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Image of the Day: Colossal Cloud System Observed on Saturn's Titan

"When we looked at the infrared data, this ice cloud stood out like nothing we've ever seen before," said Carrie Anderson of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center about the new Titan discovery. "It practically smacked us in the face." New...

NASA’s Thermonuclear Art Shows The Sun in 10 Wavelengths, 4K and 30 Minutes

‘Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD’ is the latest timelapse video released by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and it lives up to its name. Capturing the sun in 10 wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet light every 12 seconds, and assigning a unique color to each wavelength, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory brings us the images [...]Show More Summary

Antarctica Is Gaining Ice, Creating a Climate Change Mystery

A new NASA study found that Antarctica is gaining more ice than it’s losing. But that isn’t a sign that climate change is slowing down.A team of researchers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the University of Maryland in College Park and Maryland-based engineering firm Sigma Space Corp

Ozone hole worse than in recent years – due to colder than normal stratosphere in Antarctica

A couple of days ago we ran a piece at WUWT: Did We Really Save the Ozone Layer? In light of this press release, the question is worth pondering again. From the NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER Annual Antarctic ozone hole larger and formed later in 2015 The 2015 Antarctic ozone hole area was larger and formed later…

NASA: current El Niño ‘appears likely to equal the event of 1997-98’

From NASA Goddard and JPL: NASA studying 2015 El Niño event as never before NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER Every two to seven years, an unusually warm pool of water — sometimes two to three degrees Celsius higher than normal develops across the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean to create a natural short-term climate change event. This…

NASA/Hubble: "Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Morphing" (VIDEO)

"Every time we look at Jupiter, we get tantalizing hints that something really exciting is going on," said Amy Simon, a planetary scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "This time is no exception." Scientists using NASA's...

Incredible 4K Ultra HD Images of Jupiter Rotating

last monthHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has posted some incredible 4K ultra HD images of Jupiter rotating taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. New imagery from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is revealing details never before seen on Jupiter. High-resolution maps and spinning globes (rendered in the 4k Ultra HD format) are the first products to come […]

Obvious science: NASA finds vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects

From the “department of limiting UHI” and NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER   Cities are well known hot spots – literally. The urban heat island effect has long been observed to raise the temperature of big cities by 1 to 3°C (1.8 to 5.4°F), a rise that is due to the presence of asphalt, concrete, buildings, and…

Land in California Is Sinking Nearly Two Inches Per Month Due to Pumping in Drought

3 months agoNews : Truthdig

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / CC BY 2.0 The rate at which vast areas of California’s Central Valley are sinking has accelerated as massive amounts of groundwater are pumped out to meet water shortages during the region’s historic...Show More Summary

Claim: NASA simulation indicates ancient flood volcanoes could have altered climate

From NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER and the “maybe they should have checked with Willis first” department comes this modeling claim: In June, 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded, blasting millions of tons of ash and gas over 20 miles high – deep into the stratosphere, a stable layer of our atmosphere above most of…

Satellite analysis of Super Typhoon Soudelor moving toward Taiwan

From NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER Heavy rain, towering thunderstorms, and a large area are things that NASA satellites observed as Typhoon Soudelor moves toward Taiwan on August 5, 2015. A 3D video analysis follows. NASA’s Terra satellite passed over Soudelor on August 5, 2015 at 01:45 UTC and the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument…

Superstar Eta Carinae’s Periastron

Eta Carinae is a binary system containing the most luminous and massive star within 10,000 light-years. A long-term study led by astronomers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, combined data from NASA satellites,...Show More Summary

NASA's Amazing Comet Hunter --"Nobody Dreamed We'd Approach 200 a Year"

"SOHO has a view of about 12 and a half million miles beyond the sun," said Joe Gurman, the mission scientist for SOHO at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "So we expected it might from time to...

California ‘rain debt’ equal to average full year of precipitation

From NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER A new NASA study has concluded California accumulated a debt of about 20 inches of precipitation between 2012 and 2015 — the average amount expected to fall in the state in a single year. The deficit was driven primarily by a lack of air currents moving inland from the Pacific…

Moving The Most Powerful Space Telescope's Mirror Is A Terrifying Job

Don’t drop it! In this picture you can see a team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Calibration, Integration and Alignment Facility moving the James Webb Space Telescope’s mirror. Slipping isn’t an option. More »      

Another unknown climate feedback – plankton blooms create brighter clouds

Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean From the NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER New research using NASA satellite data and ocean biology models suggests tiny organisms in vast stretches of the Southern Ocean play a significant role in generating brighter clouds overhead. Brighter clouds reflect more sunlight back into space affecting the amount of solar…

The New York Times' 1920 Editorial Mocking Space Travel Remains a Classic

It appeared in a brief "Topics of the Times" commentary: "A Severe Strain on Credulity." The source of this incredulousness was none other than Robert H. Goddard, the rocketry pioneer and Goddard Space Flight Center namesake, who had...Show More Summary

NASA Spotlights NY Times's Epic Blunder About Basic Physics

The New York Times bills itself as "all the news that's fit to print," but the liberal newspaper has made some spectacular stumbles over the years. On Friday, the Twitter account of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center spotlighted theShow More Summary

First Eastern Pacific tropical depression of the season

From NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center The first tropical depression of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season formed during the early morning of Thursday, May 28, 2015, well southwest of Mexico. An image of the storm taken from NOAA’s GOES-West satellite shows the depression in infrared light as it was born in the early morning hours before…

Ana becomes first 2015 Atlantic tropical storm, weakens coming ashore

via NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center On May 9, 2015 at 1626 UTC ( 12:26 PM EDT) the GPM satellite flew over when ANA was making the change from subtropical storm to tropical storm. Convective storms near the inner-core region were warming the center of the storm with heat generated by condensation. GPM’s Microwave Imager (GMI)…

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