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Tesla Should Consider Building This Car Powered By A Giant Mouse Trap

On its quest to free the world from the burden of fossil fuels, Tesla has unfortunately hit some speed bumps with the production of its Model 3. So instead of relying on batteries and electricity for power, perhaps the company should consider this four-wheeled contraption which runs on a gigantic spring-powered mouse trap. More »      

Endangered coffee crops in Uganda threaten families' livelihood

Damage being done to the planet by oil and other fossil fuels is putting coffee in trouble

Statoil To Focus On Development Of “Clean” Light-Crude Oil, CEO Says (To Focus On Fossil Fuel Extraction For Decades To Come)

While a rapid, wholesale move away from fossil fuel dependence would be required if extreme anthropogenic climate warming and instability was to be avoided to any real degree, that fact truly doesn't seem to have sunk in for many of those in the world now. Show More Summary

Will US Courts Force America To Confront Climate Change?

Courts are poorly equipped to deal with public policy considerations like climate change. But at a time when the executive and legislative branches of American government are bought and paid for by fossil fuel interests, they may be the last, best option for climate activists. Show More Summary

Meadows beat out shrubs when it comes to storing carbon

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) While the world focuses on controlling global warming caused by CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, less attention has been paid to the capacity of vegetation and soils to take up and store carbon. A remote field site in the Norwegian mountains is improving our understanding of carbon cycling in high-latitude alpine areas.

Meadows beat out shrubs when it comes to storing carbon

Excess carbon dioxide, emitted by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, is one of the most important factors in driving global warming. While the world is focused on controlling global warming by limiting these emissions, less attention has been paid to the capacity of vegetation and soils to take up and store carbon.

Why Meeting the Paris Climate Goals Is an Existential Threat to Fossil Fuel Industries

By Henry Kelly, University of Michigan Attacks on climate policies are not really about the science. They’re about the future of fossil fuels. Any program with a reasonable chance of meeting the goals embraced by the 2016 Paris accords...Show More Summary

Researchers develop potentially low-cost, low-emissions technology that can convert methane without forming CO2

As we work to toward more sustainable ways of powering our lifestyles, there is a quest to bridge the gap between the carbon dioxide-emitting fossil fuels we rely on for our most basic needs, and the cleaner, but not yet economically feasible alternative technologies.

Americans get it on climate change: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Co.

The planet is telling us every way it can that it’s time to cut fossil fuel pollution and shift to cleaner, smarter ways to power our future.        

Latest climate talks actually made progress despite US obstinacy

While the US tried to promote “clean coal” at the COP23 Bonn climate meeting, other countries called for the dirty fossil fuel to be rapidly phased out

World's largest sovereign wealth fund could ditch oil and gas stocks

Norway raked in money from oil in the past. But now the country's Norges Bank, which manages its $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund - the world's largest - is recommending the government dump fossil fuel stocks. They said the move "will...Show More Summary

Reusing waste energy with 2-D electron gas

More than 60 percent of the energy produced by fossil fuels is lost as heat. Thermoelectric energy conversion has attracted much attention as a way to convert waste heat from power plants, factories and cars into electricity. However, currently available technologies need improvement to become viable on industrial scales.

Companies Have Now Invented “Climate Leave”

Because, obviously, Bad Weather never happened prior to fossil fuels and whatever time frame Warmists deem important for the conversation. It’s rather serendipitous that this article is in the Northwest

The Power Of The Sun

Dubai has reached the “tipping point” and is turning from fossil fuels to solar. From General Electric via YouTube From via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governments Should Start Putting Public Health Warning Labels On Fossil Fuels

The former governor of California — and of course film actor, producer, and body builder, as well — Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued a public challenge to governments around the world to start putting public health warning labels on fossil fuels similar to the ones now found on cigarette packages

UN climate talks wrap up as US stands firm on fossil fuels

UN negotiations on implementing the Paris climate change agreement wrap up Friday after two weeks of talks that were slowed down by the United States defending the use of fossil fuels.

The Growing Schism Between Coal and Oil

Bush’s environmental policies were bad, but Trump’s policies are way worse.  One reason is that Bush and Cheney were oilman, and Trump is obsessed with coal. Yes, oil and coal are both fossil fuels, but they have different economics and different policy stances. These are two very different industries. The U.S. coal companies are in […]

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