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Google Earth Meets The Body: BioDigital Gets $4M To Bring Its Free 3-D Virtual Body Platform To Every Browser

2 years agoTechnology : TechCrunch

While the film is extremely compelling, it turns out that there's actually a better way to learn about and visualize the human body than by watching Osmosis Jones on repeat. It used to be that students and the anatomically curious had to turn to pictures in textbooks or plastic models (Gasp! I know) to get a virtual tour of the human body. Show More Summary

Google's 3D Human Body Browser Is Now Open-Source

Google announced yesterday that its layered 3D browser of the human body has become an open-source project. Google Body was built by Google engineers in their "20% time" - the 1/5th of Googlers' time and energy they can devote to creative...Show More Summary

Google Body Browser Is Now Zygote Body

Body Browser is one of the many products that was discontinued when Google closed Google Labs. The good news is that the service is now back online and it's hosted by Zygote, the company that provided the imagery for Google Body Browser. Show More Summary

BioDigital Human – An Amazing 3D Map & Reference Of The Human Body

Remember Google Body Browser? This used to be a very cool Google Labs project that let you view a 3D map of the human body and learn about it. Well, it’s gone now, such is the way of some Labs projects. The company behind it, Zygote, says that that it will release it as a full product. Show More Summary

Body Browser, No Longer a Google Service

One of the coolest apps launched by Google last year will have a new owner. Google Body Browser was a great way to show the power of WebGL, but it was also a useful app for exploring the human body. Body Browser will continue to exist, but it will be owned by Zygote Media Group.As Google Labs winds down, we will be retiring Google Body. Show More Summary

Cool Technology of the Week

The creative folks at Google Labs have introduced a 3D body browser, which is essentially a Google Earth for the human body. It supports 3D rotation, zoom, and exploring the nervous system, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system,...Show More Summary

Anatomy Study and Review: Google Labs Body Browser

Learn and review human anatomy with the interactive Google Labs Body Browser. Watch this video to learn some of the features. Read related posts and tips:Google Flu Trends Google Flu Trends Audio: EMS Education Study Skills Read related posts and tips: Google Flu Trends Google Flu Trends Audio: EMS Education Study Skills

Well: New From Google: The Body Browser

4 years agoHealth : NYTimes: Health

Google's Body Browser is a new, free 3-D tool that lets users rotate the body, peel back layers of it, and zoom in and zoom out, all from within an Internet browser window.

New From Google: The Body Browser

4 years agoHealth : Well

Google's Body Browser is a new, free 3-D tool that lets users rotate the body, peel back layers of it, and zoom in and zoom out, all from within an Internet browser window.

Google body browser now getting down and you know it's you know it's crush grooving

We got a brief glimpse of Google's body browser at the Chrome event earlier this month, and wouldn't ya know it, the violation of privacy simulator / learning tool is hanging out in Google labs. A browser with WebGL support is required, which means Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 betas (or Chrome 8 if you enable it in the "about:flags" menu). Show More Summary

Take a trip around the human body with Body Browser

4 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Google has answered the call of students of anatomy who would find something like the Autopsy Table or the Visualization Table a useful addition to the educational arsenal, but who can't afford the huge price tag. Although still very...Show More Summary

Google Launches 3D Body Browser

If spying on your friends on Google's street view isn't creepy enough already, Google just launched a new "Body Browser" site, which allows you to explore the human anatomy using cursors and zoom buttons (just like on Google Maps). The site is only in Beta right now, but you can already sift through the body's major organ systems in 3D.... Show More Summary

Google Doing Body Searches

If you have a compatible browser Google offers an internal search of the human body in a new offering from Google Labs. Called Body Browser you can explore the human body in great depth. One has to wonder when this will tie in to Google Health, or maybe the movie The Fantastic Voyage. Click to read the rest of this post...

Google's New "Body Browser"

Google just released yet another new tool for understanding the world's information: the Google Body Browser. It lets you explore a detailed 3D model of human anatomy that includes all the major systems. It only works with browsers that have WebGL graphics support (that's just Chrome Beta for now) but you can see it in action in the video below. Show More Summary

Google Body Browser

After enabling us to explore the Earth, the sea and the streets, Google is thinking smaller. From the company’s Labs comes the Body Browser, which is basically Google Earth for the human body. Hat Tip Link Related posts:Google Chrome Browser Android 2.0 Webcam 3D Scanning

Google Your Body: Body Browser

Google Labs just released a new "experiment" - Body Browser. You have to upgrade to Google Chrome beta if you don't already have it, but when you do, you can play with a 3-D, rotatable reconstruction of a (female) human body. Sliders...Show More Summary

Hey, isn't that Kevin Bacon in that remake of The Invisible Man?

4 years agoAcademics : Pharyngula

This is fun for a little while—Google has made their BodyBrowser available, a handy little tool that lets you explore the anatomy of the human body. It only works with the new Google Chrome web browser, unfortunately, and it doesn'tShow More Summary

Google Lets You Browse the Human Body

First, it took on land. Then it took on the oceans. Now Google has set its sights on a new target: the human body. Its " Body Browser " lets users explore the human body, layer by layer, with any WebGL-enabled browser (Chrome 9 beta or Firefox 4 beta). You can peel...

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