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American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

Setting aside concerns about global warming, consumers are unloading hybrid and electric vehicles in favor of bigger cars, pickups and S.U.V.s.

The Race Is On to Feed a Warming World

yesterdayNews : Truthdig

By Tim Radford / Climate News Network Scientists warn that plant breeders will need to accelerate development schedules if they are to ensure the ever-growing population can be fed as global temperatures rise.

Denmark Reinforces Its Arctic Domains, Tests Russia's Patience

Denmark is preparing to open its state coffers and invest millions of kroner to strengthen its military foothold in the Arctic. The move is presented as a bulwark against the increasing problems posed by global warming. However, it may further chill the kingdom's frosty relationship with Russia.

If You're Younger Than 31, You've Never Experienced This

Still not convinced the Earth is rapidly warming? Consider this: The last time the global monthly temperature was below average was February 1985. That means if you are 30 years old or younger, there has not been a single month in your...Show More Summary

Good bacteria vital to coral reef survival

Scientists say good bacteria could be the key to keeping coral healthy, able to withstand the impacts of global warming and to secure the long-term survival of reefs worldwide. "Healthy corals interact with complex communities of beneficial microbes or 'good bacteria'," says Dr. Show More Summary

Progressive congressional Democrats discuss treating Exxon and Big Oil like the 'new tobacco'

By now you’ve probably heard the story first dug out last year in a terrific series by the Pulitzer prize-winning InsideClimate News. ICN learned that Exxon’s own scientists knew global warming was a byproduct of burning fossil fuels nearly 40 years ago. Show More Summary

Warning from the past: Future global warming could be even warmer

Future global warming will not only depend on the amount of emissions from human-made greenhouse gasses, but will also depend on the sensitivity of the climate system and response to feedback mechanisms. By reconstructing past global...Show More Summary

Trump’s Energy Plan Doesn’t Put “America First”

Last December in Paris, the nations of the world agreed to an ambitious goal for greenhouse gas emissions: to bring net emissions to zero in the second half of this century. Their objective: to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2 degrees...Show More Summary

Explosive renewables development can deliver on Paris

While some criticize the Paris climate target as impracticable, a team of scholars argues that it is - on the contrary - a triumph of realism. First, and most importantly, adhering to the Paris target of keeping global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius is necessary in view of the massive risks that unchecked climate change would pose to society. Show More Summary

A Century of Precipitation Trends in Victoria, Australia

Craig D. Idso In the debate over CO 2 -induced global warming, projected impacts on various weather and climate-related phenomena can only be adjudicated with observed data. Even before the specter of dreaded global warming arose, scientists studied historical databases looking for secular changes or stability. Show More Summary

Algae Increases Glacier Melt in the Arctic By Sucking Up Extra Solar Heat

2 days agoNews : Newsweek: US

With global warming, glaciers in many areas are in the red. Literally. Several types of algae flourish on the melting surfaces of glaciers, and these miniature plant-like cells have a red hue, owing to chemicals they create to protect them from the sun. Show More Summary

Cities forge world's largest alliance to curb climate change

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cities in six continents joined up to form the world's largest alliance to combat climate change on Wednesday, a move intended to help making ground-level changes to slow global warming.

Runaway carbon emissions threaten two-thirds of the Earth's oxygen supply

As the world struggles to find effective ways to limit carbon emissions and slow global warming, a recent study has found that the stakes may be higher than anyone has realized. According to Sergei Petrovskii, an applied mathematicsShow More Summary

The 6 Global Warming SCAMS Perpetrated By Snake-Oil Salesmen AL GORE!

Climate Change is a hoax, and the peddlers of the hoax know it… Ain’t no punchline for that one. It’s just true. 1. Record Ice Melt?…Not Even Close Al Gore

Estuaries like Chesapeake Bay could contribute more to global warming than once thought

Estuaries and coastal systems are thought to be a relatively small source of atmospheric methane, as little as 3 percent. However, a new study has found that the methane building up in the Chesapeake Bay alone, if released, would be equal to the current estimates for all the estuaries in the world combined.

Estuaries like Chesapeake Bay could contribute more to global warming than once thought

SOLOMONS, MD (June 21, 2016)--We all know by now that methane is bad for the environment. It's one of those greenhouse gases that trap heat in the earth's atmosphere and contribute to our warming climate. It's regularly emitted during the production and transport of coal and oil, and sometimes even cows get the blame. Show More Summary

Trader Joe's agrees to cut greenhouse gas emissions in settlement with Justice Department

Trader Joe’s, the popular California-based supermarket chain, agreed in court to spend about $2 million to reduce refrigerator coolant leaks that deplete the ozone layer and contribute to global warming. Trader Joe’s also agreed to pay a $500,000 civil penalty under a consent decree with the Justice...

Nuclear new-build not fast enough to curb global warming: report

LONDON (Reuters) - Nuclear reactors are not being built rapidly enough around the world to meet targets on curbing global warming, a report by the World Nuclear Association, an industry body, said on Tuesday.

A Meteorologist Explores Survival Skills and Climate Change as a ‘Heat Dome’ Sears the Southwest

As meteorologists and climate scientists work to clarify the role of global warming in making summers in the Southwest insufferable, citizens would do well to stay hydrated.

Heat sickens corals in global bleaching event

Death is only one possible outcome from coral bleaching caused by rising sea temperatures due to global warming. Australian scientists report that many surviving corals affected by mass bleaching from high sea temperatures on the northern Great Barrier Reef are the sickest they have ever seen. read more

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