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Franklin Graham Warns Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in US and Europe; Endorses 'The Hiding Place' Sequel

The Rev. Franklin Graham has warned that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and Europe. The evangelical preacher made the comments while endorsing the upcoming release of the film "Return of the Hiding Place," the sequel to the original that was produced by his father, Billy Graham.

Reverend Franklin Graham: A ‘Storm is Coming’ for American Christian Persecution (VIDEO)

Islamic terrorists are routinely murdering innocent people in the Middle East, purely because they are Christians who refuse to submit to Islam — yet Obama will barely condemn these acts

-Obama Foreign Policies Leading to Christian Persecution?

Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse (a Christian relief organization0 and BGEA believes that  President Barack Obama’s sympathy towards Islam is bringing on a ‘Storm of Islam’ that will result in Christian persecution in this country and around the world. From the Blaze: “We’re going to see persecution, I believe, in this country, because our president […]

Extremist Cleric Speaks Ahead of Speech

Extremist cleric Franklin Graham warns that "radical Islamists" are advising President Obama and "advising various levels of government... they hate Israel and they hate Christians, and so the storm is coming."

Franklin Graham Says Obama's 'Sympathy to Islam' Will Lead to Christian and Jewish Persecution in America

The Rev. Franklin Graham has warned in an interview that President Barack Obama is "very sympathetic to Islam" and that America's foreign policy is influenced by Muslims. He added that this influence could lead to Christians and Jewish people being persecuted in the United States.

Franklin Graham: White House Run By Muslims Who ‘Hate Israel And Hate Christians’

Franklin Graham’s Islamophobia and Obama Derangement Syndrome get worse with time. “We’re going to see persecution, I believe, in this country because our president is very sympathetic to Islam and the reason I say that, Gordon, is because his father was a Muslim, gave him a Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama,” he said. “His mother [...]

Franklin Graham Possessed By Obama Derangement Syndrome

Obama Derangement Syndrome may hit its apex this week, between the Obamacare arguments scheduled for Wednesday and Bibi Netanyahu's speech on Thursday. They're already dialing up the crazy and it's only Monday. But Franklin Graham is really in need of some serious reality checking, or barring that, a prescription for Xanax. Show More Summary

Franklin Graham and evangelicals freak out over proposals barring LGBT discrimination in Charlotte

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Evangelist Franklin Graham was among several conservative Christians protesting both online and in public against a plan to expand non-discrimination ordinances in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Christian Examiner reported. “I cannot see why [the] City Council would even consider this,”...

Franklin Graham Sounds Alarm Over Obama’s Secret Plan For America’s Downfall

By essentially every conceivable socio-political metric, America has suffered under the Obama Regime. However, according to a recent assertion by Reverend Franklin Graham, this has been by design: Reverend Franklin

Franklin Graham: Our Government Has Been ‘Infiltrated By Muslims’

Franklin Graham was booked as a terrorism-fighting expert on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. Apparently, his knee-jerk hatred for President Obama was all the credential needed. “Why do you think the world will not unite to stop ISIS?” Bill O’Reilly asked. Graham said that first, he wanted Muslims to know that God loves them. Show More Summary

Franklin Graham Warns: D.C. Infiltrated By Muslims

Oh no! Not the Muslims! “One of the problems we have in the West is that our governments, especially in Washington, has been infiltrated by Muslims who are advising the White House, who I think are part of the problem,” Graham said. “And we see this also in Western Europe. They have gotten into the [...]

On Fox, Franklin Graham Claims Obama Admin "Has Been Infiltrated By Muslims"

From the February 26 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor: Previously: Fox's Ralph Peters: Obama Administration "Just [Doesn't] Care About Dead Christians"

Franklin Graham: America’s Morality is Crumbling Thanks to Obama’s Abortion Extremism

Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world-renown Christian evangelist Billy Graham, recently took to Facebook to defend New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s controversial comments concerning his opinion about President Obama. On Facebook he wrote, “Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken a lot of heat from the media for his remark that he’s not sure […]

Franklin Graham: America Is Crumbling Morally; We Have Turned Our Back on God

Rev. Franklin Graham has spoken out about former mayor Rudy Giuliani's comments questioning President Barack Obama's love for America. Graham said that the country is "morally crumbling within" and has turned its back on God.

Rev. Graham: Obama denies the religious freedom of those who oppose abortion and Gay marriage, We Have Turned Our Back on God’

From The Last Tradition Rev.Franklin Graham justifiably read the riot act to a president and his party who is leading the country on the fast track of moral destruction! CNS

Franklin Graham Doesn’t Know If Obama Loves America, Just That He ‘Chastises Christians’

Franklin Graham also believes we’re “crumbling from within.” Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Graham: Obama “Giving Muslims A Pass” (Feb 18, 2015) Duke University Cancels Plans For Muslim Call To Prayer (Jan 15, 2015) Franklin Graham Wonders If The End Times Are Here (Sep 4, 2014) Franklin Graham Praises Putin’s Gay Crackdown (Apr [...]

Franklin Graham, David Benham Warn Charlotte's Transgender Bathroom Rights Proposal Would Open Door to Sex Predators, Limit Religious Freedom

As the hometown of world-renowned Evangelist Billy Graham, Charlotte N.C., prepares to vote on whether to allow transgenders the right to use the public restrooms that are designated for the opposite sex, his son, Franklin Graham, is questioning the judgement of the city council for even considering such a proposal.

Rev. Graham: “Who do you want to follow, the dead or the living?”

Reverend Franklin Graham, who has often criticized the Quran and radical Islam, stating that Islam itself is a “religion of war,” said this week that Mohammed, who Muslims revere as God’s final prophet to mankind, was “dead and buried” but that Jesus Christ is alive, and asked, “Who do you want to follow, the dead […]

Reverend Franklin Graham Explains Why Obama is Protecting Islam

Obama’s treatment of ISIS, and his refusal to openly condemn them as the evil Islamic terrorists that they are, has a lot of people perplexed. The Rev. Franklin Graham, though,

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