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A growing problem in the collecting industry

It is difficult to turn on the television, read the news, or visit social media without the tragedies of the day smacking us in the face. Although crime statistics are the lowest it has been in generations, there are some crimes that have seen a rise. Those are the crimes that are given the headlines […]

Investing in Women: How Travelers Can Make a Difference on Their Next Trip

Reflections on the broader import of International Women’s Day, including why investing in women around the world is an investment in our future generations. We also examine how travelers can seek out organizations and travel service providers who directly invest in or indirectly impact the well-being of women in communities around the world. Show More Summary

Parents’ lives made more miserable by the ‘boomerang generation’ returning home

Adult children who return to live with their parents, the so-called ‘boomerang generation’, cause a significant decline in parents’ quality of life and well-being, according to new research.

5 Tips for Generating Unique Blog Ideas as a Corporate Business

by Robert Clough Tips for Unique Blog Ideas as a Corporate Business As a corporate business, it's tough to keep pumping out refreshing content for your readers. Here are 5 tips for conjuring up unique blog ideas every time! It's important for companies to maintain a blog to continue driving growth to their website. Show More Summary

Begin, a new app from Ryan Block, uses natural language to generate tasks from your Slack

Over two years after leaving Aol (now known as Oath) back in September 2015 to build a new startup, serial entrepreneur Ryan Block, with co-founder Brian LeRoux, is finally taking the wraps off the new venture: Begin, an intelligentShow More Summary

Some Maryland lawmakers question cost of Hogan’s Amazon package at hearing

The governor’s team unveiled a study saying the headquarters would generate $7.7 billion in pay annually.

Storm update

7 PM Oops, Didn't fizzle out after all. Currently no power. Two fires burning. Very heavy wet snow. Big wind just beginning. Trees snapping off. Bread got baked just in time. Yay! Maybe time to dig out the generator. Consider...

My Weekend Crush

There are so many reasons to love Dolly Parton. Her music, her activism, her spunk. But perhaps the most lasting reason to love Dolly, for past and future generations, is her tireless work on behalf of her Imagination Library, which gives away free books to children. Show More Summary

New Malicious AI Report Outlines Biggest Threats of the Next 5 Years

Everyone’s talking about deep fakes: audio-visual imitations of people, generated by increasingly powerful neural networks, that will soon be indistinguishable from the real thing. Politicians are regularly laid low by scandals that arise from audio-visual recordings. Show More Summary

FCC CTO Eric Burger and TMC CEO Rich Tehrani to Keynote Ideacom 2018

The pace of change in technology continues to increase and if your company generates its income from helping customers deal with these advancements, it's up to you to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Moreover, you need a general...Show More Summary

VW Beetle will not get another encore

Volkswagen's head of R&D says the New Beetle dies with this current generation. The I.D. Buzz EV will become the brand's heritage-inspired model. Continue reading VW Beetle will not get another encore VW Beetle will not get another encore originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 07 Mar 2018 09:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | Comments

Youth Win 9th Circuit Ruling in Climate Change Case

There is a change in the weather, and it goes beyond climate change. In a setback to an older generation, young people won a round in their lawsuit against the United States over global warming. They allege the government has knowingly let carbon dioxide destabilize the climate, and denied......

Denon DJ’s MCX8000 Finally Getting Engine Prime Support

Since Denon DJ's SC5000 players were released, there's been one group of early adopters who have felt a bit passed over: owners of the MCX8000 all-in-one controllers. The MCX8000 was "new" Denon's first entry into a new generation of Engine-powered products when it was released in 2016. Show More Summary

List of backward compatible Xbox One Games

Here's a list of every Xbox 360 and original Xbox game you can play on your Xbox One. Backward compatibility opens Xbox One to a huge variety of games, spanning three generations of Microsoft's consoles. Despite hardware differences, it remains an outstanding feature, allowing a select library of older games to be played on Xbox One. Show More Summary

Heating up Enceladus' ice-covered ocean

Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, Enceladus, is covered by ice, but just beneath its icy surface lies an ocean of liquid water. New research suggests that this internal ocean may be maintained in a liquid state by heat generated by tidal friction within the moon’s fragmented, rocky core.

Soccer Mommy's 'Clean' finds vitality in '90s-era sounds

What do the members of Generation Z hear when they listen to the indie rock of the ’90s? A palate cleanser from today’s hyper-digital era? A self-effacing smirk in the face of social media’s self-aggrandizement? A time when music was made in sweaty garages and not the blue glow of a laptop? Maybe...

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Drafts the Trump Era’s New Generation of Warriors

Disney Do we expect too much of films these days? It’s become the routine checklist for each new release: How does it resonate in Trump’s America? Does it take on new meaning in the #MeToo movement? Did it portend our fractured culture?...Show More Summary

Instability of wildlife trade does not encourage trappers to conserve natural habitats

Much of the global wildlife trade originates in nations with rich biodiversity and high levels of poverty as the act of trapping and trading local wildlife allows people to generate extra income.

NCAA tops $1 billion in revenue for first time

The NCAA generated $1.06 billion in revenue from September 2016 through August 2017 -- the first time it has surpassed the $1 billion mark.

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