energy still dwarf spending on the fight against climate change. Calls for reforms continue.

Rich nations' fossil fuel subsidies exceed climate aid 40 to 1: researchers

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Wealthy nations spend 40 times as much money subsidizing fossil fuel production as they contribute to the Green Climate Fund to help poor countries adapt to global warming, a research group said in a study released on Thursday.

Aust won't sign fossil fuel deal

PM won't sign an international agreement to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

Prince Charles Demands Governments Scrap Fossil Fuel Subsidies

BY BRENDAN MONTAGUE AND KYLA MANDEL IN PARIS Fossil fuel subsides totalling $500 billion globally must be scrapped to prevent catastrophic climate change, t he Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group told the COP 21 conference today. John...Show More Summary

Subsidies For Energy (1): Why The Confusion?

People throw out many numbers for fossil fuel subsidies, often without realizing what the different numbers mean.

New Report Provides Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform Lessons From 15 Countries

A new report from the New Climate Economy highlights lessons learned from 15 countries who have undertaken reforms of fossil fuel subsidy policy. The paper, Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: From Rhetoric to Reality, was partly responsible...Show More Summary

Around the world, fossil-fuels collecting huge welfare checks

MetalMiner: "A recent IMF report states that the fossil fuel industry has been and continues to be subsidized to such a degree that simply ending what it estimates to be the industry’s current subsidies would cut carbon emissions by 20%."

This map shows which countries are squandering the most money on fossil fuel subsidies

G20 nations spend $452 billion each year on fossil fuel subsidies. But some countries are at least starting to reform those programs.

UK will shut down all coal power plants by 2025

Government also putting more taxpayer money into fossil fuel subsidies.

Open thread for night owls: Renewables growth gets good press, fossil fuels still get big subsidies

5 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Much positive attention has recently been given to both the potential for renewables to meet all our energy needs as well as the actual spread of solar- and wind-generated electricity. For example, the International Energy Agency recently released its much-watched World Energy Outlook 2015. Show More Summary

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