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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players Have New Way To Protect Themselves

Valve is always coming up with new ways to keep players protected and safe when engaging in online activities with various games available on Steam. In the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive they will have a new holding period for items when players attempt to make trades.Click To Continue Reading

Major League Gaming Is Getting On Board The Counter-Strike Train Too

The amount of money getting pumped into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is growing exponentially. 2016 is already going to be a mammoth year, and that’s only set to increase with Major League Gaming announcing a US$250,000 event in late March. More »      

An Australian Team Will Be Playing In A Televised eSports League Next Year

The televised eSports league that will be featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from next year will contain one Australian team, according to one of the team’s members. More »      

This Video Shows You How To Really Infuriate Enemies In CS:GO

Given how technical Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, it helps if you have a swag of spots and tricks to rely upon to win those crucial rounds. And then there are things like these that will really tick people off. More »      

Counter-Strike:GO Championship Streaming Exclusively on Azubu

Sixteen of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world will compete for a $30,000 prize pool.

Valve Finally Gets Around To Fixing Counter-Strike’s Sound

It would seem that despite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive having been around for a while now that there are still issues remaining that Valve has not fixed. For example one of the issues that gamers have frequently brought up are sound problems within the game, and it looks like Valve has finally gotten around to fixing it. Show More Summary

Counter-Strike's Sound Has Just Gotten An Update

People have been complaining about the sound in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for years, and while this doesn’t appear to have fixed those issues — particularly on maps like de_nuke — it is nice to see that Valve are at least tinkering with it. More »      

Russia’s Offensive in Syria Drives Up Global Demand for Russian Arms

The Russian military operation in Syria has been underway for over one and a half months. Alongside with achieving its military goals, Moscow now has the perfect chance to showcase its weapons and military hardware to potential buyers, Deutsche Welle reported.

Deutsche Bank's Fine For Breaking Sanctions Is By No Means Its Biggest Problem

Deutsche Bank has joined an ever-growing list of global financial institutions that have been found guilty and fined for breaking US sanctions on a variety of unsavory regimes. The Federal Reserve dryly describes the offense as follows: The firm did not have sufficient policies and procedures to ensure that activities [...]

Tales of Zestiria Review

It’s been a while since I took a break from my daily Hearthstone (thanks Aryel) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive addiction to explore other gaming avenues. Like everything else in the world, my gaming interests seem to go through certain trends. Show More Summary

Australia's Counter-Strike Servers Have Been AWOL For 24 Hours

Server maintenance is one thing. Having a random outage is another. But the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers for Australia have been down for a solid 24 hours — and people are demanding to know why. More »      

Oil bosses fight for relevance before climate talks

LONDON/PARIS (Reuters) - Oil and gas industry leaders will launch a final charm offensive on Friday to highlight the sector's relevance in the global fight against climate change before a key summit in Paris later this year.

YouPorn Wants To Get Into Counter-Strike

The fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive removed the ability to spray Playboy posters and other lurid images on the walls of de_dust2 was one of the game’s more unpopular changes. If you’re one of those people, then I have some good news. Before, it was the players who had to bring the porn to Counter-Strike. Now the porn wants to get in the game directly. More »      

Tweaking The Radar Will Make Your Counter-Strike Life Infinitely Easier

The HUD in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most remarkably useful tools ever thrown into a multiplayer shooter — yet time after time, even amongst those in the lofty ranks of Global Elite or Supreme First Master Class,...Show More Summary

Counter-Strike Event At Crown Showed How Much Australians Like Yelling

Despite the pauses, screwy computers and technical issues, the crowd that gathered at Melbourne’s Crown Casino to witness a group of blokes shoot each other on screens — officially known as the Crown Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveShow More Summary

It'll Cost You 50% More To Have Your Mouse Look Like A Counter-Strike Skin

People have been joking for a while about the exorbitant nature of weapon skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They can range in the tens of thousands when the market feels like it. But what’s more disturbing is when those skins start appearing in real-life — and products get bumped up by an exorbitant amount as as result. More »      

Crown Casino's Counter-Strike Invitational Might Use Offline Servers

The recent spate of VAC authentication errors have ruined many a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and, according to anecdotal reports, Dota 2 in the last week. Given that the problem is being predominantly experienced in Australia and New Zealand, it’s frustrating that Valve haven’t openly addressed things. Show More Summary

Vietnam Might Have The Next Big Counter-Strike Star

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive qualifier at DreamHack Open Stockholm was pretty disappointing for Australians. Two of our teams made it all the way to the elimination set in their groups — Renegades and Team Immunity — but they...Show More Summary

Kingdom in Crisis: Saudi Arabia Pulls up to $70 Billion from Global Markets

Saudi Arabia pulled as much as $70 billion from global markets as it tries to cut its budget deficit after a sustained slump in oil prices and the country's ongoing offensive in Yemen, according to financial services market intelligence company Insight Discovery.

Darude has produced a custom sound pack for Counter-Strike: GO

Darude, best known for creating ‘Sandstorm’, has created a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive custom sound pack in collaboration with Valve. Darude revealed the existence of the pack on Reddit, to the great pleasure of many fans. He has created the pack to promote his latest album, Moments. It’s not clear when the pack will be made […]

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