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Alnylam's genetic disease drug succeeds key study, shares soar

(Reuters) - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc's drug to treat a rare genetic disease cleared a key study, moving the company closer to filing a marketing application for the drug, which is part of a new class of medicines that block disease-causing proteins.

The dawn of a 'transgenic wilderness' is upon us - CNET

Genetically modified hybrid animals could rehabilitate ecosystems that have been harmed by human development.

More on Steelhead Genetics from Wild Steelheaders United

Last week we shared with you part one of a fascinating article courtesy of Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative’s ‘Science Friday’ series of posts on the genetic differences between summer and winter steelhead. The article shed light on how some recent research just might pave the way for better protection of wild steelhead populations in […]

Alnylam's genetic disease drug clears key study, shares soar

(Reuters) - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc said its drug to treat patients suffering from a rare genetic disease met the main goal in a late-stage study, moving the company closer to filing a marketing application for the drug in late 2017.

Alnylam's genetic disease drug meets main goal in key study

(Reuters) - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Wednesday its drug met the main goal in a late-stage study in patients suffering from a life-threatening genetic disease.

After a 23andMe DNA test, Northern California woman discovers 3 siblings

As a 33-year-old mother of two, Jaclyn Baxter took the mail-in DNA test primarily to learn about her genetic health risks. On a Sunday in March, she spit into a test tube and sent the sample to 23andMe, a genetic testing firm based in Mountain View, California. Show More Summary

Technique could make it easier to use mRNA to treat disease or deliver vaccines

By delivering strands of genetic material known as messenger RNA (mRNA) into cells, researchers can induce the cells to produce any protein encoded by the mRNA. This technique holds great potential for administering vaccines or treating diseases such as cancer, but achieving efficient delivery of mRNA has proven challenging.

China Rushes to Surpass U.S. in Decoding Citizens' Genes

Beijing sets the goal of collecting and analyzing the genetic data from at least 1 million Chinese citizens to help unearth the causes of diseases from cancer to schizophrenia, and pave the way for targeted treatments.

A study switches from genetic to metabolic analysis to reconstitute evolutionary process

With 72 species currently identified, Espeletia is a plant genus endemic to the paramo, a moist alpine biome unique to the northern Andes. This genus, which inhabits the world's most diverse high-altitude ecosystem, is an outstanding example of adaptive success.

Andy Serkis' BREATHE looks to be an emotional wallop in this trailer!

The ability to see the world is everything Read the full article on AICN Hey folks, Harry here...  I've been in a wheelchair for going on 12 years now.  Genetic Spinal Stenosis is a fun thing to end up with. Though I feel lucky, even blessed that it got me. Show More Summary

Genetic risk profile predicts survival for people with severe lung disease

(Yale University) An international Yale-led research team has shown that a risk profile based on 52 genes accurately predicts survival for patients with a severe lung disease. If confirmed in further studies, the finding could transform the way patients are treated for the condition, which is on the rise in older adults.

A study switches from genetic to metabolic analysis to reconstitute evolutionary process

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) A new method for analyzing a living being chemical compositions is tested in Andean plants and attest the genesis of species by means of geographic isolation. Scientific articleShow More Summary

Future of legalized cannabis focus of expert panel discussion in cannabis journal

(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) In the roundtable entitled "Expert Panel on Understanding Cannabis: Medicine, Society, Government," the panelists shared their views on topics ranging from what actions U.S. AttorneyShow More Summary

Is there a link between breast milk nutrients, circadian rhythms, and infant health?

(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) The fat content and levels of several key nutrients and hormones in breast milk vary with the mother's circadian rhythm, which may have implications for the timing of breastfeeding and feeding of expressed milk, especially for high-risk infants.

Scientists discover genetic markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis

Scientists have uncovered two related cytokines and associated genetic markers that may explain why some people develop progressive multiple sclerosis, or MS. The study, led by researchers at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, and Yale University,...Show More Summary

Scientists discover genetic markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis

(Oregon Health & Science University) New research suggests that a simple genetic test could be used to identify multiple sclerosis patients at risk of developing progressive forms of the disease. Researchers are already developing a medication.

Mutant butterflies reveal the genetic roots of colorful wings

6 days agoHealth : The Checkup

Genome editing tool CRISPR allowed scientists to create mutant butterflies with weird patterns.

Method allows researchers to collect body odour samples of mammals in a non-invasive manner

Mammals communicate with each other using olfactory cues. This way they recognize relatives or friends or find a genetically suitable mate. However, to collect smells, especially in the wild, is anything but easy to accomplish. A team...Show More Summary

This New System Helps Bioengineering Happen 10,000 Times Faster

A new system from a startup called Kytogen could jumpstart advances in modifying bacteria, allowing researchers trying to create new drugs, fuels, or food to work much more quickly. When researchers genetically engineer bacteria or yeast...Show More Summary

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