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Polls: After GOP Tax Bill Went Into Effect, It Became Less Popular

Two new surveys suggest that the Trump tax cuts won’t be the electoral boon that Republicans hoped they’d be.

Buffett's Berkshire gets $29 billion boost from GOP tax bill

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, meets with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Did this July 18, 2011, conversation lead to Obama's proposed Buffett Rule, a surtax on millionaires? (Official White House Photo by...Show More Summary

Trump is right back where he started, and that’s a problem for the GOP

After a momentary upward blip in the polls (Was it the holidays? A lower presidential profile? A non-disastrous State of the Union? The tax bill hype?) voters have gone right back to disliking President Trump — a lot. The latest Quinnipiac poll has the president’s approval rating down to 37 percent (with 58 disapproving), compared to a 40-percent approval rating […]

People Are Starting to Realize the GOP Tax Bill Was a Massive Scam

Richer residents are seeing benefits, while most others are missing out. President Donald Trump and the Republicans sold their slapdash effort at tax reform as a boon to the middle class. As the law goes into effect, however, new polling suggests that most Americans are struggling to see any benefit at all in their paychecks. Show More Summary

'Crumbs' Crushed - Soaring Economic Optimism Could Ruin Dems' "Blue Wave" Midterms

Bad news for Democrats: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) tax bill “crumbs” are feeding a monster rally in optimism across the country. As Liz Peek writes at The Hill, approval of the GOP tax cuts climbs steadily higher,...Show More Summary

DOUBLING DOWN ON STUPID: Pelosi: GOP Tax Bill Is ‘Unpatriotic.’ It used to be dissent that was pa…

DOUBLING DOWN ON STUPID: Pelosi: GOP Tax Bill Is ‘Unpatriotic.’ It used to be dissent that was patriotic. Now patriotism is happily accepting whatever crumbs Washington allows you to keep out of your own paycheck.

Good News from GOP Tax Cut Continues: Almost 4 Million Americans Getting Paid More

The good news from the tax cuts from the GOP tax bill passed last December continues with the growing list of companies giving their employees bonuses, pay raises, increased contributions to their 401(k) plans, improved health insurance, and other benefits. Show More Summary


I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO HIM FOR YEARS AND I THINK HE’S FABULOUS: Bill Murray praises GOP tax reform: ‘It’s a fantastic thing’ for business.

A major Democratic group is warning their party that they're losing the war over the tax law

Priorities USA, a major Democratic organization, released a warning to Democrats that they are losing the messaging fight over the GOP tax bill. Americans' opinion of President Donald Trump's handling of taxes and economic issues dramatically...Show More Summary

Who’s to Blame for Wild Stock Market? Look to the Federal Reserve

The upheaval on Wall Street this week has been blamed, by Democrats, on Donald Trump, the GOP tax bill, and deregulation. None of these are the cause, of course, because this is a panic that has been brewing for almost a decade. As the...Show More Summary

Equity Offers Members Seminars in Response to GOP Tax Bill

Since details of the GOP tax bill emerged, Actors’ Equity Association has sounded the alarm bell, raising awareness about potential ramifications the legislation could have on the financial habits of actors. Now, the nation’s union for...Show More Summary

Pending Budget Deal Would Make Fiscal Policy the Most Procyclical in Forty-Five Years

In December, I wrote that the GOP tax bill could end up backfiring, not because of its effects on the structure of taxes, many of which were constructive, but because of bad timing. The fact that the bill cut total tax revenue just as the economy was approaching full employment made it highly procyclical. Show More Summary

The GOP tax bill lets you take this break even on 2017 taxes

The medical-expense deduction is temporarily more generous, affecting tax years 2017 and 2018.

‘Pence is pissed’: Republicans say vice president wants revenge on West Virginia Dem for voting against GOP tax bill

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Vice President Mike Pence is seeking revenge against Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for reneging against the deal he thought they’d reached on tax reform — but the West Virginia Democrat thinks it’s all for show. The vice president campaigned against Manchin last week in Trump-backing...

Understanding Changes to the US Marginal Tax Rates

By Josh Nunn – Many are calling the GOP’s new tax bill was signed one of the biggest tax reforms in our nation’s recent history. However, many questions remain about the 500-page bill and how it is expected to impact...

Donald Trump Attacks Democrats Not Clapping At State Of The Union As 'Treasonous'

WASHINGTON ? President Donald Trump accused Democrats on Monday of being “un-American” and “treasonous” in a campaign-style speech in Cincinnati that was actually meant to tout the recent GOP tax bill and the economy.

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