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Google Engineer Fired For Controversial Memo: “Being Conservative At Google Is Like Being Gay In The 1950s”

5 months agoLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

Earlier this month Google engineer James Damore was fired after a lengthy memo he wrote about gender presentation in the company went viral. In “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” Damore claimed the company’s intense efforts to recruit female employees and create a diverse workplace ignored some basic differences about men and women and has actually fostered... Read more »

Fired Google Engineer James Damore Takes His Case To Reddit

James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired after posting a 10-page memo calling the company an "Ideological Echo Chamber" and arguing women are underrepresented in tech because of inherent differences, has taken his side of the story to one of the friendliest venues imaginable. Reddit. More »      

Engineer: Google Proved My Point by Firing Me

The Google engineer who wrote a controversial memo about why so few women work in tech also complained in that same memo that Google had an "ideological echo chamber" and oppressed opposing views. "My firing neatly confirms that point," writes James Damore in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. In the...

Why I Was Fired by Google

James Damore says his good-faith effort to discuss differences between men and women in tech couldn’t be tolerated in the company’s “ideological echo chamber.”

Google Fires Employee For Expressing an Opinion; Shocked When Employees Don’t Feel Safe Speaking Up

After James Damore published his document “Damore published his document “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” on an internal message board, and that document was leaked to the press, the internet seemed to freak out. People took up sides and jumped to conclusions (often without reading what Damore had actually said). Google fired Damore. Show More Summary

Fired author of controversial Google memo breaks his silence

5 months agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Former Google engineer James Damore criticized the tech company's diversity initiatives in a 3,000-word document titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber"

Fired Coder Speaks Out On Google's "Potentially Illegal Practices", "Recorded Meetings" And "Science Denial"

For those who have managed to avoid this storyline, James Damore, now a former Google employee, caused outrage when he circulated a manifesto on Friday, complaining about Google’s “ideological echo chamber,” alleging women have lower tolerance for stress and that conservatives are more conscientious. Show More Summary

My Ten Cents: James Damore's Memo: 'Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber'; Time to Visit Kearney Hall

5 months agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

I thought I would post James Damore's entire memo, 'Google's Ideological Echo Chamber'. The PDF is 10 pages long and includes hot links, some of which will allow you to comment. I have printed the first two sections from his memo below. 'TL;DR' is Internet slang for a summary of...

Leaked Internal Messages Reveal Co-Worker Support For Fired Google Engineer's Controversial Memo

James Damore, now a former Google employee, caused outrage when he circulated a manifesto on Friday, complaining about Google’s “ideological echo chamber” alleging women have lower tolerance for stress and that conservatives are more conscientious. Show More Summary

Firing Silicon Valley's worst offenders is an important step. But in the tech industry, sexism is in the water

It’s been a very bad summer for Silicon Valley bros. James Damore, the Google engineer and author of the now-infamous memo on gender, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” was fired Monday, just as Uber co-founder Garrett Camp announced that Travis Kalanick, among the bro-iest of tech bros, would...

Men Have Always Used 'Science' To Explain Why They're Better Than Women

On Sunday, Gizmodo published a 10-page-long screed written by Google software engineer James Damore blasting the company's diversity policies. In the now-viral document entitled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", Damore asserts that women are biologically ill-equipped to handle the rigours of the tech industry. Show More Summary

Google Employee Fired for 10-Page Sexist Manifesto

His piece, called "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber," claimed that women biologically have less drive and more anxiety.

No,Google Should Not Have Fired the “Anti-Diversity” Engineer

Google fired engineer James Damore after he wrote a ten-page document about “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” Many people called for his head on a platter, and Google delivered. He was fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes and violating Google’s code of conduct. Show More Summary

Author of Google’s anti-diversity memo says he’ll likely take legal against the company

James Damore, the Google software engineer who wrote the “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” memo, which rationalized gender pay gaps in the industry with gender stereotypes, has confirmed his firing to the New York Times. In an email,...Show More Summary

Google anti-diversity manifesto author identified — and then fired

5 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Google Anti-Diversity Manifesto Author Identified And Fired The author of a 10-page anti-diversity manifesto, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” has been fired from the company as of Monday evening, according to Bloomberg. The ex-Google software engineer has been named as James Damore by...

Google Fires Employee Who Dared Challenge its Ideological Echo Chamber

Of course Google did this. Of course an increasingly radical progressive enclave can’t handle thoughtful critiques of its ideological monoculture. Here’s Bloomberg: Alphabet Inc.’s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo...Show More Summary

Google Fires Author Of "Outrageous" Memo Slamming Company's Anti-Conservative Culture

Yesterday we reported that a 10-page document penned by an unnamed Google engineer titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber" which criticized the company's "left-leaning", "anti-conservative" culture and called for replacing Google's...Show More Summary

“Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” Asks is it Discrimination or Biology?

“At Google, we’re regularly told that implicit (unconscious) and explicit biases are holding women back in tech and leadership. Of course, men and women experience bias, tech, and the workplace differently and we should be cognizantShow More Summary

Silicon Valley "Outraged" After Google Employee Pens Viral Doc Slamming "Anti-Conservative" Culture

A 10-page document penned by an unnamed Google engineer titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", that criticizes the company's "left leaning", "anti-conservative" culture and calls for replacing Google's diversity initiatives with...Show More Summary

Google Employee Writes Internal Memo Railing Against Women, Diversity; Rage Ensues

A memo from a senior software engineer that went "internally viral" at Google last week titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber" reportedly laid out a manifesto for why women are less well suited for engineering work, and why the company doesn't need programs to recruit racial minorities either. [ more › ]

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