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SDCC: The CBDLF Spotlights New Fronts In Battle Against Censorship

The CBLDF's Charles Brownstein and Betsy Gomez discuss protecting comics from those that wish to ban books and preserving free speech.

Free On Bloody-Disgusting – Z-Men #1

Double Take is new to the world of comic books, but that doesn’t make them any stranger to great storytelling. Led by Bill Jemas, former Marvel Comics vice president Double Take will bring the world 10 new ongoing series in September. Those comics are all set in the same universe as the George Romero classic Night […]

New Comic Book Day: Who Won Fantasy Sports?

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

We've got a huge haul of comics this week, since there were a handful of books that I missed in the SDCC rush and really wanted to talk about. We also have the winner of that free copy of Fantasy...

Not Always Right: The Comic – The Land Of The Free To Be Who You Are

(Bookstore | Los Angeles, CA, USA) Bookstore | Los Angeles, CA, USA Categories: Awesome Workers Bigotry Books & Reading Comics Comics Single Not Always Right: The Comic Bookstore | Los Angeles, CA, USA (Read more...)

Newswire: Warner Bros. hands over the edgier DC Comics movies to New Line

In an attempt to protect the fragile minds of young comic book readers, in 1993 DC created a special age-restricted imprint called Vertigo that would house its more “adult” titles. Free from the constraints of capes and continuity, some of the Vertigo books—like Sandman and Hellblazer—became big hits with both readers and critics. Show More Summary

Free App of the Week: Make your own comic books with Halftone 2

Every week in the App Store, an app or game goes free for seven days. This week, Halftone 2 will let you unleash your inner comic book artist. Halftone 2 is an app that helps you make your own comic and scrap books, and its this week's Free App of the Week on the App Store. Show More Summary

Halftone 2 – Comic Book Creator by Juicy Bits is now free!

Free for a limited time on the App Store! Get it now: Copyright © iPhone App )

Trick or Treat Yo' Self: Free Comics Revealed for 4th Annual Halloween ComicFest

For the fourth year in a row, Diamond is holding their Halloween ComicFest, where comic shops will have special Halloween-related events and offer a bunch of free comics. Basically, it's like a Halloween-themed Free Comic Book Day, which seems like a fun deal all around. Show More Summary

Comics 201, Special Edition: For the Super Parent in Training

2 months agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

On Free Comic Book Day this year, I met a family of superheroes: two brothers, their little sister, and their slightly frazzled but very determined mom. Mom had a lot of questions, not just about recommendations for books, but also about...Show More Summary

"Attack on Titan"/Avengers Crossover Now Available to Read For Free

Unable to get a copy of Marvel's "Attack on Titan"/Avengers crossover on Free Comic Book Day? Now you can download the story for free!

Al Jazeera published a comic book about the dangers of trading your personal information for free Web services

The new Google Photos, with its unlimited photo storage but also its creepy implications, is the latest example of the trade-offs that have come to dominate the era of smart appliances, social media, and Big Data. How much of our personal...Show More Summary

Follow the Path – The Batcave

In this feature I spotlight changes made to comic book characters that are based on outside media. I’m sure you can think of other examples, so feel free to e-mail me at if you want to suggest some other examples for future installments. Today we look at something I addressed in a Comic Book […]

Follow the Path – John Stewart’s Marine Background

This is the first installment in a new feature where I spotlight changes made to comic book characters that are based on outside media. I’m sure you can think of other examples, so feel free to e-mail me at if you want to suggest some other examples for future installments. We begin with the […]

DC And Warner Bros. Launch Kid-Friendly Sites With Free 'Scooby-Doo,' 'Looney Tunes' and 'Justice League' Comics

Over the past few years, I've often wondered why comic book publishers weren't taking advantage of the opportunities that we've seen through the growth of webcomics, hooking new readers with free content and then using that to drive them towards the established market. Show More Summary

Comic Book Questions Answered – Where Does Foggy Nelson’s Nickname Come From?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at Here is a link to an archive of all the past questions that have been answered so far. Reader Marijane G. wrote in to ask: Hi, I’m hoping you […]

Behold, the Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover nobody asked for

I've been getting back into reading comic books of late, the fabled "ame-comi" from across the Pacific, and one fun part of American comic book culture is the practice of "Free Comic Book Day", when comic stores and publishers distribute...Show More Summary

"The Flash's" Tom Cavanagh Says, "It's Freeing to Be Eobard Thawne"

Cavanagh shares the secret of how he built the Reverse-Flash's true nature with CBR, and why every actor should experience a comic book role.

Ed Catto: On the Road, On Free Comic Book Day

You’ve doubtlessly heard of Dante’s Inferno and his seven circles of hell. But did you know he had a couple of sequels, including Paradiso (i.e., Paradise)? I touch upon this I think that for so many geeks across the world, Free Comic Book Day is a uniquely shared day of celebration. This year, for this … Continue reading Ed Catto: On the Road, On Free Comic Book Day ?


The post-"Free Comic Book Day" visit to the Comic Book Store

The Comics Reporter Video Parade

Bill Boichel Presents Bill Boichel NYU Journalism Panel On Charlie Hebdo via Gerry Rasmussen Profiled Jim Shooter Interviewed On Free Comic Book Day Two-Part Chris Oliveros Interview From A Few Years Back

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