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Russia, UK Must Review Legal Framework, Hold Bilateral Talks After Brexit

Moscow and London will have to review their agreements following Britons' decision to leave the European Union, Russia's envoy to the EU told Sputnik.

What You Need To Know About Microsoft .NET Core 1.0

It’s been years in the making but Microsoft has finally released its open source.NET Core, essentially a stripped down version of the company’s full blown.NET Framework that is used to create mobile, desktop and web applications forShow More Summary

Getting a grip on slippery cell membranes

Within our cells, myosin-1 motors carry tiny bits of cargo along an inner framework called the cytoskeleton. To do so, they must tug on flexible membranes made of fatty molecules called lipids. Scientists have long wondered how the motors can maintain their grip on these slippery membranes. A new report offers a biophysical explanation.

Getting a grip on slippery cell membranes

Worcester, Mass. - Within each of our cells is a distribution system that uses molecular motors and filaments to move proteins, organelles, and other tiny bits of cargo along its inner framework, or cytoskeleton. To achieve this feat,...Show More Summary

Android Mobile Vision restores operation and adds Text API

Posted by Michael Sipe, Product Manager As an important framework for finding objects in photos and video, Mobile Vision operation for Android devices is restored in Google Play Services v9.2. This new version of Google Play Services fixes a download issue in Google Play Services v.9.0 that caused a service outage. Show More Summary

The Hero's Journey: How To Tell Your Company's Story And Make It Interesting

The Hero's Journey framework can be found in everything from the Beowulf to Star Wars. Entrepreneurs can and should use it to make the story of their business more interesting and personal.

.NET Core and ASP.NET Core v1.0 released

Microsoft today announced the release of.NET Core 1.0, ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework 1.0 on Windows, OS X and Linux. Microsoft is also releasing the.NET Core runtime, libraries and tools and the ASP.NET Core libraries along with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions that enable you to create.NET Core projects. […]

Microsoft’s open source .NET Core and ASP.NET Core hit 1.0

It’s been over a year and a half since Microsoft first announced the open source.NET Core project, which aims to bring the core parts of Microsoft’s .NET framework (and its cousin, the web-focused ASP.NET Core) to Linux, OS X and other operating systems that the company didn’t previously support. Show More Summary

Rules for Robots

Robot behaviour is no longer a purely theoretical problem. Since Asimov came up with the famous Three Laws which provide the framework for his robot stories, a good deal of serious thought has been given to extreme cases where robots might cause massive disasters and to such matters as the ethics of military robots. Now, […]

Ceva's Improved Deep Learning Software Framework Now Supports TensorFlow For Embedded Systems

Ceva, a licensor of signal processing IP, announced that its new deep neural network software library brings major new improvements as well as support for Google's TensorFlow machine learning library for embedded systems.

Create Hybrid Test Framework – Selenium Driver Implementation

Build a Hybrid Test Automation Framework. Learn how to create an abstract Selenium WebDriver Implementation of it following SOLID principles.The post Create Hybrid Test Framework – Selenium Driver Implementation appeared first on Automate The Planet.

Russian Railways, China Railway Sign Comprehensive Cooperation Deal

Russian Railways and China Railway signed a framework agreement on the localization of the manufacturing of the rolling stock in Russia.

Creating DataAccess using Entity Framework

In this blog, we will create data access layer using Entity Framwork Code First Approach.We will be using the same data access layer in our coming blogs. INTRODUCTION: We have many ORM frameworks available, Entity Framework is one of the available framework. So what is ORM (Object Reational Mapping)

Not a One Way Street

Who's zooming whom? Within the AEIOU framework (arouse, educate, inspire, "opinionate", use) framework of market writing, most authors sell...talking their book. After all, influencing others while enriching yourself, that's the American Way. Show More Summary

Don’t Expect Neon Demon Director Nicolas Winding Refn to Just Make Another Drive

Back in 2011, a little movie called Drive changed the way we felt about a few things: a) Ryan Gosling b) Elevators c) White jackets with scorpions on the back It married a noir framework to the world of a getaway driver in Los Angeles, featuring the likes of Carey ... More »

Security Best Practices for Azure App Service Web Apps, Part 4

Microsoft’s Azure App Service is a fully managed Platform as a Service for developers that provides features and frameworks to quickly and easily build apps for any platform and any device. In spite of its ease of use, developers still need to keep security in mind because Azure will not take care of every aspect of security. Show More Summary

Neo-liberalism and the European Social Model

From "The Dysfunctional Nature of the Economic and Monetary Union," Philip Arestis, Giuseppe Fontana and Malcolm Sawyer:"The policy framework governing the euro can be aligned with a more general theoretical framework, which finds its expression in the ‘new consensus macroeconomics’ (NCM). Show More Summary

As Britain Exits The European Union, It Steps Away From Leading Environmental Laws

Britain voted to leave the European Union, and with that, it leaves the positive environmental framework the EU provides. The post As Britain Exits The European Union, It Steps Away From Leading Environmental Laws appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Akiem collaborates with Bombardier for 52 Traxx locomotives

France-based rolling stock leasing company Akiem has entered into a framework agreement with Bombardier Transportation for 52 Traxx alternating current (AC) and multi-system (MS) locomotives.

BIMCO Launches New Standard Agreements for Novation of Shipping Contracts

BIMCO has published three standard novation agreements that provide a legal framework to change one of the original parties to a contract.   Two of the agreements

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