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Jeb Bush’s CPAC Debacle Wasn’t Saved By Bussing In Supporters

Jeb Bush’s campaign is calling Dick Tuck to see if he’s behind the debacle he suffered at CPAC 2015. Gateway Pundit confirmed that Jeb bussed in supporters so it wouldn’t look like everyone in the room hated him (or worse, left).  But it didn’t matter, because they booed him anyway. Show More Summary

Russia Pushes Reset Button on U.S. Relations: Parades Missile Threatening to BLOW UP Obama

Russia is supposed to be an ally, but they are (understandably) having a hard time taking President Obama’s foreign policy seriously. A recent post by The Gateway Pundit shows that

FLOOD LIBEL: Media Pull Reports Falsely Accusing Israel of Flooding Gaza

As The Gateway Pundit was one of the first to report earlier this week, international media outlets smeared Israel in reports by falsely claiming the Jewish state had flooded the Islamist enclave of neighboring Gaza. Those outlets have since retracted … Continue reading ?

White House Refuses to Acknowledge ISIS killed Egyptian Christians

A great summary of the whole thing, from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: “The Obama White House did not name the religions of the victims or of the perpetrators. And the White House called for a “political resolution” in Libya to resolve the “conflict.””  

Ouch!: Conservative Activist Star Parker: Obama Committed “Verbal Rape” on Christians at Prayer Breakfast (Video)

From The Last Tradition Star Parker, a fine woman I may add, just broke it down to how inappropriate President Obama’s comments at the national prayer breakfast were. Gateway Pundit

Starving Boy Beaten By Burger King Manager For Eating Leftovers

This is insanely sad. The Gateway Pundit reports via The National that a starving eleven year-old refugee boy was beaten bloody by a Burger King manager for eating leftover French

Liberal Reporters BLAST Obama’s Snub of #JeSuisCharlie Paris March

As The Gateway Pundit (and everyone else) reported President Barack Obama snubbed the Je Suis Charlie march held in Paris on Sunday that was attended by dozens of world leaders. The US was represented by the ambassador. Reporters took to … Continue reading ?

Convicted St. Louis Stalker Now Charged With 10 Counts of Terrorist Threats to Police

In late December, as reported at The Gateway Pundit, a Ferguson protester is threatening to murder police on New Year’s Eve. “Fck 12 and u. PICK A sidE or die with em. #Ferguson #VonderritMyers Shawtown 211MOB New Years Eve Massacre … Continue reading ?

Mark Levin: Black Female Police Sergeant Supervised Eric Garner’s Deadly Arrest (Audio)

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin discussed Kristinn Taylor’s previous post at The Gateway Pundit on the Black female police sergeant who supervised Eric Garner’s deadly arrest. From Thursday’s Mark Levin show: Previously… Lost in the racial outcry over … Continue reading ?


Watch the latest video at Thugs once again ran off reporters Wednesday night at the Canfield Drive site of the deadly police shooting of robber Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Wednesday Canfield Drive … Continue reading ?


#BREAKING Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown won’t be charged; according to Michael Brown's family — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) November 25, 2014 At 3:15 PM CT The Gateway Pundit reported: LEAKED>>> Prosecutor’s Office: NO INDICTMENT in #MikeBrown Case

Leaked: No Indictment in Michael Brown Shooting

It's what we figured, but Gateway Pundit says they have a source in the prosecutor's office confirming it. So now we'll have some wonderful, wonderful riots....

Ferguson protesters target Veterans for Peace

Our buddy, Gateway Pundit has got a hold of the list of the targets for the folks who are just waiting to be outraged about the indictment of Darren Wilson in the matter of Michael Brown. Most of the “targets” have nothing to do with the case. But I was especially happy to see that […]

Jim Hoft Joins Sean Hannity to Discuss All Things #Ferguson (Audio)

Jim Hoft – The Gateway Pundit – was on with Sean Hannity today to discuss all of the latest madness coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. Here is the audio: Hannity Interviews Jim Hoft of #ferguson @gatewaypundit @seanhannity — … Continue reading ?

Yet Another Bogus Ebola-Obama Conspiracy Story From the Dumbest Man on the Internet

Several right wing sites are already parroting the latest "Obama wants us all to die of Ebola" conspiracy theory, led by the irrepressible stupidity of Jim Hoft, aka Gateway Pundit, aka DMOTI, aka SMOTI: Report: Obama Administration Pressured News Outlets to Not Report Suspected Ebola Cases | the Gateway Pundit. ...

CDC Contradicts Itself on How Ebola Spreads Yet Again

The CDC has done it again. After telling us that Ebola is, and isn’t, spread through sneezes, they have changed the “droplets spread 3 feet” information to 6 feet, and then taken that down again. Gateway Pundit says that on Friday, October 31, the CDC was saying that Ebola could spread through large droplets, which […]

UK Media Contacts CDC to Get Help for Sick ‘Quarantined’ Ebola Victim’s Caregiver

Earlier Friday, The Gateway Pundit report how the CDC allowed a woman and her partner to go out food shopping and receive visitors after they and her children were in direct contact with the Texas Ebola victim. The first person … Continue reading ?

Update: WFAA Reports It's Not Even Confirmed the Ebola Patient "Vomited" at All

Following up on our story from yesterday about Gateway Pundit's ridiculous, false fear-mongering post about "Ebola vomit" being cleaned up by WORKERS WITHOUT SUITS OMG!, here's a video clip from WFAA in Dallas, in which we learn reports that the Ebola patient "vomited" on the ground outside his apartment are...

Another Mind-Bogglingly Dumb Post From GatewayPundit: "Unprotected Workers Cleaning Ebola Vomit!"

DERPThe entire right wing noise machine is now in full-on panic-spreading mode about the single Ebola patient in Dallas, and of course, the idiots at Gateway Pundit are getting in on the fear-peddling too. Second Dumbest Man on the Internet Kristinn Taylor has an utterly ridiculous post today with the...

Governor Rick Perry Slams Obama for Immigration Policies – Ebola Case in Texas (Video)

Governor Rick Perry slammed the Obama administration for his open border policies Wednesday night on Hannity. Sean asked the Texas governor to comment on The Gateway Pundit’s report on Obama’s ‘Deferred Enforced Departure Memorandum for Liberians.’ Barack Obama issued a … Continue reading ?

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