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Beck Rips Obama’s ‘Obscene’ Shooting Remarks: ‘He Is a Very Small, Sad Man’

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck unloaded on President Obama on his show today, excoriating him as a "liar" for what he said about gun control in response to the Oregon school shooting.

When Glenn Beck Calls You A Racist -- Well Then Pot Meet Kettle

Glenn Beck may not be a card carrying member of the Klan, but he rarely hesitates to pander to the racial antipathies of his viewing public! While at Fox News, Beck's vitriol toward our nation's first African-American president was never...Show More Summary

Beck Channels Network: ‘It’s Time To Turn Some Tables Over!’

2 days agoNews : Mediaite

During Glenn Beck's radio program on Wednesday, the host did his best impersonation of fictional television personality Howard Beale (played by the late Peter Finch), whose famous "I'm mad as hell!" outburst forever put 1976's Network on the cultural map.

Glenn Beck: ‘The Pope Could Have Ended Abortion in America’ And Didn’t

last weekNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck believes that if Pope Francis really wanted to, he "could have ended abortion in America" once and for all. Instead, Beck lamented he missed that opportunity.

Beck Mocks ‘Infantile’ Trump for Fox News Fight

last weekNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck is no Donald Trump fan. But in the same segment where he called Trump "infantile," Beck came to his defense over his interview with "unlikable" Stephen Colbert.

A Roundup of Conspiracy Theories About Ahmed Mohamed's Cool Clock 

Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne appeared in Glenn Beck’s bunker on Tuesday evening to defend her city’s response to Ahmed Mohamed, the ninth-grader arrested at school for making a clock. She also indicated that there’s something fishy about Mohamed and his family. I wonder where this is going. Read more...

Beck: Ahmed Mohamed Case Might Be a ‘Dog Whistle’ to Islamists

last weekNews : Mediaite

The case of Texas teen Ahmed Mohamed has inspired lots of skepticism, but Glenn Beck last night suspected that it might have been a "dog whistle" with Islamists.

Beck: Obama’s Not a Muslim But He ‘Views Things Through the Lens of an Islamist’

last weekNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck said on his radio show today that of course President Obama isn't a Muslim, just someone who views the world with the perspective of an Islamist.

Glenn Beck Concocts Conspiracy Theory For Conspiracy Theorists

I'd love to see Glenny's chalkboard for his latest conspiracy theory. Be forewarned, it concerns Donald Trump punking the Tea Party. No, really. As Beck sees it, his listening audience contains more Tea Party members than that of any...Show More Summary

Glenn Beck: ‘Big Business’ sent Donald Trump on a mission to discredit the Tea Party

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck continued his campaign of skepticism against Donald Trump on Friday, suggesting that the real estate mogul’s candidacy was really planned by business interests as a way to sabotage the Tea Party. “The Tea Party is eating their own. If I’m a guy...

Scott Walker: Media Would’ve Said Fiorina Won Debate ‘No Matter What’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Wisconsin Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker went after the media following CNN's GOP debate, telling radio host Glenn Beck on Thursday that members of the political press were going to spin the debate as a win for Carly Fiorina "no matter what."

A Texas Fast Food Worker Who Refused to Serve Cops Says He Was Only Joking

You don’t have to crochet American flags with Glenn Beck on the regs to know that relations between the nation’s police forces and the general public are coming to a head.

Beck: Trump Was ‘Sleazy’ Bully at Debate; How Are People Falling for His Arrogance?

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck took to Facebook last night to praise some of the Republican candidates and trash the "sleazy" Donald Trump.

Glenn Beck is Right

Glenn Beck has taken a lot of heat, even among people who don't like Trump, for suggesting that tea partiers who are supporting Trump are racist. Having read what Beck said, I have to say that he is exactly right, although really the point he was making wasn't about racism at all. Show More Summary

‘Tea Partiers Who Support Donald Trump Are Racist’ GLENN BECK Said WHAT?

Sometimes The Blaze founder and radio host Glenn Beck seems to go off the rails. Beck is just coming back from a fairly damaging imbroglio in which he called Sarah

If He Raises $10 Million Before Christmas Glenn Beck Says He'll Bring Syrian Christians to US Without Permission

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck says if he can raise $10 million before Christmas he's willing to risk prison time to get Syrian Christian refugees into the U.S. without the requisite permission.

Glenn Beck Losing Mind Over Trump, Calls Tea Party Supporter Racists

Personally, I rarely listen to Glenn Beck anymore. I’m tired of the old school revival feel. I tune into political programs for politics and some fun, not for religious preaching

Glenn Beck: I'll Smuggle Syrian Christians Into US With Help of Former CIA

Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News left a gaping hole in the world of mainstream media conspiracy theories. But the gullible prince of government intrigue never really left. He just wheeled his chalkboard over to radio, where he’s pitched his latest plea for attention. Beck has vowed to smuggle Syrians into the US – as long they’re Christian.

Beck: Any Tea Partiers Who Hate Obama and Like Trump Might Just Be Racists

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck really dislikes Donald Trump to the point where he mused today that the only possible reason any tea partiers could love Trump but hate President Obama is that they're racist.

Glenn Beck: Hey, If You Opposed Obama But Support Trump, You're a Racist

Nuanced. You can always count on your opponents to play the racism card on you, eventually. The hysterics continue to grow in hysteria -- possibly partly because they're very shocked they're not as important as influencers as they thought they...

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