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Grotesque Photo of the Day: Chuck C. Johnson Hanging With George Zimmerman

Welp, here's one of the ugliest images I've seen so far this year, as cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson poses with his arm around the racist killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. This is exactly the kind of person Chuck admires: aShow More Summary

I Am Puerto Rican and Black Lives Matter

In 2013, immediately after a jury in Florida exonerated George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin, allegedly in self-defense, three Black women created a new movement on social media. This was the genesis of the digital movement called #BlackLivesMatter which was inaugurated on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Show More Summary

‘Bad Men Doing Bad Things’: K-12 and The Misdirection Myth of the True Roots of Racism

Simon Legree ‘Bad Men Doing Bad Things’: K-12 and The Misdirection Myth of the True Roots of Racism by Keffrelyn D. Brown | The Op-Ed Project | NewBlackMan (in Exile) From George Zimmerman, Donald Sterling and Dylann Roof to the Ku Klux...Show More Summary

Man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman found guilty of urinating on his neighbor’s porch

last monthNews : The Raw Story

ORLANDO, Fla. — Matthew Apperson, the Winter Springs man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman, was found guilty Wednesday of disorderly conduct for urinating on his neighbor’s porch despite his testimony about his problems with urinating in public. Apperson, who was on trial while free on...

Poet Nails Why Offensive Halloween Costumes Are Never A Good Idea

"Black face Trayvon Martin costume with George Zimmerman counterpart. Shame on us for expecting more." These are the opening lines from Raven McGill's poem, "Meanwhile, in Post-Racist America," which she recited for the 2015 National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Show More Summary

George Zimmerman Says He Retweeted Photo Of Trayvon Martin's Body By Accident

George Zimmerman claims that retweeting a photo of the body of Trayvon Martin -- the unarmed black teen he fatally shot in February 2012 -- was an accident, and that he has “nothing to apologize for.” He retweeted the photo, which was posted by Twitter user @SeriousSlav with the caption “Z-Man is a one man army,” on Sept. Show More Summary

George Zimmerman Says He’s a Christian and Would Never Knowingly Tweet a Photo of Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body  

George Zimmerman, the gun-wielding night watchman who gunned down Trayvon Martin, is now speaking out about a tweet that was recently posted from his account.

George Zimmerman says he accidentally posted image of Trayvon Martin’s body — but left it up for days

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

George Zimmerman seems to have made a lifestyle out of provoking people with self-aware insensitivity on Twitter after being acquitted of killing unarmed high school student Trayvon Martin in 2012. On Tuesday, however, even he acknowledged he went too far when he retweeted a photograph of the...

George Zimmerman Obsessed With Social Media And Others Talking About Him, Says Friend

George Zimmerman, the Florida man notorious for winning a murder charge acquittal after the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is obsessed with what people say about him on social media, at least according to a close source. People...Show More Summary

George Zimmerman preparing 2020 run

Unreasonable hatred of Obama? Check Respect for Southern “heritage”? Check Unsubtle racism? Check squared Christian victimhood? No box left behind Follow George M. Zimmerman @TherealGeorgeZ 2 things P.O.S. Obama & his son have in common, self proclaimed “mixed race” and attacking Christians on US soil. 11:20 AM – 2 Oct 2015  7777 Retweets  104104 favorites

George Zimmerman Tweeted About What ‘P.O.S. Obama,’ Oregon Shooter Have in Common

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

George Zimmerman has again tweeted about President Obama, this time making an observation about what he and the Oregon college shooter have in common.

True American Horror Story

What do you get when Donald Trump, Kim Davis, George Zimmerman, Josh Duggar, Bill O'Reilly, Paula Deen and Ann Coulter join forces??? Presenting…. ??True American Horror Story?! Enjoy and share! Watch more ?#?PerezToons? at

George Zimmerman Compares ‘Piece of Sht’ Obama to Oregon Shooter

After skyrocketing to infamy for his killing of a 17-year-old child, George Zimmerman has taken to Twitter to compare President Obama to Thursday’s Oregon community college campus shooter, who killed nine people before being fatally shot by law enforcement.

George Zimmerman compares Obama to ‘mixed race’ Oregon shooter Christopher Harper Mercer

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

The man who killed black teen Trayvon Martin during a scuffle in Florida in 2012 claimed President Barack Obama has two things in common with the Oregon shooter: they are both of mixed race and both have killed Christians in the U.S. On Twitter, where Zimmerman does his attacking these days, the...

The Big Business of Internet Bigotry

2 months agoNews : The Daily Beast

In the age of virality, if you’re George Zimmerman or Kim Davis, it pays to hate. But we shouldn’t blame them. We should take a look at the broken Internet media economy that incentivizes—with real money—our worst impulses.

George Zimmerman Sparks Further Outrage And Gains KKK Endorsement

Being backed by a credible organization with good public relations is often an excellent way for a celebrity to better his or her own reputation with the masses. But the widely-hated Ku Klux Klan is not one of those organizations. George Zimmerman received support from the KKK, who defended him after the public outrage against... Show More Summary

George Zimmerman Under Fire After Retweeting Photo of Trayvon’s Corpse

George Zimmerman is under fire after retweeting a photo of Trayvon Martin’s corpse, which was used as evidence in Zimmerman’s... The post George Zimmerman Under Fire After Retweeting Photo of Trayvon’s Corpse appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Zimmerman Tweets Photo We Didn't See Coming

George Zimmerman's Twitter feed attracted a little attention Sunday when he retweeted a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead body—along with the words "Z-Man is a one man army." He soon took down the tweet, which was originally posted by @SeriousSlav, an apparent admirer, but this was just one example...

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