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[Premiere] Feel Freeze – Give Me Your Heart (O/RIOH Remix) (video)

2 minutes agoMusic / Dance & DJ : Disco Belle

Copenhagen-based producer O/RIOH with a hauntingly beautiful electronica remix of the track “Give Me Your Heart” from fellow Danes in duo Feel Freeze. “‘Give Me Your Heart’ is about love on several levels. First of all, the song is about falling deeply in love without looking back. It is a song about that moment where […]

Updated: Destructoid is hiring part-timers, send us your resumes

[Updated: I've received over 100 applications! We're going to divide and conquer to read all of these, please give us a week to get back to you. If you don't hear from us please don't hate me :( I can't hire you all yet. Thanks! ] Real quick -- I have a few paid internship slots available right now. Show More Summary

12 cool Amazon home goods to shop now

These are hard to resist Have you ever seen a paint bucket lamp that gives the illusion of paint spilling? Or a whisk that looks just like a carrot? If you asked me that a few days ago, I would have said no. But recently, I came across...Show More Summary

Does Your Disagreement Give Me Good Reason to Question My Position?

In general, no. For you may be foolish or ignorant or otherwise incompetent with respect to the subject matter under discussion. Or you may be morally defective: a bully, a blowhard, a bullshitter, a quibbler, a sophist. But suppose none...

This gorilla playing in his bath will restore your faith in, well, gorillas at least

I give you a gorilla in a bath. You can thank me now. I cannot stress enough how important it is you watch this gorilla bathe-dancing to maniac. By @bobhagh — Kristina Lucare????i (@KristinaLuca) June 22, 2017 With the election of Donald Trump, AMERICAblog’s independent journalism and activism is more needed than ever. Please […]

"Man sent home from work for wearing shorts in over 30°C heat comes back in a dress."

His protest resulted in the company amending the dress code to allow men to wear "3/4 length shorts" but only in beige, navy, or black. 30°C = 86°F3/4 length shorts? The internet did not give me a clear answer on that. It might mean knee length, but it might mean below the knee. Show More Summary

Does "face-to-face" donor acquisition work? A look at the facts

by guest blogger Sean Triner, founder of Moceanic. Face-to-face. Street fundraising. Chuggers. Does it work? Let me show you some facts. Then you can decide if it works. For a long time face-to-face has dominated monthly giving acquisition in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and many other places. Show More Summary

‘Don’t Give Up’ Joe Biden Urges LGBT Community: WATCH

yesterdayLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Joe Biden has a message for America’s LGBT community: “Don’t give up.” Speaking at an LGBT gala event hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in New York, Biden said: “Just because you don’t have Barack and me in the White House… Read The post ‘Don’t Give Up’ Joe Biden Urges LGBT Community: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

Anxiety Always Keeps Me Awake After Midnight

The night gives me too much time to spend inside my head -- which is not a pleasant place to be.

Easy Paleo Pancakes Recipe. Low Carb Goodness!

It’s Paleo Pancakes time! But if you had told me a few months back that I would give up my regular pancakes forever for this (weird?) paleo stand in, I would’ve laughed in your face and proceeded to cover my body in high carb white flour in an act of rebellion. But whoa. Most white […] The post Easy Paleo Pancakes Recipe. Low Carb Goodness! appeared first on Yum Yucky.

Everyday Matters: A Positive Program for People with MS

Many years ago, not long after my MS diagnosis, my cousin gave me a “gratitude journal.” At that time, I was all too aware of what I was not grateful for. The thought of giving thanks was daunting. But the journal suggested writing down...Show More Summary

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Review

You give me an insane concept and I am in like Flynn. So it is with Shirtless Bear Fighter. Can humanity emerge victorious in the War on Bearror? The post Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Review appeared first on Rogues Portal.

We are obsessed with power. A French village shows life needn’t be this way | Christina Patterson

Summer in the Forest, a breathtakingly beautiful new film celebrates a community that gives strength to people at the bottom of the pile “I’m a strong man,” says the man in the film. “I’m not interested in being small. Me, I’m big. People...Show More Summary

Dwight Howard tweeted about NBA trades. 5 minutes later, he was traded

Welp. Ok Twitter Fans,, give me your thoughts, trades or otherwise & Remember 2B-Nice — Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) June 21, 2017 Dwight Howard: he’s just like us. He wanted to get in on the NBA offseason speculation, so he went on Twitter and asked his followers. Show More Summary

The Myth of the Self-Made Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger on being a self-made man: “I always tell people that you can call me anything that you want, but don’t ever, ever call me a self-made man. It gives the wrong impression, that we can do it alone. None of us can. The whole concept of the self-made man or woman is a myth. Show More Summary

You Won't Believe These Bestselling Makeup Brushes Are All From Target

I'm always on the hunt for new lush makeup brushes, and it just occurred to me that it's time to stock up at Target. Target's ever-evolving cosmetic section has become an addiction. It has unbelievable choices that will give my makeup life. Check out some of these bestselling products and see what reviewers had to say.

Briana Marela – “Give Me Your Love”

Last month, Seattle musician Briana Marela announced her new album, Call It Love, with the spacious and dramatic lead single "Quit." Today, she's following that up with another new song, "Give Me Your Love," which starts off lush and creeping -- sort of like Purity Ring filtered through a folkier sound -- but takes a…

I’m Done Apologizing When You’re The One Who Hurt Me

I shouldn't beg you to give me another chance when you were the one who screwed up in the first place.

Anxiety Makes Me Feel Like I Will Never Find Love

I know that anxiety isn't something that can overtake me. I know that I am more powerful than the thoughts it puts in my head. But sometimes, on some days, I give up. I give up on finding anybody. It's easier to just let go. It's easier to just stop. It's easier to just let life take the wheel.

[Premiere] Vhyce – Just To Make Me (video)

UK based label Future Disco Records have been renowned for their iconic compilations since 2009, with an A&R reputation for compiling and releasing credible collections and the digital landscape giving labels more freedom than ever before, it seems like the perfect time to start unleashing singles on the label, keeping to the 21st Century Disco […]

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