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2017 Belay Device Review: Edelrid Mega Jul Sport Belay Device

How it worksAs the only tube-style and passive (read: no moving parts) assisted-braking device in this review, the Mega Jul Sport relies purely on the geometry of the device and the angle of the rope to catch a fall.Additional UsesRappellingPerformanceThe Mega Jul Sport is a tube-style device that... Continue reading

Physicists Uncover Geometric ‘Theory Space’

A decades-old method called the “bootstrap” is enabling new discoveries about the geometry underlying all quantum theories.

Ex-Bronx teacher hit with level-two sex offender status

2 days agoNews : NY Daily News

A former Riverdale Country School teacher convicted of bedding his 16-year-old geometry student was designated a level-two sex offender.

Various News

First some mathematics items: Igor Shafarevich, one of the great figures of twentieth century algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory, died this past weekend at the age of 93. Besides his many contributions to mathematics research, he was also a … Continue reading ?

“Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering With Geometry

From Chronicle of Higher Education: “Changes to voting rules that used to be considered by courts before they could be implemented,” Ms. Duchin says, “are now implemented first and the courts consider them after the fact.” Because of the increase … Continue reading ?

Maths and maps make you nervous? It could be in your genes

(King's College London) Our genes play a significant role in how anxious we feel when faced with spatial and mathematical tasks, such as reading a map or solving a geometry problem, according to a new study by researchers from King's College London.

Solar geometry sheds new light on historic painting

A re-examination of the iconic John Constable work, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, has found that the original 1831 exhibited version of the painting did not have a rainbow – and that it was added later to correspond with the time of his best friend's death over a year later.

Medford Johnston’s “1983” is an exquisite study in geometry, line and color

"There is nothing preliminary about the 10 color studies. Each of them is a fully realized possibility," says ArtsATL's Jerry Cullum.

These Mescaline-Inspired Paintings Are a Trip

Journey from the contemporary geometries of Tofer Chin to the darker side of the mescaline-fueled art of the 1950s.

Long-awaited mathematics proof could help scan Earth's innards

last weekAcademics : Nature

Proposed solution to geometry puzzle allows an object’s structure to be determined from limited information.

This video explains linear perspective and geometry when shooting portraits

Remember the animation showing how focal length impacts the portrait? When you shoot with different focal lengths and your subject takes the same space in the frame, you’ll get a certain amount of distortion. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why camera “adds ten pounds”. Show More Summary

Upcoming 'Rubix Revolution' Is Like a 3D 'Geometry Dash'

If you like fast, punishing games like the famous - or infamous - Geometry Dash [$1.99], the upcoming Rubix Revolution might scratch a similar itch. As you can see from the trailer below, the game by 111 Games is all about hopping your way out of trouble as you navigate spikes, drops, and all kinds of

A Fight to Fix Geometry’s Foundations

When two mathematicians raised pointed questions about a classic proof that no one really understood, they ignited a years-long debate about how much could be trusted in a new kind of geometry.

Learn Photo Composition Tips From Iconic Films and TV Shows

You might be familiar with the oldest framing tool available to photographers and film makers – the splayed fingers in a rectangle to frame a shot. It’s a familiar trope and almost a thumb rule. But geometry trumps the index finger and the thumb when you are trying to capture the perfect shot. Show More Summary

Unique App Teaches Geometry, Angles, Fractions and More

Versatile representation of a physical board, with handy digital tools.

How to Draw a Snowflake

What You'll Be Creating Every snowflake is different, but they all follow rules of fractal geometry in a way, so we can use these rules to draw a realistic snowflake with just a few steps. It's easier than you think! But if you wantShow More Summary

A Twist on Cutlery

2 weeks agoArts : Yanko Design

A Twist on Cutlery This chic cutlery set is named “Giro” (from the Italian word for “turn”) for both its twist in the geometry and how the cutlery is turned...

Perfectoid Woodstock

Every year in Tucson the Arizona Winter School takes place, with a five day program on some topic in arithmetic geometry aimed mainly at advanced graduate students, designed to get them involved in current research-level topics. This year’s topic (Perfectoid … Continue reading ?

Protostar displays a strange geometry

Using observations of molecules in the protostar L1527 taken by the ALMA observatory in northern Chile, a group of researchers have uncovered new clues to understanding how dust in a collapsing molecular cloud can shed angular momentum and penetrate beyond an area known as the 'centrifugal barrier' to find its way to the surface of the forming star.

How Geometry Can Help Visualize Spacetime and How Causality, Distance, and Time Are Related

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

PBS Space Time host Matt O’Dowd demonstrates how geometry can help visualize spacetime and explains how causality, distance, and time are related. In this episode we dive deeper into the relationship between space and time and explore how we can geometrically map the causality of the universe and increase our understanding of how time and […]

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