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Tucker Carlson’s sugar daddy: How another hilarious rich person humiliated himself

Foster Friess, funder of Tucker Carlson and Rick Santorum, may be rich -- but he doesn't understand how media works

Billionaire GOP Sugar Daddy Foster Friess: Stop Making Daily Caller Look Bad, By Quoting Them!

Last week, we learned the SHOCKING! news that Tucker Carlson, Fox News host and the proprietor of the cesspool known as the Daily Caller, is a sexist piece of scum. No, wait, we’ve known that for years. The new news is that Tucker has a brother named Buckley, and Buckley is just as wretched a human being as his brother. Show More Summary

Big Donors Are Asked to Encourage a ‘Civil’ G.O.P. Primary

Foster Friess, the businessman who helped finance groups supporting Rick Santorum's 2012 presidential campaign, is asking his fellow multimillionaire donors to press the Republican field to be "civil" during the party's primary in 2...

Christian Millionaire's Private ISIS War

3 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

He’s best known for keeping GOP politicians like Rick Santorum and Scott Walker afloat. But Foster Friess has a new cause. And it’s a long way from DC.

Rick Santorum: I TOLD YOU SO

Yes, I did tell you so, but also that will probably be Rick Santorum’s working campaign slogan for 2016. And Foster “Aspirin As Birth Control” Friess is gonna bankroll him, again, per Robert Costa at the Washington Post: Foster Friess, a wealthy conservative donor whose funds propelled Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign, will host a [Read more...]

Big GOP Donor Slams Obamacare Using Infamous Hitler Meme

12 months agoNews : Mediaite

Foster Friess, a big Obamacare donor, made the very unusual step of going after Obamacare via that internet meme of Adolf Hitler angrily reacting to something he's just learned about.

Big Republican Donor Uses Hitler To Target Obamacare

It’s always so nice when you can throw in a little Adolf Hitler to make your point. It’s so original. Republican mega-donor Foster Friess is offering a parody video targeting Obamacare…starring Adolf Hitler. The nearly-four minute segment, posted at and, as first reported by the Daily Beast, blasted out to his email list, features […]

Major GOP Donor Sends Out Obamacare Hitler Parody

12 months agoNews : The Daily Beast

Foster Friess, a major Republican donor, sent out a "humorous parody" video on Monday of Hitler complaining about Obamacare.

GOP donor's $1 million tornado victim donation challenge

Washington (CNN) - Major conservative donor and multi-millionaire Foster Friess is planning to donate $1 million to help the victims of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and is challenging others to match that amount. In an email to supporters Tuesday Friess announced his donation. He said he and his wife haven't decided exactly where the […]

Foster and Tucker’s Dominican Hookers

Because the ONLY fact that emerges after these months of attempted smear and political assassination from that "civility" that Foster Friess is bankrolling is that his money has INTENTIONALLY paid for prostitutes. Lots and lots of prostitutes. Continue reading ?

GOP mega-donor: voters in 'center cities' don't count

In the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination, several candidates enjoyed the backing of their very own rich guy to help bankroll their campaigns. For Rick Santorum, it was Foster Friess, who made quite a public impression. It was Friess, you'll recall, who told MS …

GOP millionaire Friess wants Santorum all over again

2 years agoNews : The Newsroom

Wealthy conservative investor Foster Friess spent well over a million dollars on Santorum's campaign in 2012.

Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst Group Views Union Battles As 'Distractions'

enlarge Rhee with Foster Friess Wake up, progressives. Michelle Rhee and her Rupert Murdoch-funded StudentsFirst organization is not progressive today, it wasn't progressive yesterday, and it won't be tomorrow. StudentsFirst has no problem with states that want to voucherize public education and kill public schools one agonizing drip at a time. Show More Summary

Did the Tea Party's Biggest Campaign Donors Tax Themselves?

Last week, Foster Friess (right), one of the biggest private contributors to the the Republican party, complained to The Los Angeles Times that super PACs -- the political organizations that are allowed to accept unlimited political donations -- are too secretive about how they spend their money. Show More Summary

Campaign Donations: The Donors You Know, and the Ones You Don't

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's vote, one thing is certain: This election cycle has created a slew of new celebrities. A year and a half ago, nobody knew anything about Foster Friess or Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers or Frank VanDerSloot. Show More Summary

So Obvious that even CNN noticed

The ever-compliant frauds at CNN even fail to note that Tucker Carlson (whose Foster "Aspirin Knees" Friess -financed The Daily Caller "broke" the video with heavy pre-promotion by Drudge) was AN MSNBC TALKING HEAD AT THE TIME!!!

Foster Friess: America Would Be Better Off With More Wealthy People

On the one-year anniversary of the fizzling “Occupy” movement that tried to pit the so-called 99% against the 1%, and on the day in which a video of Mitt Romney talking about the 47% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes drove...Show More Summary

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth Out Of The Government?

Foster Friess wrote a column on “what the mega-rich do for America.” It’s a good read and a good perspective, but there’s a particular section of the piece that applies to a much broader audience. Our society would be a lot better off if everybody’s tax rates were lowered. Show More Summary

GOP Mega-Donor Foster Friess on RNC: "This is a Nightmare For Me"

When Foster Friess began to cry, Condoleezza Rice was in the last throes of her speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday. The trigger was a tale about her childhood in segregated Alabama. "You might not be able to control your circumstances but you can control your response to your circumstances," he told me a few minutes later. Show More Summary

Team Romney Hires Colleague of Convicted Felon Ali Akbar

Earlier this year Akbar and Murphy started a group called the National Bloggers Club. They were supported by seed money from Foster Friess, the billionaire who propped up Rick Santorum's presidential campaign and earned notoriety for suggesting that women use aspirin as birth control - by placing a pill between their knees. Show More Summary

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