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Google Home Mini vs. Echo Dot: Which Cheap Smart Speaker Wins?

The Google Home Mini has some advantages over the Echo Dot, especially in sound quality, but Amazon's little smart speaker is simply more versatile.

The Google Home Mini secretly recorded peoples' conversations and played into a big fear about smart speakers (GOOG, AMZN)

The concept of a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo is a bit creepy. When it first came out, many people were wary of a device designed to listen in on them. When no major privacy problems with the device surfaced, Amazon's smart speaker became a surprise hit product. Google hasn't been so lucky. Show More Summary

Consumer groups want federal regulators to recall the Google Mini after a glitch made it 'intercept and record private conversations' (GOOG, GOOGL)

A coalition of privacy advocacy groups are urging federal regulators to recall Google's new $50 smart speaker, after a malfunction in some early units caused it to secretly record conversations. The Google Home Mini has not actuallyShow More Summary

Google Disables Button on Home Mini in Response to Privacy Bug

Matt Weinberger, writing for Business Insider: Google is permanently disabling a feature on the forthcoming Google Home Mini smart speaker after a reviewer discovered that it was surreptitiously recording his conversations without his knowledge...Show More Summary


IS THERE EVER A GOOD TIME TO GET CAUGHT EAVESDROPPING ON YOUR CUSTOMERS? The Google Home Mini secret-recording fiasco is a black eye at the worst possible time for Google.

1 + You = Data Collection

Your privacy and personal data are a major topic this week as Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Jerry Hildenbrand talk about Google’s quick decision to disable touch-activated listening on the Home Mini before it becomes available to consumers. Show More Summary

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini: Which should you buy?

Should you buy a Google Home or a Google Home Mini? Big in importance but small in stature, the Home Mini was overshadowed by the Pixel 2 announcement at Google's recent hardware event. But it's an important addition to the company's...Show More Summary

$50 to never lose your phone again - CNET

It's the killer app -- and gateway drug -- for Google's Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot.

Crunch Report | Bitcoin Passes $5,000

Bitcoin is now valued at more than $5,000 a coin, DJI releases a new interchangeable lens series for drones, Google gets rid of the Home Mini touch function and Hyperloop One takes on big investment from Virgin and renames to Virgin Hyperloop One. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Google Home Mini: The Gizmodo Review

It's almost unfair that most of the world met our voice-controlled future in the form of an Amazon Echo. Sure, the gadget works, but damn is it ugly. The Google Home was better but still sort of silly-looking. That's why the sleek, minimalist Google Home Mini feels like a revelation. More »      

Some Google Home Minis Were Recording Unsuspecting Users

It turns out that some Google Home Minis, the smart speakers that the company released in early October, were almost continuously recording audio from users’ homes. According to Artem Russakovskii, founder of the tech blog Android Police,...Show More Summary

Google Home Mini Review Roundup: What Critics Love and Hate

Is Google’s cheap smart speaker worth buying? Here are the pros and cons.

Google permanently removes top touch from Google Home Mini over security concerns

Google has disabled the touch top interface for the Google Home Mini due to reports that the device was listening to some people 24/7.

The Google Home Mini secret-recording fiasco is a major black eye at the worst possible time for Google (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's new Home Mini smart speaker, which was announced and released just last week, is getting one of its features permanently disabled after a reviewer discovered the device was quietly recording his conversations without his knowledge...Show More Summary

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo fight heats up (The 3:59, Ep. 298) - CNET

The Google Home Mini hits a snag, Alexa now recognizes your voice, and Target comes to Google Home.

Google is creating pop-up donut shops across the US to give away the Home Mini — here's what it's like inside

Google's latest home assistant — the Home Mini — is a $49 smart speaker that is about the size of a donut. To celebrate its release, Google is setting up pop-up donut shops around the US and giving away Home Minis. Here's what you need to know. Show More Summary

Update: Google will permanently disable the Home Mini’s top button so it doesn’t record everything

Update: Google has permanently removed the device's top touch activation function due to the recent always-on recording bug.

Google Has Killed Home Mini's Touch Feature

The feature came and went in no time after privacy issue was exposed.

?Google ditches Home Mini's top-touch panel feature after spying blunder

Google's Home Mini has permanently lost the ability to receive top-tap commands over privacy concerns.

Google will cripple the Home Mini to protect your privacy

The Home Mini smart speaker isn’t even out, and Google is already putting out a major privacy-related fire. Some of the early reviewers discovered that the Home Mini would activate the Google Assistant all by itself and record all the...Show More Summary

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