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RNA: A vicious pathway to cancer ?

(Goethe University Frankfurt) According to the current doctrine, cancer cells develop due to mutations in genomic DNA. But could it be also caused also by faulty RNA molecules? A number of clues are pointing to this surprising hypothesis. Show More Summary

How physical exercise prevents dementia

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise seems beneficial in the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia in old age. Now researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have explored in one of the first studies worldwide how exercise affects brain metabolism.

Cloud formation, infection research, ubiquitin code

(Goethe University Frankfurt) The European Union is funding three new projects -- Innovative Training Networks (ITN) within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme -- for structured doctoral training at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Can courts solve everything?

(Goethe University Frankfurt) A new Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group has started work at the Faculty of Law of Goethe University Frankfurt. The team headed by Dr. Anuscheh Farahat is dealing with the role played by constitutional courts in transnational solidarity conflicts.

Why does an anesthetic make us lose consciousness?

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Neuroscientists at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen have now discovered that certain areas of the brain generate less information when under anesthesia.

Hotter than a hundred thousand suns

(Goethe University Frankfurt) The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved a new Transregio Collaborative Research Centre (CRC/TR) in which physicists from Goethe University Frankfurt, Bielefeld University and TU Darmstadt want to explore together 'strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions'.

Researchers combine two advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques

Is it possible to watch at the level of single cells how fish embryos become trout, carp or salmon? Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have successfully combined two very advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques. The new high-resolution light microscope permits fascinating insights into a cell's interior.

Precise insight into the depths of cells

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Is it possible to watch at the level of single cells how fish embryos become trout, carp or salmon? Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have successfully combined two very advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques. The new high-resolution light microscope permits fascinating insights into a cell's interior.

New hope for slow-healing wounds

(Goethe University Frankfurt) MicroRNAs are interesting target structures for new therapeutic agents. They can be blocked through synthetic antimiRs. However, to date it was not possible to use these only locally. Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have now successfully achieved this in the treatment of impaired wound healing with the help of light-inducible antimiRs.

How cells combat Salmonella

(Goethe University Frankfurt) With drug resistance being on the rise worldwide, bacterial infections pose one of the greatest global threats to human health. By deciphering the host-pathogen interaction on a molecular level, researchers hope to pave the way for new therapies. Show More Summary

Molecular libraries for organic light-emitting diodes

(Goethe University Frankfurt) FRANKFURT. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are promising candidates for flexible flat displays. By means of a screening process developed by chemists at Goethe University Frankfurt, it is now possible to identify more quickly lead structures with superior luminescence and charge-transport properties.

Measuring the shadow of the black hole

(Goethe University Frankfurt) As part of the collaboration 'BlackHoleCam' the research group of Prof. Luciano Rezzolla of Goethe University Frankfurt contributes to the international Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, which is imagining for the first time the black-hole candidate at the Center of our Milky Way.

EU funds research on biofuels and infectious diseases

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Two ERC Advanced Investigator Grants of the European Research Council to the amount of ? 2.5 million each are going to researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt. Biochemist and physician Professor IvanShow More Summary

Tracing down linear ubiquitination: New technology enables detailed analysis of target proteins

Researchers at the Goethe University Frankfurt, together with partners from the University of Tübingen in Germany and Queen Mary University as well as Francis Crick Institute from London (UK) have developed a novel technology to decipher the secret ubiquitin code.

Volker Busskamp receives prize for application-oriented neurobiological research

(Goethe University Frankfurt) The young researcher has been awarded for his contribution to a gene therapy approach to treat retinitis pigmentosa and for the development of artificial neuronal circuits. Retinitis pigmentosa is an inherited eye disease that leads to blindness.

Yuan Chang and Patrick Moore win prize for the discovery of two cancer viruses

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Scientists looking for new tumor viruses have to keep an eye out for the virus genes rather than the viral particles. This year's winners of the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize were twice successful with this strategy.

How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer's yeast

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have succeeded in producing fatty acids in large quantities from sugar or waste containing sugar with the help of yeasts.

An utter shambles

(Goethe University Frankfurt) A research group found out: household chaos has an adverse effect on emotional climate and parents' behavior.

Gastrointestinal cancer: Physical exercise helps during chemo

(Goethe University Frankfurt) A young researcher of Goethe University has shown: walking or jogging helps patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancer to cope better with the side effects of chemotherapy.

More individual therapy for blood cancer patients

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Because it is impossible to predict which acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients will benefit, all patients are routinely treated with chemotherapy. Researchers from Goethe-University Frankfurt have now discovered a novel biomarker that enables the detection of therapy responders and non-responders with high accuracy.

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