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This Roman ‘gate to hell’ killed its victims with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide

The ancient city of Hierapolis, located in modern-day Turkey Is it possible to walk through the gates of hell and live? The Romans thought so, and they staged elaborate sacrifices at what they believed were entrances to the underworld scattered across the ancient Mediterranean. Show More Summary

Gods Didn't Kill Animals in 'Gate to Hell'—Gas Did

Centuries ago, bulls, rams, and other animals led into an ancient cave for religious ceremonies died of seemingly mystical causes, while the priests accompanying them suffered no such fate. Scientists say they've now figured out the secret behind this "Gate to Hell" in the ancient city of Hierapolis, per Bloomberg...

Trump Would Rather We Talk About Armed Teachers Instead Of Today's Gates Guilty Plea

Let's just stop and think a minute. Do you really believe anyone's going to arm teachers -- or pay to arm teachers? There's a snowball's chance in hell. Not gonna happen, as George H.W. Bush used to say. So why did Trump bring up this...Show More Summary

Scientists solve the mystery of Turkey's deadly 'Gate to Hell'

According to the ancient Romans, the Mediterranean is riddled with places where mortals can access the underworld. These "gates to hell" (or Plutoniums) are marked by stone structures, and some of them, like a cave in Hierapolis (now modern-day Turkey) seem to have supernatural powers. Show More Summary

Ancient Rome: Scientists Explain Geological Mystery That Killed Animals but Not Priests at 'Gate to Hell'

To the disbelief of spectators, all of the animals which entered into the gates perished, while miraculously, the priests emerged unscathed.

How Roman priests walked through the “Gates to Hell” — and came back

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Romans staged elaborate sacrificial rituals in which castrated priests walked through the “Gates to Hell,” carrying with them healthy bulls. The priests would return unscathed, while the sacrificial animals would succumb to the Gods.... The post How Roman priests walked through the...

Ancient Roman Gates of Hell Still Deadly at Dawn

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, do the gates of hell smell like them? According to the ancient Romans, they didn’t, but that didn’t explain why the so-called Gates of Hell in the ancient city of Hierapolis in modern-day Turkey seemed to kill any living thing that got too close to... Read more »

So That's Why the Gate to Hell Is So Deadly

If there’s a highway to hell, there’s probably a gate to hell—well, there is. It's located in what was the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, which is now in modern-day Turkey. Called Plutonium after Pluto, the gate was thought to be an opening to the underworld. Show More Summary

Range Rover Sport climbs 999 stairs at Heaven's Gate in China - Roadshow

last monthVehicles / Cars : Car Tech

It might be called Heaven's Gate, but going up a thousand stairs sure sounds like hell to me.

The Gate II hits Blu-ray for the first time this February

It was only last month or so that I finally was able to sit down and watch THE GATE from beginning to end. Needless to say, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie and went to buy the sequel on Blu-ray only to find (gasp) the second film...Show More Summary

Rapper Kevin Gates Hopes to Scare Teens Straight After Prison Release

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity :

Rapper Kevin Gates has one hell of a story to tell... which is exactly what he plans on doing after he's released from prison. The rapper's attorney, Herschel Rush, tells TMZ... Kevin's plans after he's released from an Illinois penitentiary…

Lunchtime Photo: Mood Ring Edition

It’s Election Day in Alabama! What’s your current mood? Will tomorrow be morning in America? Or are the gates of hell about to open? Top photo: sunrise in Irvine from the soccer field at our local elementary school. This disproves once and for all the canard that I have never personally witnessed a sunrise. Bottom […]

Hamas Threatens Trump After Jerusalem Decision – Says He Unleashed ‘Gates Of Hell’ [VIDEO]

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas was very quick to speak after President Trump declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. They called it a “flagrant aggression against the Palestinian

How Saudi Arabia plans to rebuild area coined ‘Gates of Hell’ into a thriving province

It was just a couple of months ago that archeologists revealed their findings of ancient stone gates in a deserted area of Saudi Arabia. The region, which has been nicknamed the "Gates of Hell" due to its proximity to lava domes and volcanic fields, is thought to have been home to settlers nearly 10,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Destiny 2 Adds the 'Curse of Osiris' Expansion in December

Activision and Bungie have come to Paris Games Week 2017 to tease the next big chapter in Destiny 2. An ancient gate on Mercury is open and it's unleashing all kinds of hell on the galaxy. The only one who can help is the renegade Guardian Osiris and it's up to the players of Destiny 2 to track him down. Show More Summary

John Carpenter’s ‘Prince of Darkness’ Was Inspired by Dario Argento’s ‘Inferno’

One of the hardest things to depict onscreen is anything related to Hell, which is why I love films like Hellraiser, The Ninth Gate, Angel Heart and The Devil’s Advocate. It’s unbelievably hard to make these films realistic and haunting, yet some filmmakers find that sweet spot right in the middle. Two other classics are […]

Archaeologists find gates of Hell in Saudi Arabia

When researchers are searching for remnants of structures and settlements constructed by ancient peoples they typically focus on areas that are hospitable to human life. A new discovery in Saudi Arabia goes firmly against that notion,...Show More Summary

Devil's Night unlocks a gate to Hell on iTunes

The new film DEVIL'S NIGHT came out of writer/producer Derek Rethwisch's desire to make a movie in the vein of HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH. He chose a notable date - Devil's Night, October 30th - and built a "suspenseful, character-driven" story around that date. Show More Summary

I Won't Back Down - RIP Tom Petty

Here's my favourite Tom Petty song - 'I Won't Back Down' I especially like the following line - "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down" Must have something to do with my personality and refusal to be bullied or pushed around.

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