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Geoecology and the archaeological record in the Marias river canyon

(Geological Society of America) The Marias River canyon geoecosystem and its associated archaeological resources provide an excellent example of the complex interplay among geology, plant ecology, ungulate niches, and human activities on the landscape during late Holocene time. Show More Summary

Fossils, caves and karst, and how geology affected the Civil War

(Geological Society of America) A new field guide in conjunction with GSA's Southeastern Section meeting offers seven field guides that explore the diverse geology of Virginia from its Appalachian highlands to the Atlantic shore. The...Show More Summary

Rocking the fall zone

(Geological Society of America) Geoscientists from the southeastern United States and beyond will convene in Richmond, Virginia, on March 30-31 to discuss new science, expand on existing science, and explore the unique geologic features of the region. Show More Summary

Paleozoic echinoderm hangover: Waking up in the Triassic

(Geological Society of America) The end-Paleozoic witnessed the most devastating mass extinction in Earth's history so far, killing the majority of species and profoundly shaping the evolutionary history of the survivors. Echinoderms are among the marine invertebrates that suffered the most severe losses at the end-Permian extinction.

Unconventional: The Development of Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale

(Geological Society of America) Shale gas has changed thinking about fossil energy supplies worldwide, but the development of these resources has been controversial. Activists have made claims that hydraulic fracturing may contribute to climate change, threaten groundwater resources, and pose risks to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and human health.

Looming crisis of the much decreased fresh-water supply to Egypt's Nile delta

(Geological Society of America) A multi-year study of Egypt's Nile Delta places the country's major breadbasket at serious risk. The soil-rich delta evolved as the result of natural conditions involving the Nile's fresh water flow and transport of sediment northward from Ethiopia, across the Sudan and Egypt to the Mediterranean.

Pitt stops, a rock maze, and the 1889 Johnstown Flood

(Geological Society of America) A new field guide in conjunction with GSA's Joint Northeastern and North-Central Section meeting details three trips around the area. Each trip is designed so it can be done in one day or shorter.

Shale gas production: Views from the energy roller coaster

(Geological Society of America) Geoscientists from the Northeastern and North-Central US and beyond will convene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 19-21 March to discuss hot-topic science, expand on current findings, and explore the region's unique geologic features. Show More Summary

Geosciences in the heart of Texas

(Geological Society of America) Geoscientists from the south-central U.S. and beyond will convene on March 13-14 in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss new science, expand on existing science, and explore the unique geologic features of the region. Show More Summary

Trilobite eggs in New York

(Geological Society of America) Despite a plethora of exceptionally preserved trilobites, trilobite reproduction has remained a mystery. No previously described trilobite has had unambiguous eggs or genitalia preserved. This study by Thomas A. Hegna and colleagues reports the first occurrence of in situ preserved trilobite eggs from the Lorraine Group in upstate New York, USA.

Scientists claim existence of drowned Pacific Ocean continent

A continent two-thirds the size of Australia has been found beneath the south-west Pacific Ocean, scientists reported in the journal of the Geological Society of America. The land mass of 4.5 million square kilometers (1.74 million square...Show More Summary

Zealandia Might Be The World's Smallest Continent, Not Austrailia

According to the Geological Society of America, the landmass is believed to have broken away from Gondwana 60-85 million years ago.

Seismicity in British Columbia and hidden continent called Zealandia

(Geological Society of America) The science and information magazine of The Geological Society of America, GSA Today, now posts science and Groundwork articles ahead of print as well as publishing double issues where possible. This includes...Show More Summary

An urban collection of modern-day micrometeorites

(Geological Society of America) More than 100 billion micrometeorites (MMs) fall to Earth each year. Until now, scientists believed that these particles could only be found in the cleanest environments, such as the Antarctic. In their new paper for Geology, M.J. Show More Summary

Possible origin of Saudi Arabia's Ghawar supergiant oil field

(Geological Society of America) Almost every literate person knows the basics of oil. Almost every literate person also knows something about plate tectonics. While coupling of these two topics has been the focus of many studies, all to date has mostly remained indirect.

Q&A: Lexi Jamieson Marsh and Ellen Currano: Face to face

5 months agoAcademics : Nature

Outside the hall containing the posters and exhibits at last month's Geological Society of America meeting in Denver, Colorado, was a surprise. A travelling photography exhibition displayed large, black-and-white portraits of women — wearing beards. Show More Summary

Kilauea increases asthma risk

Kilauea may be best known for its picturesque red lava flowing into the ocean, but new research presented this week at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Denver, Colo., suggests that locally, the volcano may be known for something more dangerous: asthma. Show More Summary

The July 2016 issue of Geology is now online

Boulder, Colorado - The July 2016 issue of the Geological Society of America's flagship journal, Geology, includes two open-access features: "Pre-Mississippian tectonic affinity across the Canada Basin-Arctic margins of Alaska and Canada," by David W. Show More Summary

Free to good home - 50+ years of GSA and AAPG bulletins

I am cleaning out my own library in preparation for the AZGS move to the University of Arizona. I had amassed a pretty comprehensive collection of Geological Society of America and American Association of Petroleum Geologists bulletins over the years. Show More Summary

Geological Society of America opposes de-licensing of geologists in Arizona

The President of the Geological Society of America has weighed in on the legislative proposal to end registration of geologists in Arizona. We received a copy of the letter Dr. Jon Price sent to Rep. Warren Petersen, the prime sponsor of HB2613: 1 March 2016The Honorable Warren H. Show More Summary

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